Did the past year bring you luck or bad luck? Are you satisfied with it And would you like to know how things will continue in the new year? Do not worry! I found someone who has the answer for you: astrologers have analyzed the zodiac signs and found out what to expect in 2020. So watch out now!

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January – March: Free yourself from negative beliefs, influences and people. Separate yourself from what pulls you down. You don’t need it in your life!

April – June: Now that you have freed yourself from these evil clutches, your life has become better. Do not grieve for old things, but be proud that you have overcome them.

July – September: Get involved with something new. You need to restart. Don’t close yourself off due to past bad experiences.

October – December: Oh, this will be the best time of 2020 for you! You will be really satisfied and feel exhilarated like you haven’t been for a long time. 

BULL (APRIL 21 – MAY 20)

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January – March: Follow your intuition, it will guide you and show you what you need. Others will not be able to give you what you need. Therefore stay with you.

April – June: The search you go through is difficult and you are often desperate. Don’t worry, that will pass. Hold on!

July – September: Stand by yourself, no matter what others say about it. You will find more in yourself during this time, it will also be difficult, but very healing and you will learn who your true friends are.

October – December: You have gone through and recognized so much this year. You have found yourself. Now you reflect on the past year and feel grounded. 

TWINS (MAY 21 – JUNE 21)

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January – March: You have a wonderful start to the new year and are looking forward to tackling it. Make sure that you are not too focused on one area in your life and that you may neglect others.

April – June: be careful! Something is in the air. Do not be too gullible, because someone might be targeting you. Check people before you trust them.

July – September: Don’t give up your fighting spirit! Motivate yourself by rejoicing in what you have already achieved. Keep it up!

October – December: Oh, oh. It seems like you have neglected an important person in your life recently. Now that gnaws at you. Better get out of the world as soon as possible. 


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January – March: A wonderful surprise is waiting for you. Open your heart and allow it. It will do you good.

April – June: Your streak of luck continues and great successes await you. Let yourself drift in your productivity and your progress.

July – September: It will also be a great time with the people in your life. You have a lot of fun together and enjoy a connection with each other.

October – December: Your friends will be an important support at this time, because as good as the year has been so far, a few mountains are now waiting for you. Together you will master them.


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January – March: You have a bad feeling about the future, but don’t let it pull you down. You can do it as you have done everything so far!

April – June: A big change is about to happen. It will keep you on your toes and you will be whirled around a bit, but everything sorts over time.

July – September: You wouldn’t have thought that: you still have feelings for your former partner. This will run into you and turn your emotions upside down.

October – December: Wow! There was so much going on this year. Now you have to give yourself some rest to give your head and soul relaxation. 


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January – March: You need time all to yourself to calm down. Listen to yourself and your needs and treat yourself to something. You really deserve it after a hard time!

April – June: Someone wants to approach you, but you have problems allowing it to happen. Great doubts are spreading within you. But the right decision will be made.

July – September: Sometimes things happen by themselves and decide for you. That is exactly what will happen. But it’s for your own good.

October – December: Now you will realize that it was a good decision and be happy with how it all came about. You gave luck a new chance and got involved with it.

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