We have heard all about the positive points and personality traits of our zodiac sign. We even know them all by heart! But what about the negative aspect? Have you ever searched for the negative aspects of your zodiac signs? Your biggest fears? Things that people should never say to certain zodiac signs? In this series, we are going to tell you all about them. Check all of them and see how accurate they are! Right now is the time for Aquarius.
Why don’t we start with some secrets about their personality??!

Aquarius people are the type of people who keep an open mind about everything. They do not judge a book by its cover and prefer to make up their mind based on their own observations not other. In a relationship, the thing you should be very careful about when you are with them is not to be clingy. The biggest turn off for Aquarius is being needy all the time. Aquarius people are looking for freedom all the time and having someone who does not even let them breathe can be the worst thing that can happen to them in a relationship.

What also vexes them so much is when they have to do something not their way! They hate it when others try to impose their ideas on them and tell them what is right and what is not! They value and respect independence so much and they expect the same thing from the people around them so if someone cannot understand this, they have a hard time communicating with those people. Another potentially negative trait of these people is that they do not give much away. It is very difficult to learn about anything that is related to their lives.

They also put on an emotional wall between them and the person they are with which makes it even more frustrating to communicate. The person who is in a relationship with these people needs to work three times more to get the trust of his Aquarius partner than in any other relationship! These people can have an angry side that shocks you big time when it comes to the surface. They have the terrible habit of bottling things up so when they get to the boiling point, they explode!

They also are terrible liars! That is why sometimes when you ask them a question, they do not answer at all. They are aware of the fact that they lack this skill so in order to stay on the safe side, they do not say a word. They also are the type of people who overthink pretty much everything! They over analyze everything which makes them feel extremely stressed and anxious. There are some things that you should never say to people who were born under Aquarius and here are 5 of them.

1. Being called cold

You never want to call these people cold because it will be eggs all over your face! The thing about these people is that they need to be overprotective about everything so they barely share anything with you at all and also the chances are that they are in their anti-social mood and they do not want to communicate with anyone! Instead of calling them cold or aloof, it is better to wait for them to come back to their social mood and start being a normal person.
They normally are not an open book so do not try.

2. Stupid

Remember how we talked about Aquarius being analytical?! How they overthink and overanalyze every bit of information they receive?! There is no way that someone like this is not witty because it takes so much intelligence to think about all the worse case scenarios that can possibly happen! They exercise their brain constantly so don’t you dare call them stupid because if there is an adjective that you can never use in order to describe Aquarius people, that is stupid! Think twice!

3. You don’t know

Even if they were not a part of the discussion, they want to believe that they know everything. It is just a part of their personality and you cannot tell them that they do not know everything. They want to know everything. In fact, that is the only way they feel like themselves so even if there are things they have no idea about, keep them in the loop or just pretend like they know and play along with them. Trust us, that is the only way for you to stay safe! You do not want to end up being shouted at for hours.

4. Criticize them

Let’s be honest. No one likes to be criticised and belittled! It is just something that no one is fine with but when it comes to these people, the case is even more extreme! They need to have all their buttons pushed in order to react in the extremist way possible but when they do……! That is what you do not want to see in them. They indeed are one of the most intelligent people you have ever encountered entire your life so criticising them make other people question your intelligence! What goes around, comes around.

5. I din’t like traveling

If you are in a relationship with these people, you need to know that they are adventurous and explorers so they do not really want to be with someone who is not able to be with them every step of the way! Since they are the type of people who get bored really fast, they need changes constantly and if you cannot go hand in hand, that is the end of the story for you two! However, you need to know that people act differently depending on so many factors.

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