The astrological signs can tell us a lot about the qualities, quirks, and behaviors we may bring into a relationship. Are we prone to being stubborn, or are we more about compromise? Do we bottle up our emotions or let them out in a stream of unfiltered opinion? Do we take the time to think things through or do we act impulsively? Do we cling to past relationships or look for the easiest ways to cut ties before things even get serious?

At the beginning of a relationship, both parties put the best versions of themselves forward. As time goes on, however, cracks start to show in that façade, and the real us spills out. We may find ourselves falling into old, destructive patterns.

Our star signs can show us our romantic compatibility and, just as importantly, they can show us what makes us a risk to take on in a relationship. Looking to the stars for our man might be able to inform us of what we have in store for us as our relationship moves along – so that we can be better prepared for when he shows us what, exactly, makes him a bad boyfriend instead of Prince Charming.

TAURUS: Sees Things In Black And White

A fixed sign in astrology, the Taurus man is more than a little stubborn. Make that a lot stubborn. This sign operates on a “my way or the highway” mentality and it’s almost impossible to change his mind. Because of this stubborn nature, getting into an argument with our Taurus BF can feel like an exercise in futility.

For this guy, there is no grey area, everything is in black and white. To him, there’s right and there’s wrong and there’s no in-between, which is difficult to deal with because, hello, we’re all human here. People and situations are flexible and complicated, but he can’t understand that.

TAURUS: Bit Of A Whiner

The Taurus man knows what he wants out of life and knows exactly how he likes things. He, like the other Earth signs, tends to be pretty particular about many aspects of his day-to-day routine, which means that any deviation from the norm can cause him to whine a little.

We may think it’s sweet and romantic to plan a spontaneous picnic in the park, but our Taurus BF will only complain about the wind, the sun, and sitting on the grass. We’ll surprise him with a gift or thoughtful gesture and he’ll just whine that we’ve put him in a position where he’s forced to return the favor. There’s just no winning with him!

GEMINI: Puts Us On The Back Burner

Gemini men like to have their spoons in a lot of different pots, all the better to satisfy their endless curiosity. They like to keep their minds nimble and explore everything the world has to offer.

What this means is that the Gemini guy is usually busy doing any of the other million things he’s already interested in, causing his relationships to get pushed to the side. Sure, he remembers our birthday, but did he actually plan anything for it? Probably not, because he was distracted by something else. He may love having us in his life but he doesn’t know how to be a very present partner.

GEMINI: Never Makes The First Move

If you’ve ever dated a Gemini, you know that you were the one who had to prod the relationship along. For all their talk about communication, this sign prefers to let their SO take the lead, which means that he’s never been the first one to say “I love you,” never initiated the idea of living together, and even asking us out on a first date felt more like our decision than his!

It’s not that he doesn’t care about us necessarily, it’s that he’s often distracted and doesn’t really put enough thought into the fact that maybe making the first move would take some of the pressure off us for once.

CANCER: Gets Defensive

His hard outer shell belies a soft interior, like the crab after which he is named, which is why the Cancer man will always get on the defensive any time he thinks we’re criticizing him.

Whenever he feels cornered (which is often), the Cancer man will retreat into himself, only to lash out with his giant claws. Arguments with him become all-out brawls where he can pinpoint our insecurities and throw them back in our faces, to get us to defend ourselves as well. He sees every disagreement as a chink in his armor, which is why he responds so fiercely.

CANCER: Swingin’ Through His Moods

The mood swings of the Cancer man are legendary, and not in a good way. This Water sign has always been associated with moodiness, and it is easily one of his worst qualities.

If he’s not getting defensive in an argument or confrontation, the Cancer guy will simply shut us out. In fact, sometimes we won’t even know what we’ve done when we’re being given the silent treatment or when he ghosts us altogether! This sign is a fickle one and it can be exhausting to keep up with all the drama he’s got going on in his own head.

LEO: Super Ego Up In Here!

Leo’s ego is infamous, but what some people underestimate is the Leo man’s ego’s capacity for total domination. This guy needs to be the center of attention in everything, and when he feels like his spotlight is being taken away, he’ll lash out.

The Leo man’s ego comes from a place of insecurity, which is why he always needs his partner to reassure him about how great he is and how wonderfully he’s doing. Then, once he’s gotten what he needs, he pushes us to the side to step back into the spotlight. This relationship can’t fit the three of us: us, him, and his massive ego.

