Have you ever wondered what your strongest instinct and power could be? If you really think about it, you’ll notice some people are really light on their feet while others seem to always know exactly where they are, no matter how many twists and turns they take. Sometimes it’s hard to tell what your strongest power and instinct is, simply because you’ve lived with them your whole life. If it’s literally second nature to you, it doesn’t really stand out unless someone else comments on it or you discover others are struggling with things that just come so naturally to you!

So how to do find out what your strongest internal instinct and power is? You consult the stars, of course! They haven’t been around for billions of years for nothing! They know what’s going on and have taken the time to arrange themselves in such a way that all we have to do is look up at them to know everything we’ll ever need to survive! They tell us where we are, where we’ve been, and where we’re going and you’d better believe they’re there to tell us who we are and where our greatest strengths lie! Here’s your strongest instinct and power, based on your zodiac sign:

24Taurus Guys Are Great With Their Hands

What makes a Taurus guy special? Their tinkering talent! When it comes to fine detail and expert designs, turn to a Taurus man! They know how to help with everything from whittling for fun to helping out with home repairs. If you have Ikea furniture and don’t have any idea how to set it up or a ton of scrap metal just waiting to be turned into a piece of art, guaranteed a Taurus man can take care of it!

All the best mechanics, repairmen, carpenters and sculptors are Taurus men. They’re naturally inclined to create beautiful works of art with little more than a few pieces of wood, spare nuts, and bolts or even a few bits of wire and string. When it comes to being crafty, Taurus guys instinctively know how to manipulate even the simplest of materials to create something unexpectedly inspired. Their creations don’t have to be the most beautiful either, sometimes the creation itself is something helpful that makes a difference in a practical way. If you need a makeshift stretcher in an emergency, a Taurus guy is the one crafting it with whatever’s available. Case in point, Samuel Morse, a famous inventor, painter, and artist, was a Taurus.

23Taurus Gals Always Know Where They’re At

Have you ever tried driving in a new town and couldn’t find your way back to your hotel? Tons of us have stories of how we got lost, whether we were hiking trails in the mountains or just wandering around a theme park – everyone gets lost at some point, everyone, that is, except for a Taurus girl.

Have you ever been lost while wandering around with a Taurus girl? No? Well, there’s a pretty good reason for that – Taurus ladies are almost bird-like with their innate sense of direction! They always know exactly where to go and how to get there. Somehow they always know which way is North and they’re experts when it comes to landmarks, street names, and directions. When Halloween comes around and you’re ready to tackle the corn maze, make sure you’ve got a Taurus girl on your team just to make sure you make it out alive! Sure, she may take you down a few false trails just for funsies, but she definitely knows the way out of that maze! If you’re planning a trip out of the country, you’d better bring along a Taurus girl too! While most people have to pull over or ask Siri for directions, your Taurus woman will always have the directions ready to go!

22Pisces Men Are Crazy Fast

For those of us dumb enough to challenge a Pisces to a race, we’ve discovered just how fast they can be on their feet! When it comes to the need for speed, turn to a Pisces guy! They’re the ones sprinting down the track all four years of high school and they tend to be among the fastest runners at any gym. Who skips leg days? Not Pisces guys! They’re lean, they’re mean and they know they can whip just about everyone else when it comes to a foot race! Don’t be fooled by their gentle appearance because running isn’t the only thing Pisces men take at a faster-than-life pace! Be careful because they’re also quick to jump to conclusions. Interestingly, they’re equally quick to apologize when they’re wrong, fast to forgive and they really do forget after they make up with others. As strange as it all sounds, Pisces guys are almost too complicated to be real. They’ve got a lot of conflicting characteristics, but overall they’re still pretty great people.

A Pisces man isn’t just about speed, either; he knows when to pace himself and when to take things slow, both of which make him appealing as a romantic partner as well as a tough competitor.

