No one really manages to stay relaxed and just smile in every stressful situation in life. Sometimes we face extreme challenges in our lives.

In order to protect our bodies, we should know from the outset which diseases we are susceptible to. In this way we can better support our body and prevent diseases.

There is one thing that can help us a lot, namely astrology.


Capricorn zodiac signs have an endless stamina. Nothing is too difficult for them and no way is too bumpy for them. They always stay on the ball, but sometimes they can go astray.

At such moments, they mainly show physical weaknesses. Especially when they overwhelm themselves, this is usually expressed by problems with the skin or bones. Therefore, you should try to keep your balance and always do a lot of sport. Yoga is perfect for this, for example! 


Aquarians usually also stay relaxed and can hardly be disturbed by almost anything. With a very heavy load, however, or if something endangers her life visions, her nervous and glandular system can easily get sick.

Then you absolutely need a break to find yourself again. The best way to help them is meditation.


In fish-born children, the stress mainly affects the intestines. They usually feel so connected to the world that they carry all the pain of the world.

They usually only get better when they can connect to the cosmos. In this way they can use its healing energy to relieve the inner pain. Trance trips can help very well, for example. 


People with the zodiac sign Aries have a lot of energy that they should use. However, they quickly get into a kind of imbalance. Therefore, like the Capricorn, they mainly need a physical balance.

If they don’t have it, their body will suffer. Most of the time, an imbalance manifests itself in the form of inflammation or headache. For example, Qi-Gong can help you to restore balance and activate the self-healing processes in the body. 


Bulls usually take life as it comes. However, they often accept situations that are actually not good for them. Taurus personalities should therefore spend a lot of time in the green and be as close to nature as possible.

Gardening, for example, can have a very positive effect on a bull’s personality. This also puts less stress on the sensitive thyroid. 


The twin-born mostly have trouble making decisions. Often they don’t know which to choose because of the sheer number of options. If you get too stressed out because of this, you will particularly strain your airways.

A relaxing bath or a visit to the sauna can help them make their decisions so that they can breathe deeply again. 


Crabs often feel the hard side of life. That’s why they need a lot of strength in life. If they do not have this strength, then this manifests itself in the form of depressive moods.

To counteract this, you should spend a weekend in a retreat. This will help you to regain strength and face the challenges of life again. 


Lion personalities are usually full of energy. Giving up is out of the question for them. But this is dangerous! Because if you overexert yourself, you tend to get burnout quickly.

It is therefore important for them that they learn to live in the here and now. A work shop in a Zen garden can be very supportive for lion-born children. 


Virgo-born children adapt very often in life and usually put their needs behind. And this is exactly what hits them in the gut. Fasting cures can not only cleanse the body, but also strengthen the mind.

In addition, yoga can be very helpful in gaining more self-confidence and better standing for your personal needs in life. 


Libra personalities want to avoid anger and disharmony as much as possible, especially in their relationships. That is why they are very susceptible to diseases related to the bladder and kidneys.

Therefore, they should keep a diary to identify their inner pain and gradually heal it. 


Scorpions are generally tough people. They usually put conflicts in their pockets without further ado. However, they react very strongly to fatal blows.

This usually manifests itself in the form of intestinal or abdominal problems. Scorpions must therefore also learn to let go and live in the present moment. For this reason, meditations are also ideal for scorpions.


These personalities are always looking for something new. They love it! However, it is not uncommon for them to overestimate themselves, which particularly affects their internal organs.

It is important for shooters to focus more on the path than on the target. This requires continuous work with yourself. Coaching can be very supportive. 

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