LEO: Totally Selfish

If their ego didn’t already give you a hint, the Leo man can also be extremely selfish. While this sign is occasionally lauded for their generosity, it’s only because they give as good as they get, which means that they have to get A LOT.

He wants everything done to his specifications and he wants to be the shining star in the relationship. This is the kind of dude who will expect a massive party for his birthday and pout if it doesn’t meet his expectations, but will give us some lame gift card when our turn rolls around, because he feels denied. He can be a bit of an immature sign who never moved past his “me phase.”

VIRGO: Sees All Our Flaws

Virgo men are notorious for their picky habits, and while they can be extremely rough on themselves, they’re definitely far too critical of the ones they care about. While we may be fully aware of all of our own flaws, we certainly don’t need someone pointing them out to us.

The Virgo man may never verbalize what he sees, but from his judging once-overs and carefully worded comments, we know that he’s noticed if we’ve done something he doesn’t like, if we’ve gained a little extra, or if an idea we’ve been working on isn’t up to snuff. His looks say more than words ever could.

VIRGO: (Not) Sharing Is (Not) Caring

Not usually the one considered to be a selfish sign in astrology, the Virgo man definitely prefers to have things a certain way. This fussy sign doesn’t like when things are out of place, which is why they rarely opt to share anything with others.

It may seem like a bit of bad playground manners, and we might not even notice it at first, but when our Virgo BF refuses to lend us a sweater when we’re chilly or take a sip from his glass when we’re thirsty, his inability to share is called into sharp focus. Simply put, he cares more about his comfort and happiness than he does ours.

LIBRA: Painfully Passive-Aggressive

For all the talk about how harmonious and peace-making Libra is, not enough space is given to the fact that these guys can also be majorly passive-aggressive. Actually, their need to maintain balance directly contributes to this!

While most healthy relationships have some degree of argument and confrontation, for the Libra man, this is a no-go. He doesn’t want to say what’s bothering him or why, so he’ll just drop loads of hints in the hopes that we figure it out ourselves. When we don’t (understandably), he becomes bitter and passive-aggressive, leaving fake-cheery notes so he that he can still seem like the good guy.

LIBRA: Expects The World, Doesn’t Return The Favor

Libra men are social butterflies, which means they love to entertain and be entertained. Keeping things exciting and beautiful is important to him, which is why he comes to expect a lot out of his relationships. However, when it comes time for the favor to be returned, he tends to fall flat.

For his friends and family, he manages to pull out all the stops, because he loves to be the ultimate host. For his SO, however, he tends to take things for granted and can forget about it, or cobble together a rather lackluster event.

SCORPIO: Creates Conflict

In the Scorpio man’s mind, jealousy and love are intertwined. If he feels too comfortable and secure in a relationship – which he actually craves – he’ll create conflict as a way of “testing” his SO. He wants to know how much he means to us, even if that requires a degree of manipulation, lying, and deception (all things he happens to be an expert at).

Creating conflict to test their partner’s devotion is pretty toxic behavior, and one that can blow up in their faces, and yet Scorpio men will find themselves doing it again and again, because what’s passion without some real fireworks?

SCORPIO: Seeing Green

The Scorpio man is an intense creature, and has a raw magnetism that draws many people to him. Because of this, he worries about the faithfulness of his SO, since he himself has had many opportunities to stray.

Jealousy runs through the veins of this Water sign, and it can poison his relationships from the inside. He’ll be so certain that his SO is stepping out on him despite not having any proof, because this sign always looks at the seedy underbelly of things. Trust and love are vulnerable qualities, and the Scorpio guy gets jealous preemptively as a defensive measure.

SAGITTARIUS: Unwilling To Compromise

If there was ever a sign to signify the “partner in crime” mentality, then it’s the Sagittarius man. This sign needs someone to come along for the ride, which means going with the flow and wherever the wind blows him. Because of that, this sign is unwilling to compromise on basically anything, especially where their independence is concerned.

The Sagittarius man views relationships as restrictive, so it can take a lot of convincing to talk him into one. Once he’s in, though, he still likes to fly solo on occasion. If his SO tries to tie him down, this sign will break free and leave them in the dust without a second glance.


The Sagittarius man isn’t the typical relationship guy. If a partnership happens, it happens, but he certainly has no interest in steering it in that direction. This guy loves to be free and wander as he wishes. He’s pretty laid-back, which can make him a bad boyfriend to someone who needs a little more structure. Do we even know if we’re exclusive with this guy? There’s no way to know, because he won’t tell us!

