Some of us are incredibly unlucky when it comes to choosing their husbands. But no matter whether you are someone who always loves the bad guys or whether it just never works between you and the guys, even if they are totally lovely and kind. One thing weighs on you all together: You have caught the wrong men.

This can happen quickly if you don’t know which type of man you should avoid because he doesn’t suit you. Even with the greatest guy, your relationship can be horror if you just don’t belong together.

That is why the stars are telling us today which men are toxic to which zodiac signs, so that you can stay away from destructive relationship constellations in the future.


Just stay away from the bull !

You are a woman with fire in your heart and that is what you are looking for in your relationship. Your partner should be as passionate as you are and you should tear down the walls of the world together. You are looking for adventure and pleasure and a bull is exactly what you do not need!

He is too much couch potato and in a partnership with him you would get bored all too quickly. Stay away from him so you don’t get unhappy! Follow us here on Instagram.

BULL (APRIL 21 – MAY 20)

Avoid the shooter , otherwise you will never find your luck.

You have a fable for feeling safe and secure. Your relationship should preferably be reliable and cozy. There is a shooter exactly what you need the least.

Because he loves to act mysteriously and to leave his neighbor in the dark. He prefers freedom rather than binding and that’s the opposite of what you need. Follow us here on Instagram.

TWINS (MAY 21 – JUNE 21)

Don’t get involved with an ibex !

You are a lively woman with a lot of energy and always looking for the latest kick. Your life needs movement and excitement, just like your relationship.

You would only be extremely unhappy with an ibex, because it tends to be more reasonable and reliable than spontaneous and fun. Follow us here on Instagram.


The Aquarius i do not st your dream partner!

As a dedicated cancer woman, you deserve a man who turns to you as much as you care about him. And an Aquarius is not the type of man for it.

He feels unbound happy and doesn’t give you what you need, namely devotion, support and harmony. So you’d better get rid of him very quickly! Follow us here on Instagram.


scorpion is your downfall.

The scorpion is not what really fills you. Believe me! It will not satisfy your longing for recognition and positivity. You are looking for someone with whom you can have a great time.

With a scorpion, however, you will only feel like you are in a prison in your relationship. It does not take your eyes off you and restricts you. Horror! Follow us here on Instagram.


Better turn your back on a shooter !

In terms of character you are the complete opposite of protecting and in your case opposites don’t attract! Because he is a person you can hardly rely on.

A marksman is light-hearted and spontaneous. You will always live in fear that you cannot be sure with him. And security is one thing that you urgently need. Follow us here on Instagram.


Keep your hands off the virgin!

As a Libra, your sense of justice and harmony. You love to work for the good and your way is frank. A virgin would get on your nerves in the long run, because she is so damned meticulous and bossy.

So you two don’t get a green branch. So if you want to meet your real dream boy, stay away from a man with the zodiac sign Virgo! Follow us here on Instagram.


Without a ram you are clearly better off.

A working relationship is always a give and take and usually one of the partners is the stronger part and the other a little weaker. As a Scorpio woman, you are steadfast and know what you want in your life.

An as powerful zodiac sign as the Aries does not suit you, because your partnership would degenerate into constant power struggles. Follow us here on Instagram.


Make absolutely sure that your paths do not cross with the bull !

If you want to bury your thirst for adventure and your desire to discover something new, get involved with a bull. It will make you go crazy and jump in circles in no time!

Sounds great, doesn’t it? No, a bull would not only bore you, it would also keep you totally small. But you are destined for greater things than living an ordinary and desolate life. So go with the bull! Follow us here on Instagram. 


You burn your fingers on a lion .

The lion not only literally stands for your complete opposite, it is simply totally unsuitable for you and your outlook on life. You are a cosmopolitan woman who extends her antennae outwards. You need inspiration from other interesting people.

A lion that only revolves around itself is powerfully on your hand. Nothing really connects you and that doesn’t let you run the risk of falling in love with a lion. Follow us here on Instagram.


Find the cancer and you will find your misfortune.

What you are looking for in life is freedom and fun. Where you will most certainly not find it is with cancer. He’ll drive you crazy if you want to try him.

A crab man is a real burdock and you won’t be able to hold it for five minutes. Away quickly! Follow us here on Instagram.


With the scales you only achieve your imbalance.

If you like heartache and injury, be sure to have a relationship with a Libra.

No, now seriously: You shouldn’t even think about teaming up with a Waagemann, because he will destroy your heart, soul and life like a wrecking ball. Stay away from him, because the consequences for you will be devastating! Follow us here on Instagram.

Not every zodiac sign is for you. Not every man can reach your heart and enrich your life. Make your choice conscientiously and wisely and listen to the stars because they know what is good for you and what could mean your downfall!

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