What does every zodiac sign hate !? – More precisely, you will not say! Each person has his own character with his strengths and weaknesses. Some people are nice to us, while others are disgusting. Only one character trait in a person can annoy us, and it will be enough for us to try to avoid meeting him. Why is this happening? It’s all about the stars, or rather the zodiac sign, of which we are a representative. Let’s find out what and who annoys people more.


Aries are excellent organizers, so they do not like those who draw up a life plan for them. And they can’t stand it: Obsession – I myself know when to meet with you, do not call me. Disorganization – your interruption prevents you from working, take the plan that I wrote for you. 
Often people who make requests – I will, of course, willingly help you, but once a quarter, not more often.

Bad smell from clothes – this makes it difficult to perceive a person as a child of nature. Authoritarianism – do not push me – I myself am perfectly able to do this. Unnaturalness – everything that nature has given must be preserved in man. People who offend the weak – in Aries, the sense of justice is hypertrophied. Avant-garde – only the things that have been tested for centuries and approved by millions of people have the right to life.

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Monotony – people should constantly surprise, as soon as Aries cease to be surprised at communication, they immediately look for a new “toy”. Memories of the past – Aries is directed forward, and other people’s memories are unnecessary information for him.


Taurus is unpleasant for people who do not share their views on life. And it pisses them off: Someone else’s pressure – don’t tell me what to do, and I won’t tell you where to go. Impatience – do not rush me, I myself will be beaten.

Lack of style – clothing should create an image, and not just cover up nudity. Boring interlocutors – Taurus is easier to express themselves with those who have a moving mind and no less mobile language. People trying to talk with them – truth is born in a dispute, but Taurus does not always need it.

Vegetation on the body – cave times are long gone. Excessive mobility – do not flicker before my eyes, it is better to do something useful for me. Fussiness – you go quieter, you will continue, and in general, the fuss under the client kills dignity. Often sick people – something needs to be done for them, and Taurus is lazy.

The manifestation of feelings – calf tenderness, paradoxically, lead Taurus into a rage.


People pointing to Gemini flaws – Gemini is ideal a priori. This is not discussed. Other people’s stories – they themselves have something to say to this world. People who have achieved more than themselves are higher than Gemini only mountains. Conventions and frameworks – do not drive me into a corner, otherwise I will take you there … (insert the necessary). Secrecy – you will tell me everything! Myself! Or help ?!


The lack of real strength – those who are weaker, for Gemini – people of the second grade. Truthfulness – Gemini hate hearing the truth about themselves.


Crayfish are prone to some kind of hypocrisy, so they show it strongly in relationships with people: Showy luxury – modestly, but cleanly – better than a “miracle in feathers.” A scruffy house – Crayfish adore their home, so they abhor when someone treats housekeeping irresponsibly.


Quick solutions – Cancers need to think things through, and only then decide something. Or not decide. Overtaking on the roads – this makes the Rakov maneuver, and they don’t like to maneuver. And not only driving a car. Optional – promised – do it. I’ll punish you.

A public hug – and why hug … now in our time … Loud laughter – a stormy manifestation of joy did not fall to the sedate Cancers. Therefore, it is annoying in others.


Lviv is extremely annoyed by outright lies – they abhor them when they are considered fools. And also infuriates them: Lack of sense of humor – everyone should laugh at Lvov’s jokes. Complaints about life – you can change something – change, you cannot – not noah.

Greed – generous Lions have the right to expect the same from others. The touch of outsiders is not for the royal people to tolerate the proximity of plebeians.

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People who make them addicted – a cat walking on its own does not live in captivity. And it does not multiply – in every sense. Jealousy – love Leo (Lioness) – trust, do not trust – look for another object for love. Rudeness – they can be rude to Lions themselves. Incorrect calls – personal time for Leo – is holy. He plans for whom and when to call.


Virgins do not forgive sloppiness either to themselves or to others, they can stop communicating with a person, if that house has a mess. And they don’t like it: The hair on the hair brush is neither on her own nor on someone else’s.

Dirty, unclean shoes – shoes for the Virgin – is a mirror of the soul. Hospitality – the doors of the Virgin are always open for friends. Worldly Wisdom – Virgo always knows everything better than anyone. Curiosity – I want to – I will tell you, no – and do not panic. Bad teeth – this causes a sense of disgust in Virgo.

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Obsessive children – noisy, distracting from thoughts and in general, mommy, take your child, it will stain my clothes. Cheap perfume – I, of course, prefer to see than I breathe, but not to the same extent. People who offer them cheap food – I have one stomach, and I will not poison him with any muck. People who impose sex on them – the more you want from me, the less you get.


Libra is friendly and sweet, therefore rude and deliberate cruelty infuriates them. And they are also annoyed: Untidy and unfashionable clothes – there may be a mess in the house, but the “wrapper” should be – the upper class. The people who pose them with a choice – Libra is constantly doubting everything, and when they are also forced to choose them – they will not go mad for long. Cheap eateries – below my dignity to settle for dumplings and patties.

Penny gifts and small bouquets – show how you love me, if you feel sorry for me for money – then your love is just words. Indifference – me, such (such) wonderful, can not help but love. People who force them to do something – justify why – I, or do it yourself.