21Pisces Women Have A Superior Palate

Do you turn to Yelp! when you’re looking for some good eats? How about the local news and radio stations? What if we told you there’s a better group of people who can tell you which places have the highest quality of ingredients and know how to use them to create stunning dishes worthy of only the most tasteful crowd? Of course, it’s going to be a Pisces woman! They’ve got the palate of a true foodie and they’re not afraid to boast about it! If you’ve got a Pisces lady friend, always always ALWAYS listen when she starts talking about a great restaurant or new food truck in town.

Even if she doesn’t have the terminology down pat, she’s still got her taste buds leading the way! If she tells you the new Italian eatery over-salts their pasta, you’d better pay attention! If she tells you the best item on a menu, guaranteed it’ll be one of the top sellers. If you and your friends are struggling to decide where to eat, always turn to a Pisces woman – she’ll never steer you wrong! Not only does she know the best places in town, but she’s also going to take your group’s individual tastes into consideration to recommend the tastiest places in town!

20Leo Men Excel In Athletics

We all knew it had to be someone and it’s Leo guys who won this prize! When it comes to getting physical, Leo men are the best! They’re fast, they’re strong, they’re ambitious and they never back down from a challenge. These athletic guys are right on par with the Pisces runners – they’re the ones who really make a Pisces guy sweat because a Leo will always be right on their tail, making them push themselves harder to cross the finish line.

If you’ve ever watched American Ninja Warrior or The Beast, you know that people are capable of some pretty amazing physical feats, such as jumping from a tiny foothold to a rock wall, then scaling the wall and launching themselves onto intense obstacle courses no average person could ever conquer. Guaranteed most of the men competing on the show are Leos! Leo men aren’t only athletic – they also get excited about competitions among one another. Who is the best and how can they prove it? If you’ve got a Leo guy in your life, you know he’s always the first to jump into the pool, grab a basketball, perform the perfect handstand or lift the prettiest girl onto his shoulders. Leo guys, you may be a bit showy but we still love you!

19Leo Women Catch On Fast

Have you ever tried learning something simply by watching? There are no explanations, no instructions, just you observing someone doing something complicated? No? Well, that’s because you’re not a Leo lady! Unlike the rest of us, a Leo woman is capable of learning simply by watching, or for the more complex and technical challenges, she’s the person who only needs to hear the instructions once. She just soaks up information like a sponge and is able to produce the same quality, if not better, than the original after an extremely short period of time!

A great example of how quickly Leo women can catch on to complicated situations, look to Vera Rubin. She’s an American astronomer who made some pretty amazing contributions to the fields of both physics and astronomy, something she wouldn’t be able to pioneer without being a quick study! She took information the world already knew and pushed past it, resulting in the discovery of over 200 galaxies! To top it off, successstory.com explains her father was an electrical engineer. Wonder who she got her smarts from! Of course, Rubin isn’t the only successful Leo woman who has created a name for herself, but she’s certainly among the best!

18Aquarius Men Understand How To De-Stress

It’s really easy to feel stressed about different things in life. Schoolwork, homework, a career, bills, kids and general responsibilities all contribute to stressful lifestyles that usually result in some pretty bad habits. People who can’t handle stress well tend to eat food that is really bad for them, can fall into depression, and experience other mental issues, while some go as far as becoming physically ill. Not everyone knows how to handle the stressors in their lives, but if they want to see someone who can, all they have to do is turn to an Aquarius man. Of course, Aquarius men feel stressed out – there’s not a single person on the face of the planet who doesn’t have something to stress about – but he does know how to manage it in a healthy way.

An Aquarius guy understands that he can’t always control situations and he also knows he can’t live in a horrible limbo between being stressed and letting go completely, so he chooses to do whatever he must to keep himself productive. How each Aquarius varies from person to person, but many find a way to relax and offer their relaxing tips to their friends and families, making them not only really cool guys, but also really nice and caring ones too!

17Aquarius Women Can Sense Danger Before It Happens

Aquarius women may not know something bad is about to happen, but their instincts are certainly on point. When she walks out her front door in the morning, she may hesitate because her instincts are telling her she needs to step back into the house. Of course, right when she closes the door, that’s when she finds little Fluffy about to make a huge mess in the house! The danger doesn’t always need to be mortal, but an Aquarius woman is always aware of it.

