Have you ever been told that you are too naive for this world? It’s not a bad thing to be open and believe in the good in people, but it should be reasonable. Gullible people are known to be cheated easily. There are bad people out there who only concertize to meet people like you and they rarely do good.

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Nobody likes to be called naive. Be open and naive on my part, but stay smart and think before you act, and especially before you trust. Do not believe everything people tell you, even if they do everything to make you believe them.



Fish promise themselves after every disappointment that they will never be used again. But somehow they never learn their lesson and unfortunately often give other people the opportunity to manipulate them again. Fish are very sensitive and they have good instincts if they only listen to their inner voice, which they rarely do.

They tend to be idealists who always see only the good in people, which is why they are blind to people with bad intentions. Fish have to trust their intuition much more and pay attention to the clues that can be seen everywhere. Facial expressions, body language and the way they talk to you are the things the fish should look out for to see who is good for them and who just wants to harm them.

The fish often has to learn to say no and see people without their pink glasses. 


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The Libra is considered the friendliest and most trustful zodiac sign, which can be great or it can be dangerous if people with bad intentions benefit from it. The scale tends to “oversleep” the things that happen around it and when things get out of control it always needs someone to “wake it up”.

She needs to be aware of this, if she doesn’t care about things, then other people will suck and gut them. You don’t have to make the same mistake again and again to learn from it, let yourself be taught and learn from other people.

Don’t be so gullible and naive to believe that people have hearts that are like yours.


The ram is reassured when it is newly in love. Because he wants to believe in this love, even if everyone else around him warns him of this relationship. A ram in love ignores everyone who advises him against this love, even his inner voice hits him with deaf ears. If everything is too good to be true, the ram is often the only one who still thinks it is true, often to the bitter end.

As soon as a ram wants to believe something, he will go forward and listen to no one who tries to stop him, even evidence and facts will not deter him.

The impulsive ram is not good at thinking and then acting, especially when it comes to getting to know someone. 


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The Sagittarius is smart, but he tends to be naive, especially when it comes to traveling. He expects people to have only good things in mind and good hearts wherever he goes.

That is why the Sagittarius is also the typical “vacation victim” whom the taxi driver likes to charge more because he makes detours and the Sagittarius doesn’t notice it or people can sell souvenirs at overpriced prices because they tell him something special, the Sagittarius will smile and pay.

The shooter must be aware that in the world he likes to travel, he is often just a tourist, from whom the places in which he is a guest live. 


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When cancer learns that someone is going through a difficult time or that someone is generally not doing well, be it health or financial, it often happens that cancer does everything for that person to make them feel better again.

The cancer tends to believe that the other people are the same and this leads to the cancer being exploited. Cancer gives and gives because it believes that everyone gives, they only take everything from cancer without the intention of wanting to give.

Cancer must learn to focus on the people it has trusted for years and not open to strangers so quickly.


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You might think that the distant, clever and mature Capricorn is not a naive and gullible sign of the zodiac, but you are wrong. Capricorn always wants to see the best in people, so disappointments pave their way. He doesn’t want to believe that someone wants to take advantage of him because he doesn’t see any point in it.

The good thing about the ibex is that it learns from its mistakes and rarely burns itself twice on the same flame.

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