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ARIES (21.03. – 20.04.)

Aries are too¬†¬†straightforward¬†¬†in their assessments and judgments, and even the most intellectually developed representatives of this sign also make this mistake.¬†They have all the “black” or “white” and no half tones.¬†They find it difficult to put themselves in the place of another person and understand the motivation of his actions, even close people cannot understand them.¬†They will live their whole lives and never see with whom they lived.¬†And all of the exorbitant selfishness and obsession with their own interests.¬†Loving a partner Aries is extremely difficult, because their love is a long list of those requirements that a partner must comply with for the invaluable opportunity to be near this very Aries.¬†Something similar to love can only be felt for children and grandchildren, well, for themselves loved ones, by itself.

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On themselves and their person simply fixated.¬†Therefore, they often fall into stupid positions because of their short-sightedness and inability to calculate the consequences of their categorical statements made perhaps well-meaning, and it is quite possible, in essence, but expressed in a rather coarse form, which negates all rational grain of them. comments, making them a mockery or an insult.¬†But they still do not doubt the correctness of their judgments; it is a waste of time to persuade them of the opposite.¬†They do not want to know any criticism or opinion of others, and they do not accept it.¬†The most difficult type for a psychologist, yes, no Aries will never go to a psychologist.¬†He would never even think that he might misunderstand something or not understand at all.¬†So it will fight all my head against old problems like a wall.¬†They say about such people – ‚Äúlife teaches nothing‚ÄĚ.

What is strange, very many Aries can live all their lives with a feeling of unfair treatment of everyone and everything, and life in general.¬†Even Aries, living in a happy marriage and having wealth, are subject to this discontent with their lives.¬†Justice is generally their ‚Äúfad‚ÄĚ.¬†They will fight for justice until everyone quarrels with everyone completely and irrevocably.

TAURUS (21.04. – 21.05.)

About the¬†¬†conservatism of¬†¬†Taurus¬†¬†much has been written, she and their dignity, and their biggest drawback.¬†Taurus motto: ‚ÄúNo news is good news.‚Ä̬†Categorically do not make any changes.¬†This sign is conservative in relationships too.¬†They are quite difficult to converge with people, and changes in relationships are also taken with great difficulty.¬†To transfer relations with them in some other plane is extremely difficult.¬†This is the place Taurus has determined for you in his life from the very beginning, and you will be on this for life, and to make an adjustment, to explain to them that they didn‚Äôt pursue such goals, or made a wrong choice, is tortured.¬†And, most likely, it will not work, Taurus will skillfully rest and stand his ground.

‚ÄúHolding a hand – marry‚ÄĚ – this is very much about them, rarely anyone will be able to get away without being ‚Äúringed‚ÄĚ.¬†Therefore, men should be very careful with women Taurus.¬†And then, you may just have done a compliment from a good mood or politely treated a lady, and you are already expected to have bouquets of sweets and other attributes of courtship.¬†You may not notice how you will be firmly inscribed in the suitors, with subsequent developments.¬†Well, and it‚Äôs impossible to divorce Taurus at all if they don‚Äôt want it, and they‚Äôd hardly want it, because they‚Äôve gotten used to such a life, and changing something in life isn‚Äôt about them.

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The same attitude to the problems that arise in life, they really do not want to solve them. They will wait until the last, suddenly it will resolve itself. Therefore, the problems of Taurus are most often solved by those who are close to them.

TWINS  (May 22 РJune 21)

It is the Gemini girls who¬†¬†tend to neglect femininity.¬†This is manifested in them in that they try to be absolutely with everyone and always¬†¬†be ‚Äútheir own board¬†.¬†‚Ä̬†Twin girls are proud of the fact that along with the boys they participate in their games, enter their company, and as adults, in their parties.¬†They do not know how to build relationships with girls, so they have no girlfriends, and they imagine that this is very cool.

Perhaps it comes from an inferiority complex, but rather simply from a misunderstanding of the basic relations between the sexes.¬†After all, with such a behavior, the young men absolutely do not perceive them as women, who can be cared for, in general, they do not notice the ‚Äúgirl‚ÄĚ in such girls.¬†And it turns out that constantly spinning in youthful companies, such girls are almost always without a guy, unless they change their tactics in time.

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Moreover, even in dealing with friends such a model of behavior does not always bring positive results. Telling all your experiences and adventures indiscriminately, you can make an impression of a too frivolous and unreliable person, whom you shouldn’t trust in as a friend.

