These 6 zodiac signs simply cannot handle money.


The shooter is very hardworking and therefore it is not difficult for him to get money. The fact that the shooter is often “broke” is much more due to the fact that if he has a crazy idea, he will implement it, whatever it takes (And literally).

The other problem with the shooter is that he is too happy to forget about bills and that unconsciously, since he enjoys his life to the fullest, there is no time for her to think about things as annoying as bills.

When the shooter holds his monthly account statement in his hands, he is often amazed at what he spent all the money on. But he also forgets that relatively quickly, he lives according to the motto “I don’t have to be the richest in the cemetery”. 


Fish are among the people who would willingly give their last penny to a homeless person or someone in need, even if that would mean that they would have to do without something themselves.

Fish are selfless and they always put others first, even beyond the financial. They like to donate, give to the needy and generally invest their money in good things.

The fish is someone who sees money as something that can be used to help others. They also like to spend money on books, art or music because they are creative and they like to be guided to other worlds with the help of books, art and music.


Aquarius loves the latest technology. Be it the latest smartphone or a new flat screen. Aquarius also loves to donate and do good with his money, but even more he loves only the latest devices on the market.

He’d rather have a new computer than a passbook. He was never a great saver and he loved to watch the latest technology in the window as a child.

But in general you can say that there are only a few zodiac signs who love shopping even more than Aquarius. In middle age, the thoughtful family-oriented Aquarius becomes much more economical because he wants to offer his own family something. 


The lion actually belongs to those who handle their money conscientiously, but what they fail to do is give presents to important people.

The lion is known for giving the most beautiful gifts to his family, friends and people who are important to them or who have helped them, but above all they like to give themselves gifts. Lions don’t buy anything that is “cheap”. You always choose the best.

The lion doesn’t care that they are called “extravagant”. The lion is one of those people who don’t care what others think about them, if he thinks he needs a massage or wellness treatment today, he’ll go to the best salon in town, no matter what others think , 


The Libra tends to be very generous, but this generosity comes from the desire to be good with everyone and to be liked by most. The scale also tries to put money aside for bad days, but it never really does, because there is always something in between.

At the end of the month the balance is in most cases not too much in the minus but not clearly in the plus.

The good thing about the Libra is that if she could help someone with her money or has given herself something that is good for her soul, then it makes the Libra happy. She knows that you can’t buy happiness, but she believes it’s a good start if you feel good about spending money and smile. 


The twin is a contradiction in terms of finances. There is, because the side that deals with it responsibly, goes about his work and puts his salary on the side for the future and there is the other side of the twin, the player.

The one side that is attracted to gambling loves making the quick euro or investing in risky plans. The responsible side will try to keep the player in check in the twin, unfortunately this conflict often ends with the “player” winning. Which is why middle-aged twins are often among those who have multiple jobs to stay afloat.

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