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If you’re like any other average human being, you are likely to become addicted to just about anything, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be a drug. We’re prone to getting obsessed with things that get us going, and our addictions often differ from person to person.

While your friends may be addicted to medieval TV series (well, who isn’t obsessed with Game of Thrones?), it may be hard for you to function without your daily dose of caffeine. There are many reasons why some of us may be addicted to something, while several others may be hooked on to something else. One determinant of what you are likely to be addicted to is your zodiac sign


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With an unquenchable thirst to project their personality to the outside world, an Aries soul is most likely to be addicted to Twitter.


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A Taurus soul has an incessant hunger, and a constant need to satisfy it with food that brings them pleasure. They’re most likely to be addicted to food.


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Their outer appearance is their go-to mode of self-expression, and their wardrobe (and even makeup) is one of the most important things to them. Gemini’s will possibly be addicted to shopping.


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As empathetic souls, Cancers crave partnership and often find themselves in a sour relationship after another.ue to their innate nature to ‘fix’ people they get addicted to bad relationships in hopes of making it into a good and loving one.


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Attention is important for the Leo soul, and they love telling the world about their near-perfect life. Social media is an important platform for them to exhibit their good life, and they are most likely to be addicted to Instagram.


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Inherent workaholics, Virgo souls have no time to rest and are in constant need of a little extra stamina. They love to keep their energy meter on full at all times and are addicted to coffee to do so.


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Innately non-confrontational, Libras love to respect their private space and like to be in their own company. Their phones are their greatest asset in their mission to survive in the extrovert world, and they are most likely to be addicted to it.


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With a deep passion for drama and an insatiable appetite to uncover secrets, Scorpios can secretly be addicted to reality television.


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The Sagittarius soul nurtures a sense of wanderlust and has a deep-rooted desire to explore the world. They are possibly addicted to traveling.


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With a massive dedication to their work and an incessant will to succeed, Capricorn souls are ostensibly addicted to their work.


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With an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, Aquarians are most likely to be addicted to reading.


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Deeply spiritual in nature, the Pisces soul is in constant need of freedom form this world and often uses means like sleep or alcohol to achieve it. Pisces souls are addicted to and are perennially thinking about escaping into a different world.

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