Another disadvantage of Gemini, the very talkative and convivial sign, is precisely this talkativeness and inability to maintain subordination. In addition, representatives of this sign are often too superficial in their judgments. They tend to stick in everything without understanding and give categorical assessments. Rarely delving into the details of a case, they almost always have an opinion on any matter. It would not be so bad if they kept this opinion to themselves, and did not try to impose it on others with rude tactlessness. In a word, it is not out of place for all Twins to remember that in order not to get embarrassed, one must learn to keep quiet at least sometimes, well, at least about the boss or about other people from whom the Twins themselves depend.

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CANCER  (June 22 РJuly 22.)

One of the main drawbacks of Cancers is their  sensitivity , stemming from their vulnerability. Well, if someone offends them, they will remember it for a long time, if not always. And the relationship will build with an eye to this offense. Of course, insults are different, there are minor, to which the Crayfish are served, served, and they will forget, but this is absolutely some trifle. But in general, Cancers are unlikely to communicate with those who have the audacity to make fun of them or simply treat them with insufficient respect.

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Another mistake that Cancers often make is that they are too attached to their property, right up to paranoia they are afraid that someone will encroach on their property, and if they suddenly notice a heightened interest in their blood supply, they will be filled with fierce hatred of the suspect.¬†And hate Cancers know how – that is to be sure – will not find it.¬†And they will surely carry this feeling through their entire lives.¬†Property claims to themselves, they are not able to forgive.¬†Even the wealthiest of them, and even the closest friend, will not be given a loan either.¬†It’s just that they are beyond their strength, their identity is such that they cannot live fully if something or someone compels them to part with even a small amount of their money or other values, not even for a long time.

Such here are miserly thrifty. They torture any seller, bargaining every penny, while they do not care at all that they may look stupid, being overly fascinated by this business. Moreover, even the presence of the girl, for whom they care, will not be able to keep them from long and tedious bargaining with any seller of any goods. Therefore, there is no greater punishment for Cancers than a wasteful wife or husband.

LION  (July 23 РAugust 23)

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The disadvantages, smoothly turning into embarrassment, in Lviv can be attributed to the habit of showing¬†¬†off¬†¬†and switching all attention in society to themselves.¬†¬†This applies to both men and women.¬†Wherever they are – they want to “star” always and without interruption.¬†That, you see, it looks silly, if only you are not a super-duper boss in the circle of your subordinates, then you can afford a lot.¬†But in a warm company, no one will like to constantly be on the sidelines: neither friends nor loved ones, and even subordinates will endure it with difficulty, and at the first opportunity escape from such an event.¬†It is impossible to remake the Lions, they tend to perceive the ‚Äúgentleness‚ÄĚ in their blood and their friends not as peers, but rather as their retinue, which of course does not appeal to the latter.

Therefore, the Lions are almost always left without true friends, and the people who revolve around them are more likely to be sycophants, using the patronage of the latter for their own selfish purposes, and making fun of innocent Lviv. It is not so naive to trust the flatterers, as most representatives of this sign do.

It is foolish to constantly attract attention to your person, because in any society, everyone wants to talk about his beloved no less than Lions, and if you do not give them this opportunity, then most likely you will not be invited to the party any more, and they are unlikely to come to you. And then they will also unite and make fun of Ponte Lions all together. And it will be a complete embarrassment.

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VIRGO  (24.08. Р23.09.)

It may be noted¬†¬†rude practicality¬†¬†Dev.¬†¬†It can be rude to someone, especially to close ones, easily, simply from resentment, that you are not too attentive to her.¬†And the more dear to her man, the sooner and rougher the Virgin will offend him.¬†And now the scandal erupted, word for word, and it started … And even then it is even difficult to imagine that the reason for the irritation of the Virgin was all just not enough attention to her person.

Rational rudeness interferes with any romantic mood, any event or idea of a romantic character runs the risk of being lost in the bud if the Virgo takes place nearby.¬†No one can spoil any romance as easily as Virgo does; there is no equal to her.¬†A couple of phrases – and the romantic mood disappears without a trace.¬†Therefore, taking care of the Virgin, do not give flowers, they will not appreciate it (the flowers will wither and that’s all).¬†It‚Äôs better to have something more practical that I don‚Äôt presume to advise, everything is too individual and difficult in their case.¬†Most likely, you will not be able to please them with any gift, except the one that the Virgin chooses herself.