Sometimes she thinks she’s some kind of superhero with all the situations she’s narrowly evaded and some of us are quick to agree! When you’re out on the town with your best Aquarius friend, no matter how much fun you have, always pay attention to her instincts! If she tells you not to walk down a certain road, don’t try to test her gut feelings! If she slaps a drink out of your hand, there’s definitely a reason! Aquarius girls can’t always see or understand what is about to happen, and they often never learn what would have happened, but they’re also the people least likely to get into accidents, hurt themselves or suffer any kind of physical trauma, simply because they trust their instincts!

16Gemini Guys Are Superior Drivers

Can you perform the perfect three-point-turn? How about driving on ice? Through a snow storm? Can you drive a stick-shift while singing along with the radio on a freeway at 75 MPH while weaving in and out of traffic? If you answered yes, you’re probably a Gemini guy! Not only are you great at driving, but you tend to be good at talking yourself out of tickets! Life’s a wild and crazy ride and you’re definitely going to take full advantage of it! Gemini guys may not always follow the law when they’re behind the wheel of a fast car, but they’re certainly qualified to perform some great stunts and show off to the ladies in their lives.

Gemini men tend to sit in a car and suddenly they’re not driving a vehicle made of metal, they’re feeling extensions of their bodies that grip the road with well-tread tires and fly across the land, tearing through the wind’s resistance. When a Gemini guy is driving, he’s in his element. He knows exactly how to handle a car to take the perfect road trip. He knows how to enjoy a slow drive around the neighborhood and how to race a buddy on a long, empty stretch of road. When it comes to driving, no one can beat a Gemini man!

15Gemini Girls Are Physical Beasts

We all know we’re supposed to eat plenty of fruits and veggies and we’re supposed to engage in moderate exercise every day, but it’s so hard! No one wants to wake up to a fresh breakfast of blended kale and bland oatmeal! So how else can we lose weight and look our best? A Gemini girl knows EXACTLY how to make it happen! Not only is she able to eat whatever she wants whenever she wants, but she’s also the most physically fit of all her friends! Even if she lets herself go for a few years, the minute she feels like dropping weight and bulking up, she becomes a beast!

Suddenly a Gemini girl starts losing pounds and, more importantly, inches! Her muscles are quick to respond to the call of exercise and weight-lifting is her forte. If you ever feel overwhelmed by your slow metabolism and weak muscles, turn to a Gemini woman for training! Not only will she be able to whip you into the best shape of your life, but she’ll also be right there by your side, engaging in the same workouts and diet to help propel you further! If you ever come across an athletic-looking woman, guaranteed she’s a Gemini!

14Virgo Men Have An Eye For Detail

Surprise! Virgo men have a great eye for detail! Okay, so maybe that doesn’t really come as much of a surprise to most of us, but what’s really cool is that Virgo men can see beyond the basics. They’re the ones who add the finishing touches to a structure to make it gorgeous, who know exactly how to elevate a simple design into an incredible one and who understand that the beauty is always in the details. They show off their skills in everything from the perfect outfit, complete with a small unexpected design, to the way they perform their jobs. Virgo men tend to be extremely successful in life because they’re the ones who add the perfect finishing touch to everything they do, which reveals their personal tastes while also drawing attention to their flare.

Even if they don’t notice they’re doing it, Virgo men are the ones responsible for making the slightest changes to a good design to make it amazing. Women definitely take notice and respond the best to Virgo men and their sense of individuality. If you ever have a doubt about it, ask a Virgo guy for his opinion on your outfit, homework assignment or business idea. Guaranteed he’ll have a great addition to help you out!

13Virgo Women Have Green Thumbs

Virgo women are great at seeing their plants grow! Have you ever met a Virgo who couldn’t coax a beautiful flower from a seed? Neither have we! Virgo ladies can plant anything from flowers to vegetables to trees and their tiny gardens thrive! Is it because a Virgo knows secrets no other sign is aware of? Of course not! It’s simply because it’s an innate part of her personality. Her love for her plants shines through her words and actions, causing them to grow larger and stronger than those grown by other signs.

