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Female anger is a real disaster, everyone knows that. It is recommended that the victim of the cataclysm be stocked with oxygen cylinders, drinking water, as well as an individual set of dressing material and other first-aid equipment. Well, of course, depending on what kind of disaster befalls the unfortunate. A catastrophe in your face.

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Capricorn – flood

Capricorn’s anger is predictable and relatively safe. Just once a year, in some areas, floods certainly occur, and Capricorn leaves the shores with a certain cyclical nature. Usually no one suffers from this, Capricorn is not going to kill anyone at all – just to teach a lesson. And he succeeds.
Imagine how much dirt you need to rake from the streets, even after the most innocent flood? Can you imagine how much to dry? These are the consequences of the ire of Capricorn: the Capricorn will goof off for a half hour, and the consequences will have to be raked for a month.

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Aquarius – Hurricane

A hurricane is the wind that blows at a speed of more than 30 m / s. The wind, of course, does not fly out of nowhere, but gradually gains strength. If Panama has already failed, you probably have to scratch your head and think about where to hide and not enjoy the fresh coolness, standing in the middle of the street. Well, in any case it is worth moving away from trees, billboards and badly parked bicycles.

Here is Aquarius as a hurricane. Aquarius always warns: a little more … and something zhahnet so that you can not collect the bones. Why, one wonders, no one ever listens to them, eh? For whom the storm warning came up?

Fish – Tornado

A tornado is a deadly funnel, an atmospheric whirlwind that rotates at a speed that does not give the slightest chance of survival to the one who has been sucked in there. In this case, not far from the tornado there can be beautiful weather, silence, smoothness and grace in general. Fury of Pisces is it, a tornado: Pisces do not make loud clashes, Pisces just sit with a stony face and drill the offender with a hateful look. It seems that avoiding death is simple, the main thing is not to approach. Yeah, dreaming.

Tornado is always moving. Moves, destroying everything in its path and absorbing fragments in the funnel. So if the young lady Pisces pouted and is silent, run: she is just gaining strength, and then sneaking up, and now there will be no chance. Do not relax in general. Memento mori.

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Aries – fire

Close Aries lucky most. They are reminded every day of how to behave with representatives of this sign: “Do not let gas leak! Do not smoke in bed! Check the condition of the wiring and electrical appliances! ”But the fires still happen literally out of the blue. Aries’s rage flashes in a flash – and always because of some nonsense.

All was just well, and suddenly a fiery pillar sprang up, and if one didn’t throw a blanket at the fire, nothing could be saved. All that is acquired by overwork, in a flash turns into a bunch of heads. Therefore, there are only two options for victims: either to extinguish, receive burns, or run, but then you need to be aware that there will be nowhere to return. Bedolagi.

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Taurus – Tsunami

The main danger of a tsunami is surprise. The sun had just shone, the coastal line of the ocean was quiet and calm, and suddenly – in one second literally – the water recedes, the bottom is exposed, and then tens of thousands of tons of water fall on the shore. And, worst of all, a tsunami cannot be predicted, because the cause of the catastrophe is not a gale, but an earthquake that occurred under a layer of water, somewhere far from the coast.

Are you laughing?

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If a Taurus girl does not respond to provocations, this does not mean that nothing inside her has burst. Inside it, the bottom of the sea has just cracked, and a shock wave carries a deadly water column to the shore. In general, when the victim finally realizes that Taurus has been brought to the handle, it will be too late to escape.

Gemini – Sandstorm

The twins are angry, but easily appeased, it’s true. It is also true that the wrath of Gemini is generally predictable, like a sandstorm. See the desert? Well, do not go into the sands, there is still nothing interesting, and to disappear in these dunes is easier than ever.

It is not known why the future victims of the catastrophe are sent to the sands, but it is known why they are at risk: 10 caravans passed by them, and everyone survived. Nothing wrong! In the sandstorm to get – well, you have to be completely unlucky! Oh well. You can still play Russian roulette with the same success, for example. No luck – well, it happens. The twins are not to blame for the fact that the storm has just begun. They do not control it.

