Are you also curious about what the year 2020 will hold for you? Your zodiac tells you. We’ve got a look into the stars for you and have been able to find your personal horoscope for 2020. What about love and what does the new year bring to your job situation? Maybe a small blessing is waiting for you? Or should you be more careful with new investments? 

Find out what is going to happen to you in 2020, according to your zodiac sign:


Aries will see a big change in 2020, especially in the private sphere of his life. This could mean that he finds a new partner or maybe even new blood. It will definitely be something big and exciting.

This will be your year and you will finally have one or the other dreams come true. Have you been planning to work independently or start a new project? Then you should use the coming year! The time has come to act finally! Follow us on Instagram.


Are there people in your environment who are not good for you? Then you will probably be able to finally get rid of them in 2020. You will also change your living situation. Maybe you move or build a house.

But it can also be just a small renovation. In any case, you will feel the need to change something in your living situation. Because in the new year it is time for a fresh start! Follow us on Instagram.


Unfortunately, the year 2019 was not very rewarding for your finances. You can now look forward to a long-awaited blessing. However, you should make sure that you do not start your salary negotiation before March.

Take a little time! You can finally invest your new fortune in a really meaningful project. Follow us on Instagram. 


The year 2020 will be turbulent for cancer. Because he will experience many ups and downs. In your relationship or in love, he will have to overcome many hurdles to get ahead.

Besides, his job will not always look rosy. Nevertheless, the cancer can count on a promotion or salary increase. In the end, in any case, everything will turn out for the better! Follow us on Instagram.


Stop doing everything on your own at work, but prefer to pull together with your colleagues. You’ll be a lot more relaxed about the whole thing if you manage to turn responsibility over to others.

This will give you much more time for your partner. If you are not in a relationship, it means to you that someone will come into your life who can make you very happy. Follow us on Instagram


Your financial situation will improve significantly in 2020. But not everything will turn out for the better. Unfortunately, a few people will leave your surroundings and possibly turn their backs on you at short notice.

The good news is that they are most likely to come back to you by the end of the year. Follow us on Instagram.

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