It’s best not to assume that just because a Virgo lady has a green thumb she can work miracles. Try though she might, a Virgo isn’t always able to revive a plant that is too far gone, but something about her makes the soil nutrient-rich and the vegetables extra tasty! Even if she isn’t a big fan of planting a garden or tending to a few rose bushes, she’s still got something about her that makes plants live longer, healthier lives! Don’t believe us? Try giving a bouquet of flowers to a Virgo girl. Guaranteed those babies will last longer and stay brighter than the rest of the store’s flowers, simply because they’re in her presence!

12Aries Guys Make The Best Artists

Aries guys are known for a lot of things – they’re not afraid to be assertive when it comes to relationships, he knows how to make his partner feel loved and cherished, but most importantly he knows how to be confident without being a jerk about it, so what’s his secret strength? It may come as a surprise, but this confident piece of hunk is actually an amazing artist! When it comes to art, Aries guys know what’s good and what’s not. Not only are they able to take a look at a piece and really consider it, resulting in some pretty insightful feedback, but they’re also able to create some of the most beautiful pieces the world has ever seen.

If you know an Aries, he’s probably got a few walls in his bedroom covered in original works. He’s the guy always drawing on the pages of his textbooks and talks about one day becoming an animator. There are so many talented Aries men to talk about, but one of the most famous was the one and only Vincent Van Gogh! The science behind his talent is still under observation by scientists, historians and artists alike. Without a doubt, Aries men make the best artists.

11Aries Girls Are The Fastest Runners

Watch out Pisces guys! You may be among the fastest men on the planet, but Aries women can keep pace with you any day! What makes an Aries girl so special is her talent for running! She knows she’s fast and loves to rub it in Pisces men’s faces! Aries women are the first to throw on some running shoes and head out for a daily jog just so she can feel the wind on her face and the jealousy of all the slower runners!

While it may seem like a useless skill, keep in mind that if a zombie apocalypse ever occurs, you’d better believe those Aries women will be far from harm! Okay, but seriously, being fast on your feet is a pretty great skill to have. It can come in handy for any outdoors woman who likes to travel. It also comes in handy for those Aries girls who want to get back into shape! There’s nothing like a runner’s strong, lean legs! To top it off, Aries women love the feel of a good run! The sweat dripping down their face and from the tips of their hair is evidence of an amazing workout that doesn’t leave them tired in the least! In fact, they’re often more pumped after a great run!

10Cancer Men Have Superior Fathering Skills

When it comes to the “dad bod,” “dad jokes” and overall great dad-ness, turn to Cancer men! They’re the ones who aren’t afraid to be goofy with their kid, even when their “kid” is in their 40s! These guys are the ones who are only too happy to help their wife with the new baby, look forward to their first father-daughter dances, and make their kids’ lives an all-around amazing experience! If their kids want homemade pancakes, a Cancer dad is the one making those special cartoon characters with the batter! When it comes to vacations, a Cancer father is the one planning everything so the kids can have a ton of fun and the adults can appreciate their time with the family as well!

If you’re lucky enough to have a Cancer dad, you know what we’re talking about! He took you out to have your first drink, taught you to drive your first car and encouraged you when you wanted to ask someone out on a date! There’s something special about a Cancer man that makes him the best of the best when it comes to fathering children! He’s got a heart for his family and isn’t afraid to show it!

9Cancer Women Always Know What The Weather Will Be

As underrated as it may seem, Cancer women have an innate ability to sense what the weather is going to be like! If you wonder why Cancer girls are always so well-dressed, it’s equal parts her fabulous fashion sense and her knowledge of what’s to come! While the rest of us are wearing our rain boots and coats, a Cancer woman is standing out in her super cute dress and sandals because she knows she doesn’t have to be afraid of getting caught up in the rain! Even if there are clouds and the rest of us are armed with umbrellas, Cancer women know they can leave their rain clothes and accessories at home!

This is also an amazing skill to have when you’re preparing for a weekend getaway with friends or a special someone! The less you pack, the less hassle you have to deal with, and a Cancer girl knows it! She’s the one packing the perfect wardrobe for both long and short trips, and she’s also the one making sure everyone is prepared for unexpected weather conditions! If anyone is going to take advantage of great weather or skirt away from a storm, it’s a Cancer woman!