Ugliness – in everything – in faces, in souls, in the interior, in nature. The world must be beautiful. Disputes – among those arguing, one is a fool, the other is a scoundrel. I do not want to be either one or the other. People who prevent Libra from living the way they want is my fate, and it is up to me to decide whether to live or die. Boring people – Libra likes to be entertained.


Scorpions are people alien to any discipline, so they are annoyed by those who try to call them to order or appeals to their conscience. And he disgusts them:

Superficiality – Scorpio always seeks to get to the bottom. Another question is what he finds this essence. Inability to revenge – he will never let the offender down. Who forgives is a weakling. People who do not share his opinions – there are only two opinions – mine and wrong. Doctors – Scorpio always “knows” himself how and what it should be treated for.

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Hypocrisy and hypocrisy – if people are subject to vices, this should be used, and not condemned other people’s weaknesses. 
Criticism – do not discuss my actions, watch yourself.

The lack of faith – no matter what – in God, in Fatum, in Cosmos, in money or in one’s own power. Reflection – do what you must, and be what will be. Softness – do not spare others, because no one will regret you.

Dreamers – Scorpions themselves set real or unrealistic goals and achieve them, no matter what, therefore they are so annoyed by those who, instead of setting goals, are engaged in the construction of “castles in the air”.


Sagittarius is used to being the soul of the company, so he does not tolerate those who “pull the blanket over themselves.” And also infuriates them: Another’s awareness – in all matters Sagittarius must have the right to first vote. It is the last.

Another’s beauty – a less attractive girlfriend (but not a freak) must be next to a Sagittarius woman, and a friend not with such a charming smile next to a Sagittarius man. Failure to fulfill promises – promised – get married, otherwise it will be worse. Worthlessness – I will give you a fishing rod, and you catch the fish yourself.

Boredom – if I’m not having fun with you, then you’re not worthy of my attention. Ugly people – Sagittarius – a great esthete, he can’t look at the ugly – immediately stale soul. Dislike for animals – a pet for Sagittarius – like a business card – you can be friends with this person.


The individuality of style – you are not like me, which means a rival (rival). Someone else’s advice – he himself gives advice to the right and left. Mostly to the left. Independence – if Sagittarius cannot influence someone, he begins to actively hate this person.


Capricorn hates inaction, it is annoyed by people who do not even seek to improve their position – social and material. Accordingly, he infuriates:

Low position – could not achieve anything – not worthy of respect. Lack of status indicators – there are business successes – demonstrate them. A car, an expensive watch, stickers on suitcases – everything that speaks of achievements helps to achieve an even higher status.

Lack of clear goals – Capricorn does not like those who cannot formulate what they want from life. Infringement of freedom – you “ring” me only when it will be profitable for me. Imposing priorities – do not tell me what is important and what is not, otherwise you will automatically fall into the second category.

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Unpredictability – everything should be planned 100 years in advance. If someone violates the plans of Capricorn, he can raise the horns. Intervention in business – to God – godly, to Caesar – Caesarean, I do not climb to you – you do not climb to me.

Falling in love – another’s love Capricorn is not so much flattered as it is frightening, and, accordingly, annoying. Since rudely invades their plans. Verbosity – if Capricorn wants to hear someone’s voice, he will listen to his, that is, he will talk. 
Laziness – either work along with me, or do not interfere.


Aquarius most hates violence and coercion. From people who force them to do something, representatives of this sign run like fire. And he disgusts them:

Betrayal – much Aquarius forgives relatives, but, learning about betrayal, closes, often – breaks relations, without the right to restore confidence. Restriction of freedom of action and choice – do not be a barrier on my way, I can get around you. Or step over. Routine is the mortal enemy of Aquarius, they languish, miss and begin to do stupid things. First of all, those suffering through the fault of Aquarius mired in monotony suffer from this.

Reminder of shortcomings – I myself know that I am not sinless, but you have no right to tell me about them. 
Dust and wool – Aquarians are often allergic, so they react very painfully to visiting houses in which dirt reigns. Seduction – do not force me to have sex, anyway I do not believe you. Borrowers – I live on my own.

Cries under the window – when they are prevented from sleeping, Aquarius can kill. Conservatives – Aquarius – born experimenters, all who prevent them from moving forward become not opponents, but enemies.People who do not believe in the irrational – if you have not seen a UFO, does not mean that I have not seen it.

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For Pisces, the main irritant is optional. Broken hopes and expectations can cause serious conflict. And they don’t like it: The one-goal game – I will do anything for you if you answer me the same. Lying on trifles – Pisces’ intuition works smoothly, so even the slightest deception makes them furious.

Disbelief in their words – Pisces will foam at the mouth to prove their case, even if they themselves are not sure what they say. But those who doubt their words become almost blood enemies. About forty minutes. Drunkenness – Pisces has a difficult relationship with fiery water, therefore, if they do not abuse it themselves, then they can not stand the drinkers, and even more so – alcoholics.

Unwillingness to work with them on an equal footing is an echo of collectivism. Lack of knowledge – if you have nothing to talk about, do not take my time. Inseparability of feelings – if I love you, you simply must answer me the same, otherwise, why do you live on this sinful earth.

Dirty dishes – dishes should be washed when it is dirty, and not when you want to. And even though you crack. “Owls” – Pisces, as a rule, are used to getting up early, and dissimilarity is annoying.

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