The virginity of Virgos is also from a series of embarrassments, you cannot please them, they are constantly dissatisfied with something and they can make fun of anything.¬†Whatever you do to please them, Virgos are unlikely to appreciate your efforts, except for the very advanced and sensitive representatives of this sign.¬†But, more often than not, it is difficult for them to refrain from caustic remarks, sometimes very accurate, from this even more offensive.¬†With such a habit, even the angel in the flesh will be brought to “white heat”.

SCALES  (24.09. Р23.10.)

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Painful vanity Libra significantly complicates the lives of their loved ones and others.¬†¬†Even if the representative of Libra does not shine with eloquence and intelligence (or rather, especially if …) everyone around him has to stand still and listen respectfully, and catch every word, glance and gesture, otherwise Libra is very offended.¬†For some reason, they are very afraid that they are underestimated or not respected, among them there are a lot of so-called ‚Äúunrecognized geniuses‚ÄĚ offended by the whole world for not recognizing their outstanding talents.¬†And the non-recognition of talents and virtues for Libra is the worst.

If, while Libra solemnly took the floor, someone interrupts them at the table or dares to speak with someone about his own, Libra may even cry in disgust (girls, of course). Such childish and silly reaction undoubtedly belongs to the main embarrassment of Libra. The whole company must rush to soothe sobbing, or the gatherings will be irrevocably spoiled. And others will remain persistent residue of discomfort and discomfort from such communication. At the same time, Libra will long be offended to pout, but in the end, it is possible that they will have mercy on others.

Another classic unpleasant feature of Libra is the inability to make a choice, make a decision, make an act, finally.¬†Constant fluctuations, the endless weighing of all the advantages and disadvantages of all options can drive people around crazy.¬†And the saddest thing is that, having exhausted everyone with their reasoning, they will not make a decision.¬†Therefore, if there is a Libra man next to you, you will most likely have to make decisions and take full responsibility for them.¬†Therefore, you cannot be mistaken, because otherwise Libra will immediately pounce on you with the words ‚ÄúI told you so …‚ÄĚ, and since he spoke about all the course of events, then the reason to declare¬†¬†ithe will always find, and even if you are right, he will also declare: ‚ÄúI told you so …‚ÄĚ.¬†Thus, in failure, in any case, you will be guilty, but in luck, of course, he, because he told you …

SCORPIO  (24.10. Р22.11.)

Contrary to the prevailing opinion that Scorpios  are complete bastards, it can be noted that among them there are a lot of very decent people, smart, kind and cheerful. It is possible to communicate with these Scorpions, and even take them to work. Nothing nightmarish it will not threaten either the firm or the employer or the team.

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Disadvantages Scorpions still have a place to be.¬†Excessive¬†¬†anxiety¬†¬†leads to a painful and sometimes inappropriate desire to control everything and be aware of everything.¬†Even when they rest or drink, they unwittingly monitor the situation, cannot relax for a minute.¬†This is only useful in one case – in an unexpected emergency.¬†When everyone is drunk “in the smoke” and is not able to reason sensibly, but something unpleasant has happened.¬†Only Scorpio is able to quickly concentrate and begin to act in the right direction, provide first aid, for example, or remove it from a burning building.

But, since such situations are rare enough, there is no benefit from the Scorpion vigil, and the harm is obvious Рpeople consciously or unconsciously, but they always feel that they are being watched, and when they are watched while they are resting, this is, of course, completely nobody likes Who needs scouts in their circle. Observers are always, as a minimum, watchful, as a maximum, they are very annoying.

Another disadvantage of Scorpions is their strong excitability and aggressiveness.¬†Catch him who is drunk in word or deed, and the scandal with a fight and smashing furniture can not be avoided.¬†And who needs psychopaths?¬†No one.¬†The most annoying thing is that the inadequate reaction of the Scorpions can be caused by a completely harmless joke or a silly trick that one could well have ignored, as Sagittarius or Lions would say, and even half of the Zodiac.¬†You have to be kinder, kinder …¬†and forgive people their shortcomings and stupidity.

SAGITTARIUS  (23.11. Р21.12.)

Representatives of this sign is very  lack of modesty and restraint .

