What fears does your zodiac sign hide? – Just to the point !!! Each of us at least once in his life read horoscopes and tried them on himself. As you know, each sign is characterized by certain features and characteristics. Of course, when we find pleasant matches, we rejoice. But every sign has a dark side too! And besides character traits, there are also secret fears. Do not be afraid and do not avoid them. After all, forewarned is forearmed! Need to learn to deal with them. Perhaps learning about them you will finally understand what hurt you in life …

Aries (March 20 – April 19): Fear of losing loved ones.

Only the loss of relatives or friends can frighten Aries more defeat in battle. Although they are aware of this only after the fact, because in fact they cannot stand the defeat. Aries are warriors. They rush headlong into battle not so much for the sake of victory, but because they can not otherwise. They enjoy the confrontation of temperaments, and if a good fight is not foreseen on the horizon, they will easily come into opposition even with their close ones, not realizing it themselves.

When it comes the turn of the beloved Aries to respond to their aggression, they prefer not to take revenge, but simply to disappear. And Aries, in turn, will never forgive their friends for such a mistake. From this temporary sensation of injustice Aries’s hair stands on end. Unfortunately, the restlessness of these people pushes them into a new battle just to throw out the energy. And this is a vicious circle.


Taurus (April 20 – May 20) Fear of financial instability.

Taurus love comfort. They enjoy the most elementary manifestations of comfort: good food, good friends, soft carpet, a fireplace and anything else, just to create a warm atmosphere. This is not just a desire for comfort, for Taurus it is a vital necessity – to be surrounded by amenities.
Given the fact that the amenities needed by Taurus must be ensured by a certain financial stability. Taurus very carefully treat their money and do not recognize debt.

If they understand that a decline in income is inevitable, the first thing they think about is the changes they will have to face in everyday life. Tauruses do not save money just for the sake of accumulation, they save for spending. Nothing scares Taurus more than instability – whether financial or other kind.

Gemini (May 21 – June 21) Fear of decision making.

The twins tend to change their decisions, and the choice is to reconsider their views and even take back the promises given both to themselves and to others. Why? Twins do not feel their own. This quality makes Gemini skillful manipulators. They can change their mind so often that you simply forget what they told you at the beginning.

But each medal has two sides, and in this case, the tendency to change their decisions is weakness, more precisely, the fear of making decisions.
The symbol of Gemini means two components of their personality, and in the case of male twins –  more than two.

Moreover, these two halves of a single person are in constant opposition. Only one side of the personality makes a decision about something, as the other immediately begins to argue for another decision. The problem of Gemini is that they are aware of the fact that both solutions have positive aspects.

Cancer (June 22 – July 22) Fear of leaving your home.

Cancers are terrible agoraphobes. They try to stay in their security zone – a place where no one and nothing can harm them. The irony of this phobia (fear of being subjected to violence in a place where it is not possible to escape) is that it makes people from voluntary prisoners.
Cancers feel safe in the place to which they are accustomed, but the isolation that is then created is harmful to them.

Representatives of this sign should learn to abstract from their problems, to do things that frighten them, to visit places that are emotionally and physically unusual to them. Thus, crayfish will be able to understand that internal circumstances are more important for personal freedom than external ones.

Leo (July 23 – August 22) Fear of ignoring.

Lions hate situations where they can enter the room, and others do not notice it. Fortunately, on an intuitive level, they know how to prevent such terrifying situations.
Representatives of this sign is almost impossible to ignore, as well as their wardrobe, sign language, ways of self-expression. Most often, they resort to all three of the above tools to attract the attention of others.

Lions should be visible, as they consider this to be a guarantee of appreciation by those around them of their own experience. This is part of their life attitude: if a person is not in the field of view of someone, he has no influence on the lives of others, that is, practically ceases to exist. If Levs are invited to continue the phrase “If a tree fell in the forest,” they will no doubt answer: “If a tree fell in the forest and no one saw it, then the tree fell in vain!” Fortunately, the Lions have all the necessary skills not to repeat the fate of a tree in the forest.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22) Fear of imperfection.

