Everyone knows complicated people. They are the people who you just can’t understand from the outside and who can rarely understand their behavior. But there is a reason behind every statement and every deed. Even if the balanced personalities among us can hardly empathize with them – it is not always easy for people who have a complex inner life.

They usually feel more than the rest of the world and they experience things differently. They often find it difficult to explain their emotional world themselves. To find out which are the 6 zodiac signs that carry a highly complex emotional life, the zodiac signs allow us to take a look behind the scenes today.


Over-dramatizing and stepping in the shooter makes it incredibly difficult for him!

Above all, the shooter carries a sea of ​​confusing emotions. This is because he is extremely intelligent and his thinking is ramified. He can virtually think into any constellation and grow into it. Unfortunately. Because it not only causes discomfort in people who cannot fully follow his way of thinking, but also stomach aches in himself.

He thinks down to the smallest detail and takes every situation apart. Thousands of possible solutions arise in his head when he thinks about how the whole thing could end. That makes things incredibly complicated and scares people away from him. Poor Sagittarius! 

2ND BULL (APRIL 21 – MAY 20)

Hardly anyone understands the highly complex analysis of the bull.

If you are a bull, there is nothing you can do about it: Your brain is knitted in such a way that it perceives an incredible amount and has to process it further. You analyze everything down to the smallest detail. Every conversation, every problem and every situation in life. Sure, that can be helpful. But most of the time, the people around you get out when you are just starting to think about something.

Your thoughts are simply highly complex and not easy to understand. That’s why you often get bogged down in them and it is difficult for you to get them across so that they are comprehensible from the outside. Many geniuses are lonely, just like you, unfortunately, too. 

3RD TWINS (MAY 21 – JUNE 21)

Trapped in their muddle of head, the twins miss the magic of the moment.

Oh twins, you are really extremely complicated beings! Even you can often not understand each other once you have lost yourself again in a whirlpool of thoughts. This makes life very difficult for you, because this peculiarity often blocks the lightness and fun that takes place right under your nose.

Just as your zodiac sign has two faces, you also look at everything from multiple perspectives and don’t want to miss or overlook one point of view. After all, you don’t want to leave anything without thought! But this is how you miss the wonderful moment by being busy in your head to put it apart and put it back together and break it up. Letting go is unfortunately not your strength. 


The concerned ram blocks a lot of himself.

“Why do you look so angry?”, You will probably be asked more often. You are only highly concentrated, because a real thunderstorm is looming in your head. Your brain is constantly stuffed with information that you snap up from everywhere. You can’t let go of it and you’re always thinking about new things that don’t give you rest. Can’t you get a headache from it? Yes, unfortunately this situation is also very stressful for you.

But how are you supposed to empty your full head ?! You are just a hypersensitive person who is worried and can’t just let things go by. You have no easy life with it! 


The virgin often looks cold and hard, and she suffers from it herself.

From the outside, virgins are often perceived as very different from what they really are. They are sensitive beings who suffer greatly from having such a rigid view of the world. They want to do everything right and therefore it is very difficult for them to relax. They break up every little thing and try to track down every mistake.

Her brain rattles day and night in search of something that could improve it. What an exhausting life! They are also often not very sensitive to others, because sometimes as hard as they judge themselves, they just have to let all the pressure out. And then they get it from their fellow human beings. 


Their moody nature is the inner shortcoming of the fish.

Oh yes, the fish are real masters at bathing in self-pity. It can be a wonderful day, the sun can shine, they are surrounded by their best friends, treat themselves to good food and had a lot of fun, and yet they find something bad in everything and everyone to complain about or complain about. They are so moody and their emotional state often changes within seconds. Too bad it does

to really exhausting contemporaries. But this back and forth can hardly be endured even for them. Often they cannot explain their emotions themselves and cannot say why they are crying again. Poor fish, nobody understands them, not even themselves.

Life is not always a treat, that’s true. But it is also not as complicated as our 6 zodiac signs feel. Unfortunately, they make themselves believe that things are difficult and not easy. That precise control is required so that the situation does not overwhelm you. And that conditions have to be carefully considered and that as many solutions as possible have to be worked out so that they can master life.

But if you’re one of those people who have to rethink everything multiple times, have a big mind about things, and have a lot of concerns with them, I want to tell you today that life can be so much easier and easier if you learn to let go. What is complicated is only what you make complicated. Dare to switch off your head from time to time, even if it is not easy at all. Leave the direction to others. You will see how relaxed it can be and how nice it is to let go and enjoy life!

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