Few things in life are hotter than that phase of the relationship in which the two involved are flirting with each other and getting to know each other better. Do you kiss or not kiss? Stay or not? 

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And then, when the relationship begins to evolve, at what point should the dating request happen? Well, if you are already at this stage about thinking about dating requests and officiating this relationship once and for all, you have to prepare yourself for some situations … 

Regardless of the sign to which your beloved belongs, we all have particularities that, however small or large, are characteristics of our personality that greatly influence how everyday life happens. So it is worth knowing the partner very well before bringing the flirting to the next stage! But, how do you do that if you have not met the person for so long? 

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In fact, just coexisting to know if certain characteristics will influence positively or negatively for you. But, astrology can help you in some way already! 

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In this article, you will see below features you need to know before dating someone from Scorpio. Enjoy the tips to get ready for what comes next in your life! 

S** Anytime 

It was not like feature # 1 on that list to be another. S** is very important to Scorpios (but very important, even)! Therefore, they are always willing to put into practice everything they know to show their loved ones that their inner fire is not a joke. 

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They are absolutely hot. So always be prepared to receive lots of physical love and spicy caresses. For sure, s** will be part of your day to day life like never before!


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As they love se*, they also like to spice up and innovate in their s** lives forever. So they are extremely liberal and will love doing all that you want again – of course, just like anyone else, the Scorpio native does not like everything. But he is open-minded, and he knows he needs to experiment and experience everything to find out exactly what he likes and dislikes.


This liberalism does not extend to other areas of life, however. They are flexible people and, just as they want to have their own time, they will also let you enjoy your space. But, they are very jealous and, if that is not well controlled from the beginning, it can end up becoming a rock in the shoe.

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Scorpians are very intense beings and like to live this intensity. So they do not hide their excitement (or lack of it) in doing something, going somewhere, visiting someone, and so on. 

They live what they are truly feeling and do not feel the slightest modesty, fear or remorse of exposing it all to the world. With them, that old story of “think what you want of me, because I do not care, I prefer being who I am to pretend” is really true.

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Get ready to be pampered by your Scorpio partner! When they are in love, the Scorpians like to please the loved one at all costs. They are really true princes (or princesses) – with one more fire, of course – and they do everything in their power to see the partner with a smile on his face.

Forgive and forget 

If you step on the ball, the Scorpio will probably forgive you. But you will never forget – and when we talk about never, never really, you know? It’s not just mouth-to-mouth …

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And since they never forget what happened bad, they stay forever mulling it in their minds. And at that moment the Machiavellian ideas begin to appear. Scorpians are very revengeful and only feel calm when they make the person who hurt them pay in the same coin (or in much heavier currencies). 

So think hard before you do anything. At the same time that the Scorpians are very passionate and dedicated to the relationship, they have as an internal key that turns in the moment they are hurt, and all this becomes rancor, resentment and, of course, revenge.


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Scorpians are mysterious people, in the broadest sense of the word. They are people who have a natural sensuality, linked directly with this mysterious feature that intrigues so much to others. Uh there!

Impulsiveness and Courage 

A Scorpio only thinks very well before acting during his revenge, because they are devising the act so that the revenge is really up to the happened thing. But in other moments of life, it is the impulsiveness that takes care of its being, allied with the courage that is also one of its strong characteristics.


Above all, Scorpios are absolutely loyal. Therefore, your Scorpio boyfriend will be at your side at any time, even in difficult situations in which all other people seem to have abandoned you. He will do absolutely everything to see that you are happy next to him and he is totally grateful for your company.

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