Remember what happened with Monika from the TV series “Friends”, if suddenly something was poured on the floor? God forbid you go in the dirty shoes on the carpet in the house of the Virgin, wipe dirty hands on their towel, throw garbage on the floor: you instantly undergo an attack. The slightest manifestations of disorganization in their personal life or the world around them can only be caused by feelings of despair.

It is easy to consider Vir as a negative sign, because it is often so, although Virgos call themselves “realists”. Maintaining organization in the outside world is their way of keeping emotions in check. While Virgos struggle with the external manifestations of imperfection, the real cause of their fears is their internal imperfection.

Libra (September 23 – October 22) Fear of loneliness.

Understanding, loving, passionate Libra – an excellent partner for a romantic relationship. It is difficult to imagine that they live a life in solitude. It is especially difficult to imagine this for Libra itself, although they constantly do it, because it frightens them the most. Scales – typical monogamous creatures. I know it from my own experience: my father Libra. When mom divorced him, he did not eat anything for a whole year, except for semi-finished products.

He also made an offer to marry the first oncoming woman, because he fell down the stairs and was afraid that if this happens again, no one will be there to help him.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21) Fear of intimacy.

Scorpios are dark, deep, complex personalities. You could think that Pisces is the most sensual sign of the Zodiac, but this is only because Pisces are showing off their feelings. I would say that Scorpios are even more emotional than Pisces, but they are too sensitive to fully express the depth of their feelings. Sensuality paralyzes Scorpios.

Loneliness and absorption are two factors that form the fear of intimacy in Scorpios. They are afraid that their partner will suddenly leave them, and also they are afraid that, being absorbed in relationships, they will lose themselves. Thus, Scorpios themselves are pushing their partners to parting, engaging in extramarital relations or making an emotional rejection. Even friends of Scorpions from time to time ask themselves the question: “What did I do to this?”.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21) Fear of closed space.

By nature Sagittarius – the researchers. They love to travel the world in search of their truth. They will spare no money or time for this. Jupiter – the planet, the warrior of expansion, is in charge of the archers, it is in their blood. Perhaps it is the influence of Jupiter, which rewards every Sagittarius with manifestations of claustrophobia, be it the fear of limited spaces or the fear of daily commitments.
Since there is nothing worse for Sagittarius than the invasion of their personal freedom.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19) Fear of making a mistake.

Capricorns are very enterprising people. They are workaholics, sometimes it comes to obsession. But the dark side of their ability to climb the ladder of success is their panic fear of mistake or failure. It is because of this fear that they tend very slowly and thoroughly to do everything they undertake.
This imitation of Capricorn’s nature — a passionate desire for success and the fear of failure — imposes on Capricorns ’relations with the father – either they do not exist at all or the fathers are elevated to the face of the saints.

Capricorn is ruled by the 10th house, which is associated with father, fame and honor. Regardless of the relationship with the father, Capricorns are much like the Lions – their fears motivate them to succeed. Once they realize and accept this way of dealing with fear, they will be able to build a relationship with their father.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18) Fear of the state and formalities.

Aquarians live life in every possible way trying to avoid intellectual confinement in any framework. In some ways they are similar to the Sagittarius, with the only difference that their claustrophobia is aimed at the formal institutions of society – work, education, medicine, marriage.

All these institutions of Aquarius are regarded as intellectual deprivation of liberty, and do not allow the thought of joining any community of collective intelligence. They are so unusual, do not blame them for it. Allow Aquarius to have their own world view, or leave them alone for good. So they feel much happier.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20) Fear of responsibility.

Peter-Foams zodiac signs – Pisces – live in a fantasy world in which they do not want to grow up. They just can not, even if they wanted. They are an example of a combination of contrasts: to some extent they are full of the wisdom of the ages, but they don’t have even a touch of personality traits.

Pisces are granted the ability of non-extinct creativity, which prevents them from mastering the “complexities” of everyday life. This is the reason why fish are inclined to use drugs and alcohol as a way to “disconnect” from the oppressive obligations of the outside world. To achieve the integrity, the state of a mature personality, many fishes can only be helped by passing through serious spiritual practice. Try yoga or meditation. If you like the article, save to yourself and share with friends!

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