The notorious stories about the immodest behavior of the ‚Äúnew Russians‚ÄĚ abroad, demonstrative revelry and undisguised money scattering, in short, everything that amazes and shocks people of Western civilization so much is the pattern of behavior of a typical Sagittarius with money.¬†But the most surprising thing is that even without money Strelets Troops tend to behave the same way.¬†‚ÄúI treat everyone‚ÄĚ they want to shout constantly, all they have to do is cross the threshold of a restaurant or bar, and if they drank a little, then the irrepressible soul of Sagittarius rushes at full weight without brakes … They can’t even come to mind that it looks dumb inappropriate, especially abroad, where secretive modesty and restraint is considered the norm of behavior.¬†And our Sagittarius there with all his good-natured enthusiasm, and well pour money from all pockets, and sincerely surprised

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Straightforward as children, and, often, and the mentality of having a nursery, Sagittarius often fall into this confusion.

Another unpleasant property of Streltsov is the irrepressible desire to give everyone advice and to teach the lives of everyone they meet and cross. It is possible that Sagittarius sometimes really knows better what to do and how to do it, but this is not a reason to impose one’s point of view, especially when people do not need your advice, but are stubbornly willing to learn from their own mistakes. The assertiveness of Sagittarius in such cases threatens to escalate into a conflict and will only worsen the situation and relations, and will not help as he originally intended.

CAPRICORN  (22.12 Р20.01.)

Very fond of Capricorns  show off and show off  in front of the public.  And if something or someone interferes with it (for example, they laugh at show off), Capricorn will not be loudly indignant, he will be offended and quietly, and may not even forgive the offender. But this does not make him think and reconsider his behavior, he still will not cease to show off at every opportunity. Most often Capricorns get into embarrassments precisely because they are not able to adequately assess their behavior and actions, and absolutely can’t treat their mistakes with humor. Too pompous and narcissistic to self-centeredness.

Capricorns, in general, do not tend to analyze their behavior, they tend to blame everyone around them for their failures and their failures, for all their problems someone else is always to blame, but not himself. At the same time Capricorns can be both educated and intelligent, but this does not save them in these confusions, they stubbornly blame the whole world.

Particularly difficult cases end with the fact that such characters remain in proud and absolute solitude. Who is pleased to be constantly guilty and listen to cautionary notations? No one.

Another unpleasant quality of Capricorns is the envy of more successful people. Especially unbearably it touches Capricorns if such people are in close proximity to them. Capricorns will constantly look for flaws in them and express their discontent to them, pompously trying to assert themselves at their expense. Although, with proper resistance, they lose morale, not the Scorpios, after all, and not even Aries.

AQUARIUSS  (21.01. Р19.02.)

Most often, Aquarius is characterized by somewhat¬†¬†inflated self-esteem¬†.¬†¬†Many Aquarius for some reason consider themselves unrecognized geniuses who are not appreciated or understood, or both.¬†And this feeling of insult to all around, and especially close, some Aquarius sneak through his whole life.¬†They can be unbearable with their relatives and, clinging to every little thing, inflate scandals from scratch.¬†And the reason for this behavior is precisely this sense of underestimation of their person.¬†Aquarians often believe that under other circumstances their life would have been more successful and successful, they sincerely believe that they deserve the best and in general the most-most … They can only appreciate what they have, having lost it.¬†Therefore, often Aquarius gives the impression of not quite adequate people.

One more thing you can notice when communicating with Aquarius, is the notorious simplicity and openness.¬†All that is in their mind is in their language and actions.¬†They cannot think at all before blushing their simplicity out of place or at the right time, and often even without understanding the situation will be convicted and the verdict will be passed, and they will be executed.¬†Condemn love – just “do not feed bread.”¬†The saying “simplicity is worse than theft” is absolutely about them.¬†They are simple-minded and unsophisticated in communication, they are too aggressive, they are not inclined to forgive others for their mistakes, and forgive themselves the same thing and do not notice the identity of actions and opinions.

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FISH  (20.02. Р20.03.)

For some reason, it is considered that Pisces  love to show their weakness and helplessness everywhere. I must confess that I did not even meet such Pisces at all, but I met on the contrary, very independent and even very weak Pisces. They are perfectly able to solve their own problems without assistance and cope well with it, and even take on the problems of their loved ones. Of course, having solved this very problem, with pleasure and many times, they will tell everyone without exception about their coolness and intelligence, but this is a completely different embarrassment.

By the way, Pisces  love to talk about their  beloved, and sometimes they are so addicted to it that in a decent society they can immediately give the impression of a person who is not very smart, and not very well-bred, comes from the lower classes without a university education. For the same reason, many consider Pisces primitive personalities and are in no hurry to invite them to decent places.

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