8Sagittarius Guys Have Powers Of Intimidation

They say you should always fake it ’til you make it, and no one knows it better than a Sagittarius, who was born with the natural instinct to intimidate his enemies! Most fights can be won simply by a good bluff, and when things start to get out of hand, guaranteed it’s a Sagittarius guy who steps up to the plate and makes sure everything turns out okay! Because he’s so good at intimidating others, Sagittarius men sometimes struggle when it comes to making friends and starting romantic relationships, but anyone who gives him a closer look and second chance can see that he’s just a big softy wrapped in a few impressive layers of intimidation and bad first impression.

Beneath the awkward first encounter with a Sagittarius guy, you’ll find that he’s only got the best intentions for everyone – including himself. He knows when to use his powers of intimidation and when to let bygones be bygones. Sagittarius men aren’t all about showing off their stuff, they’re about balancing unfair fights, standing up for what’s right and protecting people who can’t protect themselves. In their own way, Sagittarius men are everyday heroes who come to the rescue whether they’re called upon or not.

7Sagittarius Girls Are Superior At Relationships

When it comes to all things love, turn to Sagittarius women! Unlike their male counterparts, Sagittarius gals don’t need to pretend – they KNOW what’s up! When their friends are in need of relationship advice, it’s always a Sagittarius woman who knows what to say and how to fix things. Her talents don’t just stop at giving good relationship advice when it comes to her own love life, a Sagittarius girl is unforgettable! She’s the one who has men begging for a date and mourning after a breakup! She knows exactly how to manipulate any situation to make it feel special and she knows just how to speak to her man to make him feel like he’s the center of her universe!

Not to be taken lightly, a Sagittarius is aware of her own powers and does her best to keep from leading men on because deep down she knows she wants something real. She may be able to get the right feelings going and make him feel super special, but that doesn’t mean she wants to pretend everything is perfect. For a Sagittarius woman, her greatest strength is also her greatest weakness. She can have any man, but how will she decide who she wants to spend forever with?

6Capricorn Men Are Loved By Animals

We all know animals have a special sense that tells them whether a person is good or bad. Most of us can agree that if our dogs don’t like someone, then that person isn’t trustworthy or is perhaps just a horrible human being at heart. We all trust an animal’s instincts, so it should come as no surprise that they’ll be drawn to one particular star sign over the others – that’s where the Capricorn man comes in. Most Capricorn men are so pure of heart that animals flock to them! If you ever invite a Capricorn guy to a party, guaranteed the family pet will want to spend the entire evening in his lap, licking his face, or kneading his tummy!

What draws animals to Capricorn men are their gentle souls. Animals feel safe with Capricorn guys and humans do too, which is why these guys tend to be so popular with the ladies! They’re also often surrounded by friends, but there’s no surprise there. If you ever see a Capricorn an animal doesn’t like, run! Run for the hills and stay far away from him! Animals are naturally drawn to Capricorn men, so if he’s not able to pet a dog or lure a cat from its hiding spot, guaranteed he’s not to be trusted!

5Capricorn Women Are Amazing Hunters

Animals may love Capricorn men but they definitely don’t love Capricorn women! There’s something dangerous lurking just beneath a Capricorn girl’s smile and animals can sense it! What is the darkness? It’s a Capricorn girl’s ability to hunt! She isn’t going to live her life as a weakling! No, she’s the alpha and what she says goes! She’s strong, brave and tenacious. Whether she’s hunting for a great parking spot or her next fling, a Capricorn girl always fills her traps! The same is when she’s out in the woods, forced to hunt for her meals; she doesn’t see this as too much of a challenge since it’s basic survival and she’s pretty good at it!

She’s a great shot, knows how to mask her presence and is just innocent enough to lure in hungry animals. Of course, this translates into her everyday life as well, which is why she always seems to be the dominant one in her relationships. It’s also why she tends to be in positions of authority at work and does so well leading group projects. A Capricorn girl isn’t going to be intimidated by anyone – except maybe a Sagittarius man, but that’s a different story! When it comes to hunting, no one can beat a Capricorn woman!

