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Scorpios are paranoid. Anyone who’s even ankle-deep in the world of astrology has heard this over and over again. But what are they so paranoid about? And why are they so paranoid? What’s your deal, Scorpios?

Well, first of all, Scorpios are paranoid of their secrets being found out because they like to find out other people’s secrets. Since Scorpio is always up to such shady things, they just automatically suspect everyone else is, too. The reason Scorpio is always checking over their shoulder to see if they’re being followed is because they like to follow people. The reason Scorpio always makes sure to have confidential conversations in a very private place is because they eavesdrop on other people’s conversations. The reason they have high-security on all their electronic data is because they are hackers. The reason they may seem anonymous and very low-key on social networking is because they stalk people on social media. You get the idea. Scorpio figures that if it’s so easy for them to get away with these things, other people must be able to do it, too. And Scorpio will not let that happen.

Of course not all Scorpios do the above things (though most are very strongly tempted to), but even the Scorpio who does not snoop in such an explicit way somehow still ends up finding out people’s secrets. There is something about Scorpio that just gravitates towards all that is hidden, and all that is hidden gravitates towards Scorpio. People naturally trust Scorpio, and so Scorpio is often the bearer of many secrets. All their life Scorpio witnesses how easy it is for secrets to get out. They see how trusting people are in giving away their own secrets. They see how careless people are in trying to hide sensitive information. They see how it takes little to nothing for a secret to be exposed, and so they are going to take extra caution that their own secrets will not be exposed.

So what exactly are Scorpios hiding? Of course this will be different with each individual Scorpio, but they all have one thing in common – the primary thing they are hiding is their personality. They are hiding how much they know, how much they pay attention. Scorpio’s eyes are video cameras that are constantly recording the world around them. They notice everything, especially when it comes to people they care about. Scorpios don’t want people to know how weird they are. They don’t want people to know how unlike everyone else they feel, the isolation that they feel. Scorpios know very well that they see a lot more than most people do, that they see a hidden layer to everything. To some this may be considered “reading too much into things.” They analyze things over and over again and go so deep into one little conversation that by the time they’re done thinking about it, nobody is sure how exactly Scorpio reached the conclusion about it that they did.

Scorpios also care about their loved ones, a lot. In addition, they usually have quite obsessive romantic love. They throw their whole hearts and souls into love. And it doesn’t matter what kind of love it is – familial, platonic, romantic, or otherwise. Scorpios also have strangely deep love for their friends. It may not be considered that strange to be possessive of a romantic interest, but Scorpios are also possessive of their friends. They will likely consider their friends partners in a sense. And Scorpio much prefers to have a few close friends, rather than a wide circle of friends. They become deeply invested in these close friends, just as invested as one would be in a romantic relationship. Scorpio never does any sort of love halfway. They are never lukewarm. They either don’t care about you at all, or would gladly die for you. There is no in between. (This is especially true for people whose charts are very Scorpio-heavy, meaning they have more than just sun in Scorpio.) How much they think about a certain person, whoever that person may be, is a popular Scorpio secret. It is amazing how much Scorpio has read into their relationship with this person, and it’s amazing the ridiculously intricate fantasy world they’ve confected in their head. Scorpios have an overflowing well of emotions, and they don’t want anyone to know this. Why? Because they realize how strange people would think them to be if they knew the truth.

Not only that, but Scorpio realizes how vulnerable their deep emotions make them. That is why they hide aforementioned deep emotions. Scorpio hates to admit – often even to themselves – how much control people they love have over them. Scorpio’s emotions are totally in the hands of people they love. There is nothing Scorpio can do about this. When they care deeply about someone (and Scorpio only ever cares deeply, otherwise they don’t care at all), that person is like the moon that dictates the ever-flowing tides of Scorpio’s emotions, often without even realizing it. They often don’t realize it because Scorpio doesn’t want them to realize it.

Another common Scorpio secret is their morbidity. Many Scorpios are fascinated with death and spirits. They tend to be quite interested in the occult. Even Scorpios who are not interested in this are bound to be interested in something strange. With dark Pluto encouraging them to indulge in the underworld and eclectic Uranus lending them a love of all things unconventional, Scorpios have pretty weird interests. And they are obsessive about their interests, just like they’re obsessive about people. You will very rarely meet a Scorpio with a casual hobby. They know everything about whatever they’re interested in, and if they’re not careful, it can control their whole life. A lot of Scorpios keep their interests hidden, because their interests are considered taboo or just plain socially unacceptable. Scorpios realize that they are freaks (and they both love and hate this about themselves), and they aren’t that keen on letting the rest of the world know that.

Scorpios tend to be so good at keeping secrets that most people don’t even realize that they’re hiding anything. Scorpio will let people in their life think that they know who Scorpio is, when really they know nothing at all. Scorpios get extremely uncomfortable when people grow suspicious of them and try to find out more about them. So if you’re trying to get close to a Scorpio who seems reluctant about giving anything away, be patient. Realize that it is going to take a long time for Scorpio to trust you. They tend to assume the worst in people, and assure themselves that nobody is going to be able to “understand” them. The worst thing you could possibly do if you’re trying to find out more about a Scorpio is to go looking through their stuff, or use otherwise deceitful means to uncover their secrets. Because you definitely won’t get away with it. The Scorpio will find out, and they will never speak to you again. (Yes, lower-evolved Scorpios are hypocrites. It’s important to understand that not all Scorpios literally spy on people and look through their stuff without their permission, but there’s a reason that stereotype exists. There are bad people of every sign, and when those people are Scorpios, they tend to be huge snoops.)

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Rather, a good starting point is revealing things about yourself to Scorpio. They tend to be more comfortable around people they consider to be “real.” It’s even better if you have some strange secrets of your own that will make Scorpio feel like you’re a good person to disclose their secrets to. Try to show that you’re not afraid of the darker side of life. People not afraid of the dark are people that Scorpio trusts. It’s also probably not a good idea to ask Scorpios upfront about themselves; they will likely get very defensive. (It’s really 50/50 with that approach – on one hand, Scorpios do appreciate honesty and courage, but on another they hate being interrogated.) It’s better to hint that you’re interested in learning about the Scorpio. It’s also good to tell the Scorpio that they can feel comfortable talking to you and that you won’t judge them. That will make them feel safer around you.

So, in conclusion, Scorpios are afraid of a good many things, and have their reasons for being so paranoid. They live in a deep, dark underworld hidden beneath the surface of reality, and are very cautious about admitting people to join them there. Before a Scorpio invites you into their world, they have to be absolutely positive that a) you can handle it, and b) you deserve it. Scorpio’s intensity is not for everyone, and they know that damn well. That’s why they keep it their biggest secret.

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