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There are no “good” and “bad” types of alcohol. There are no “elite” types of it and “for suckers.” There are just drinks that suit your character and that are not compatible with it Today we offer you to choose the most suitable drink for yourself in accordance with the sign of the zodiac.

Aries – Vodka

Vodka is known to be the perfect drink for adventure. And Aries love adventure. In addition, vodka is suitable for any situation and guarantees a good pastime.

Taurus – Beer

Taurus are, as a rule, not those guys and girls who like to be in the spotlight and dance on the dance floor. They prefer friendly gatherings at the table with a drink and a snack. Therefore, beer is an ideal way for them to spend a hard day in the past. The main thing is to be chilly, right?

Gemini – Tequila

You are Gemini, and therefore adore moving and dancing. The real joy is to light, twirling a booty on the dance floor. And for such matters, tequila is the best ally.

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Cancer – Jin

Cancers are known for their temperament and frequent bouts of melancholy. Gin is a little mysterious drink. Although many have heard of him, many love him, few can truly appreciate him.

Gene helps the Cancers remain both mysterious and extravagant at the same time. And it tastes good (with a tonic – for sure!) And is really useful for the body and soul.


Lion – Red Wine

Lions are charismatic leaders. For them, the choice of alcohol is also a matter of prestige. Well, wine, of course, if it is selected wisely (and the Lions understand these matters), it can bring an incredible amount of pleasure.

Leo is the most charismatic of all zodiacs. They prefer aged wine, Merlot or Pinot. These wines not only emphasize the taste of the person who chooses them, but also their social status.

Virgo – White Wine

White wine is a sign that a person is preparing for a joyful party with friends who know each other well. When people from your circle get together, they will surely trust you to choose a drink for the evening. And since you are well versed in wine, there have never been any complaints about this.

White wine is usually chosen by people who are kind, caring, compassionate and gentle.

Libra – Bourbon

Don Draper was Libra. Otherwise, how to explain that he drank it exactly?

Whiskey is the drink of people who do business without too much drama and tantrums. They do not sweat over the little things and use their charm to climb to the top.

Libra – people reasonable, substantial, able to think. Whiskey helps them pack up and look more pretentious.

Sporpion – Moonshine

Moonshine is an authentic American moonshine, the beautiful name of which appeared not because of the unclear pale color of a poorly distilled product, but because the drink was driven under cover of night in the moonlight.

Scorpions are rebels, violators of public peace. And since you are also wise beyond your years and always live by your own rules, the usual drink bought in a store is not for you. You probably love to brew your own moonshine according to an old recipe. Which is constantly supplementing and improving.

Sagittarius – Champagne

Sagittarius tastes great, and they rarely look at price tags. And when they go to the shops for alcohol, they usually pull champagne from the top shelf.

It is not surprising: if you spend your health, then only the best!

Capricorn – Scotch

For Capricorn, there is no better drink than real Scotch (well, or Irish) whiskey. They are well versed in alcoholic beverages, appreciate the endurance and “age” of the drink.

Capricorn is not in a hurry. He knows: to get the best, sometimes you have to wait.

Scotch only emphasizes their solidity, the ability to see beyond their own noses and perseverance.

Aquarius – packaged wine

Aquarians are real hippies. They never “worry” about prices, prestige or social status. They buy the cheapest and the most delicious. And what’s worth it, of course, is “pay for show-offs.”

Pisces – Absinthe

Pisces is a sign of the zodiac, which is known for the fact that people born under it are usually creatively gifted, sensual. These are people who need inspiration and real emotions.

Especially for them, Absinthe was created. A drink that reveals the soul and subconscious mind like nothing else.

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