4Scorpio Guys Always Know What’s Happening In Their Surroundings

Some people always seem to be aware of what’s going on around them, no matter how chaotic it is! If you’re at a wild party and everyone is packed on the dance floor like sardines, odds are you only really know what’s going on right in front of your face. Unlike the rest of us, Scorpio men know what the DJ is doing, how well his best friends are faring, is able to dance with the girl of his dreams and knows which guys are staring at her, wishing they could be the ones she’s smiling at. When it comes to situational awareness or S.A., Scorpio guys are the ones who take the lead.

There’s just something about a Scorpio guy that makes his senses fully aware no matter what the circumstances. It doesn’t matter if he’s at a theme park or a quiet library – he always knows who is coming, who is going, who is watching him and who couldn’t care less about him. It’s this instinct that makes Scorpio men great detectives, policemen and security guards. Remembering faces and taking note of the time is as natural to a Scorpio man as swimming is to a dolphin – so don’t do anything embarrassing in a Scorpio guy’s presence!

3Scorpio Girls Have Mad Makeup Skills

Big doe eyes, full luscious lips, and the perfect color palette are what make Scorpio women stand out from the crowd. Is it always natural beauty? Of course not! Scorpio women know how to use makeup to help women appear natural while simultaneously appearing out of this world! The perfect shade of lipstick paired with rainbow eyeshadow and on point eyeliner is how a Scorpio shows off her skills! She’s all about the use of color, shadow, lighting, and fashion! If you’ve got somewhere to be and you want to look your best, a Scorpio girl’s got your back!

She’s been buying up makeup, nail polish and has been practicing hairstyles for years – and now you’ve just become her perfect plaything! She’ll have men eating out of the palm of your hand because you’ll look better than anyone else in the club! She can also help out with Halloween costumes and make people stand in awe at her makeup creations! Scorpio girls have the perfect blend of makeup knowledge, coloring skills and an eye for detail, making them among the best makeup artists in the world! If you have any doubts, ask your Scorpio bestie for a makeover – you won’t be disappointed!

2Libra Men Get Territorial

Maybe it’s because they’re so easily intimidated by others or maybe it’s because they have such a fierce loyalty to their home and loved ones that they’re unable to hold back their aggression, but Libra men are extremely territorial. This doesn’t always translate to jealousy, anger or fear – sometimes it’s simply that he doesn’t like change, so when new people start coming around or the buildings in his area start changing, Libra men start to get a little antsy. If they had it their way, nothing would ever change and the world would live in a constant state, perfect for him and comfortable. Unfortunately for Libras, the world can never remain the same.

He knows he can’t control everything, but if a Libra is dating someone, you’d better believe he’s going to be territorial with her! Anyone who talks to her has to deal with his presence and any time she wants to have a good time without him, guaranteed he’s sulking at home. He knows this can be a weakness but he also knows that when the time is appropriate, he can be strong and dependable. He may not always have a good reason to be territorial, but at least he doesn’t let it guide his actions.

1Libra Women Are The Best Singers

We all love to hear a good soprano (like the diva’s song in “The Fifth Element”) and of course, even the grizzliest of men can be swayed by a great song performed by a majestic singer, but who are the best singers of all time? Libra women, of course! They’re the ones who can move hearts and bring peace to a broken relationship! Theirs are the voices that make the greatest impact on the world and are being talked about for years to come.

Case in point, there’s Olivia Newton-John, born September 26, is a Libra! Her performance in Grease was such a hit that people still sing “Summer Nights” and “Hopelessly Devoted to You.” In fact, there are ongoing theater performances of the film, featuring songs Olivia Newton-John performed as a young woman. Think great singers stop at her? Of course, there are other big names such as Ashanti, Gwen Stefanie, Ashlee Simpson and Cece Winans. What’s great about Libra women is that they can sing their hearts out and people will always stop to listen. Their voices vary in pitch and strength, but the one thing they all have in common is people love to listen to them and always will.

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