Cancer – Thunderstorm

The wrath of Cancer is a thunderstorm, a frequent phenomenon common to all of us. In a thunderstorm you can walk, you can admire the thunderstorm and feel completely safe. Lightning is somewhere far away, and thunder is just noise, absolutely safe. And what a magical smell after a thunderstorm! The same story with Cancers: they make a loud noise, but they are not really going to harm anyone. After a quarrel, they feel guilty and bake a conciliatory cake that smells of happiness and peace. Home smells and comfort.

There is, however, one thing: if Cancer is often brought up, one fine moment the lightning will strike right at the top. And, by the way, it is unlikely to strike death: science knows of cases when lightning struck the same person several times. He must have been in love with a Cancer woman.

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Lion – volcanic eruption

If the Lioness deign to remain in a rage, everyone will know about it. And come running to watch, knowing full well that they risk their lives. In general, it is like a volcanic eruption: when a volcano wakes up, people, in addition to their will, have suicidal tendencies.

It is clear that you need to run away from the volcano, but the spectacle is fascinating in such a way that it is impossible to look away and move. Fortunately, the last day of Pompeii Lionesses rarely arrange. It is quite enough for them to designate intentions so that the people around them understand, realize and correct.

Deva – blizzard

Virgo never goes into a rage for no reason, only in response to certain stimuli. Virgo will provide the list of these irritants with the partner in advance, in duplicate, perhaps even with a personal signature. Instructions for survival, equipment and medications Virgo will also issue. In general, this is like a blizzard: usually people who are trained fall into it: climbers, travelers and members of scientific expeditions.

True, it still does not help them, because in a blizzard it is impossible to navigate, in general, in any way. So, if you are going to argue with the Virgin, get ready for the fact that in a minute you will lose all life guidelines and you will only clap your eyes. Yes, it is better not to open the mouth – a snowdrift will fly.

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Scales – Drought

Scales never go into hysterics, do not scream, do not stamp their feet and do not rush into close stools. Because Libra is not sure whether it is worth it. Maybe understand and forgive? Or on the contrary, throw contempt and expel from your life? Weights need to think, do not distract! While Libra makes a serious decision (fateful, naturally, like all decisions in the life of Libra), the victim of anger is slowly bending down, devoid of moisture, without which life is impossible.

The victim suffers, licks his dry lips and calls for rain, then death, which will relieve from these torments. It should be noted that the victim usually survives because Libra is merciful. Do not you think so? Easier to kill immediately without torturing? You don’t understand anything in real rage, that’s what.

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Scorpio – earthquake

Angry Scorpio – a completely suicidal enterprise. Because Scorpio does not niggle, but immediately shakes and breaks into pieces the very essence. Knock the ground out from under the victim’s feet – this is the technique that Scorpios use.

There is no salvation from the earthquake, naturally, because there is no place to flee — people have not yet learned how to fly on their own. In general, this is all that the victim should know about the anger of Scorpio. And, no, one more thing: the magnitude can be predicted in most cases. This, however, does not help, but it does not hurt.

Sagittarius – avalanche

Sagittarius do not like to get angry because they know that someone will definitely suffer. The rage of Sagittarius is a deadly thing, and the Sagittarius themselves are very pitiful and humane. Such is the paradox. Therefore, the Sagittarius is angry just like an avalanche: somewhere far away from fragile little people who can be accidentally killed.

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So if the young lady-Sagittarius suddenly began to speak very loudly and gesticulate desperately, you need to call a helicopter and evacuate. It will not interfere if the victim has time. And if you do not have time – well, what now. All the same, there are only desperate guys with Sagittarius (such as climbers, climbers and mountain skiers). They knew where they were, let them dig themselves out.

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