Your fate is written in the stars. What kind of person we attract, how we react to different situations, why we are anxious, depressed or happy, what happens in the darkest parts of our mind and much more has to do with the constellation of stars at birth.

But what happens when we break up with someone? Are we predestined to act in a certain way? Is there somewhere written how someone deals with the pain?

Naturally. People have certain patterns of behavior that are not accidental. All people without exception react to certain things with a behavior pattern that is not difficult to calculate with a little research.

Here are the signs of the zodiac and their behavior after a separation:

If you’re bored in a relationship, you don’t have to worry. Because as soon as a partner tires you, you will try to draw a line under this relationship and move on to something more exciting.

But if someone breaks your heart for no reason. Then you are someone who likes to take revenge. But this state of revenge won’t keep you busy for long. You have the ability to process things quickly and get over them. Your moth is “Life goes on” 

Your most famous trait is stubbornness. The same applies to your relationships, because you do not give yourself up in a relationship that is as good as failed and try to maintain it as long as possible.

But when you finally realize that there is nothing left to save, you will finally turn your back on the whole thing. And because you are stubborn, you think very carefully about what to do, and that’s why it says “If a bull goes once, then forever” 

You may be called Heartless for many people, which is due to your often cool nature. Although this is not the case, you are only exposed to strong mood swings. Today you’re head over heels in love and tomorrow you don’t care about the relationship.

You can deal with separations “easier” than most because you are not a fan of exaggerated “emotional banter”. But when a relationship ends that you have entered into seriously and with all your heart, the breakup will hit you very hard. Your way of doing something is work, work, work. 

You are known as the most emotional zodiac sign. When you are in a relationship, you bring your heart and soul into it. You can love your partner honestly and deeply, as probably no other zodiac sign can. If you face separation, you will cry a lot, and that in your four walls without witnesses.

From the outside it looks like nothing has happened. It is very unlikely that you will spread your pain to the world. You are one of those who suffer in silence.
When you’re done crying and processing. Then it usually takes a very long time for someone to conquer your heart. 

Your main characteristic is your pride. When you are in a relationship, you are devoted to your partner. But as soon as you notice that your pride is being hurt, you will roar with anger like a lion.

You always want to be right, that’s one of the main reasons why your relationships end. And when your relationship ends, you’re convinced that your ex will come back to you because you’re the best thing that ever happened to them.

As a true perfectionist, you unfortunately also expect a perfect partner. And it is incredibly difficult for you to admit a mistake, which makes it difficult to be with you.
And when a relationship ends, you see the whole thing from a sober adult perspective. The only thing that will bother you is maybe how people will talk about your separation. 

If you are in a serious relationship, it is like a test for you to pass. And for you it’s impossible that someone breaks up with you. If for some reason this happens, you will take the separation very seriously.

Because it is important to you that a separation is fair without a war of roses. Still, you won’t just give up. You will do everything in your power so that you both can make a fresh start.

Due to the fact that you are very passionate, you can not handle separation well. You are very closed when it comes to your relationship and you rarely show any feelings in public. But if someone breaks up with you, it may be that because of your passion and the fire within you, you may want to take revenge or even become aggressive.

You will never give your partner the satisfaction of knowing how bad you are after this breakup. You are silently processing a breakup and need your time for yourself. 

You are not easy to have a long-term relationship, but when it comes to one it is only because this partner is something special. But if there is a separation, you will be mean and throw everything at your partner’s head without thinking much about it.

But you will quickly realize that an end to this relationship is the best for both and that it does no harm to either of you being single again. 

You are known for being the most ambitious zodiac sign. So when it comes to separations, you won’t immediately accept a “no”. You will do everything to save this relationship. If you break up with someone who can’t cope with your pursuit of success in life, it’s easier for you to accept that.

But if you have to part with someone with whom you have really seen a future, then you are very close and it will be a long struggle until you realize that there is no salvation for this relationship. 

At first glance you seem unemotional, but you are actually very sensitive. Because of this, you may seem very distant, but you are not. The reason for this seems to be that you are a very logical and pragmatic person. Because every time a relationship ends for you, you see the whole thing from a logical point of view.

You look at it all soberly without much drama. You are intelligent enough to realize that the end of a relationship is not the end of the world – life goes on. 

You are very involved in a relationship. It’s almost impossible to break up with you. Because you just give a lot and take care. But if someone breaks up with you, you’re going to play the victim and give your partner a damn bad feeling because he’s leaving you.

If this victim role doesn’t work, you will shut yourself off from the rest of the world for a while and distance yourself from everything to heal and process yourself again. You also need a lot longer than all other zodiac signs to process a separation.

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