Treat yourself to a long and well-deserved day without work. Do not answer e-mails for a whole day, not answer calls and not let any stress out. You really deserve a day when you are just for you and you are doing something good, such as a massage with a good massage therapist or a day out in nature.


You should spend a whole day in nature. Maybe you go hiking or driving in the mountains and rent a log cabin away from civilization. Fresh air, few people and a lot of peace and time for yourself. Your soul has earned this peacefully.


A family day is something that you need urgently. The proximity of people who really love you and are there for you is something that would do you good right now. Maybe you cook something delicious for your parents or help them with something.

Spend a whole day showing your parents how much you appreciate and love them so they can see you’re there for them, even if you’ve been busy lately.


Take a day for yourself alone. Turn off your phone. Stay at home and do what you love. A whole day of focusing only on yourself. Come in and see what you really miss and get it.


Put in a “connoisseur day”. A day when you eat, drink and do what you want without having a guilty conscience. And you’ll see how good that sometimes can be if you really do and eat what you want. It has a liberating effect on the soul.


Treat yourself to a real “lazy day”. A day when you do nothing. A day where you rest for a change and do not expect yourself. I know that’s hard for you, but try to concentrate on the fact that you really need that rest right now.


A day without internet would be medicine for your soul. Turn off your phone. Turn off the computer and stay away from small displays. You will notice how much more time you suddenly have and how liberating it feels.

You may miss the first few hours, but during the day you will feel how much we have all been taken up by the internet. You should schedule such a day once a month.


You are usually an introvert, so you should take a day to do something with your friends or acquaintances. A day where you catch up with everything you’ve missed.

Such a day, where you can revive old friendships, should always be in there. The presence of others and the good mood will do you good.


You are someone who travels a lot and usually alone, so you should spend a day where you only spend with the person you love. A day where you devote all your attention to your partner.


You are the workhorse under the signs of the zodiac and you are someone who organizes your life down to the last detail, so why not spend a carefree day making it so spontaneous?

A day you live without thinking much about it. A day when you free yourself from all constraints.


You have had a lot of stress and behind you are months that were not easy emotionally, which is why a wellness day would be appropriate. A day to be pampered from head to toe. A day where you can relax to the last fiber of your body.


You are someone who likes to find fault and guilt in yourself, so you should take a day that you should not have negative thoughts. A day when you have nothing to do with yourself. A day when you just love yourself the way you are.

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