The Sag man prefers to let things float along without making much of an effort, which can feel like he doesn’t care if this relationship happens at all.

CAPRICORN: From Girlfriend To Assistant

Capricorn men love being in relationships where they feel like one half of a power couple. He needs someone who is just as determined and ambitious as he is, so that both can climb through the ranks together. He needs an SO he can be proud of, and one who understands his commitment to his work.

It’s this last bit that can cause issues.

Known for their workaholism, the Capricorn dude can end up making his girlfriend into his assistant, in charge of scheduling him and propping him up when needed. Unfortunately, he’s not nearly as likely to be as supportive a partner.

CAPRICORN: Frustratingly Frugal

These guys may enjoy the finer things in life, but only if they come with a lifetime guarantee and won’t fall out of style. Never one to be trendy or splash their cash on frivolous things, the Capricorn man can be frustratingly frugal in a relationship.

Wining and dining a woman isn’t out of the question, but it’s an extremely rare occurrence, and his gifts tend to be more practical and economical than lavish. If you’re a woman whose love language is gift-giving, the frugality and downright stinginess of this Earth sign can be a major deal-breaker. After all, when was the last time he treated you to anything?

AQUARIUS: Neglectful SO

Aquarius men enjoy connecting with people and learning everything they possibly can. When it comes to philanthropic pursuits, they knock it out of the park! However, because their charitable effort and empathy is usually pulled elsewhere, it can mean that they’re neglectful of their relationships at home.

While maintaining a relationship may not be as glamorous as saving the world, the Aquarius man needs to understand that paying attention to his SO is crucial to the health and success of the relationship. Compassion is big for this Air sign, he’s just not always good at focusing it where it’s needed.

AQUARIUS: Likes To Keep Separate Lives

A bit of a nomad, the Aquarius man is used to living life on his own terms, all by himself. In fact, he tends to prefer it this way because then he doesn’t feel like he’s letting anyone down and can do what he pleases.

When he does find himself in a relationship, however, he still tries to keep himself separate. What that means is this guy has zero interest in meeting our family or friends, coming to our work functions, or even attending events or parties together. By doing this, he figures when we inevitably break up things can easily revert back to normal!

PISCES: Bit Of A Flake

Walking around with his head in the clouds, the Pisces man may have had every intention of keeping plans with us, except he totally blanked and bailed instead. He may have good intentions, but he’s usually spending so much time daydreaming or thinking of other things that whatever we tell him goes in one ear and out the other.

He’s unreliable, which doesn’t bode well for long-term relationships, and that flakiness can be a real drag. It feels like we don’t matter as much to him as we should, because he’d make more of an effort to be there if he cared about us, right?

PISCES: Moons Over Exes

With his romantic disposition and attraction to the past, the Pisces guy is the dude who won’t shut up about his exes. Even if the relationship was toxic, he still moons over the women of years past – no matter how much it bothers us!

It’s not that he compares us to them, but more that he enjoys the nostalgia that comes with recalling a past fling or connection. He sees them all through rose-colored glasses and pays no mind to the fact that it makes us uncomfortable. To him, they’re all just part of the important saga that is his love life.

ARIES: Speaking Before Thinking

Thanks to his impulsive nature, the Aries guy isn’t so great on the tactful front. One of his best qualities is that he’s direct and straightforward, but unfortunately this can translate into us hearing some pretty harsh realities.

For example, if our Aries BF dislikes our new haircut, he’s going to tell us exactly what he thinks – which isn’t always what we want to hear! He thinks he’s doing us a disservice by covering up the truth, but in actuality it’s probably better if he processes his colorful commentary before blurting it out, otherwise we’ll be left with a lot of hurt feelings.

ARIES: Too Overprotective

Occasionally volatile, the Aries man can be a great boyfriend when it comes to how much he cares about us. He’s a Fire sign, which means he’s strong-willed and assertive. However, this can occasionally become overprotectiveness, which is not always a good thing.

The Aries man may think he’s operating in our best interests, but in actuality, he’s becoming a little controlling. His quick temper can cause him to veer into jealous territory and, while he may think he’s saving us from the horrors of the world, he’s actually doing more harm than good. His heart is in the right place, but this habit doesn’t make him a great boyfriend.

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