Love is never easy. But most of the time, in the event of a dispute, we look for the fault in our partner.

What if the cause is in ourselves? And you could find out what the problem is that prevents you from having a happy relationship? Today the stars open up what you can change to make your relationship run better.


Your passion and thirst for adventure is sometimes a real relationship killer. Because your partner can be annoyed by the fact that you almost never sit still, but always embark on new projects and risky challanges.

Don’t forget that you are not alone. There is someone who is waiting for you and wants to spend a relaxing time with you. 

BULL (APRIL 21 – MAY 20)

The motto is: compromise. Your ability to barely respond to your partner destroys your relationship. You should switch off your stubbornness from time to time and take a step on your loved ones.

Then he feels accepted and respected and you notice that things work even if they don’t always run after your nose. 

TWINS (MAY 21 – JUNE 21)

The problem is that your mood can change completely from one moment to the next. You were just enthusiastic about one thing, now it bores you.

Just now you could hug everyone with love, then you don’t want to see anyone and hiss at everyone. Your partner therefore feels totally thrown back and forth by you and fears that you will be left at any moment. But that’s how you are. 


You are a discreet person when it comes to yourself. You don’t like to reveal your secrets and worries.

Regardless of whether you do it so as not to incriminate anyone or because you are suspicious: in a relationship there is no room for secrecy. Open up to your partner and give them a chance because they want to get to know you. 


You are not the navel of the world – finally understand that! In a relationship, there is someone other than you and they want to be seen and respected as well.

Learn to be considerate of their desires and to put yourself back more. That will strengthen your relationship. 


You can look cool, detached and unemotional to others. This is because you absolutely want to do everything right. Your relationship, however, is stressful because your counterpart wants to feel warmth and know who you are.

So show your deepest thoughts and feelings and allow yourself to make a mistake. That makes you human and lovable.


First of all, you have to understand that there is never a perfect solution for everything. You are a person who thinks and doubts a lot and mostly until you feel like your head is bursting.

Calm down and give up the thought of making everyone happy. This not only relaxes you, but also your relationship. 


Your distrust is in the way of you and your partner. In a relationship, you become very controlling and it is best to always have your partner around you and to know what he is doing and thinking.

Otherwise, a strong feeling of jealousy arises in you and you assume your partner the worst things. That destroys any relationship. 


It is your strength to be funny, but at the same time it is one of your weaknesses, because you have often gone too far with it and have met people who are close to you.

You should therefore pay more attention to how the other person feels about your jokes, so as not to unnecessarily strain your relationship.


Sometimes you pursue your project so stubbornly that nothing and nobody can contribute anything.

That makes you an exhausting contemporary and in a partnership with you the other is annoyed by it. Learn to let go and try new ways to do things. 


If you have a project in mind, it is difficult for your partner to have you all to yourself. You are constantly busy and he gets the feeling that he always has to stand behind other things.

If you really care about your relationship, take it seriously and show your partner that you care about them.


Your emotional world is very intense and you often find conditions worse than they really are. But your sadness not only pulls you down, but also others and burdens your love.

Try to find the sun in your life and focus on the good. 

Everyone brings their mistakes and idiosyncrasies into a new relationship. So that your next love can hold, make it easier for your partner and work on you. You will see how good it will be for both of you!

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