These 6 zodiac signs prefer to spend their time with animals than with humans.

Some people just feel more comfortable next to an animal. Certain zodiac signs feel closer to their animals than humans and sometimes even treat them like their own children. In some cases, they seem to understand animals’ emotions even better than humans.

In fact, dogs, for example, understand human language much better than comparable pets. It is not without reason that around 69% of German households have a pet and this often has to do with the intensive relationship between humans and animals, because no one can offer you a friendship like an animal can, because nothing can shake it.

Some zodiac signs are more suitable to keep a pet than others. Every zodiac sign actually loves animals, but some of the zodiac signs see the dog (but also cats, birds etc.) not only as “best friend”, for the following zodiac signs a pet belongs to the family.


The bull is considered a protector under the zodiac signs, it protects itself from friends, from its family and also from its pet. He is the perfect owner because he has a strong sense of responsibility. They are patient and dedicated people and love to cuddle with their pets.

They are usually friendly and polite, which is what they are about their animals. Interpersonal relationships have ups and downs, but the relationship with a pet is always the same, which the Taurus of hates especially loves. 


The twin is a social person by nature, whether to humans or animals, it makes no difference. This need to “do good” leads to a strong relationship with your pet. If there is no one around, the twin is dedicated to their pet. They also hate being alone, so it’s almost natural to have a furry friend. 


Cancer is one of the most intuitive signs of the zodiac and when combined with her emotional nature, she can build the perfect relationship with a pet. If you believe that no one understands you, feel or believe that only your pet can do it without words. With a “little friend” the cancer can have a deep connection. It is often a friendship for life and if your pet dies at some point, cancer is someone who will grieve for a long time.


Of all the zodiac signs in this list, the Virgo is the greatest animal lover. Because they feel particularly connected to nature and mother earth and even neglect relationships with people to spend time with their animals. Do not take the virgin personally if she neglects you now and then because of her pet.

If you want to conquer a virgin, it leads to your pet, if your dog (or cat, bird, etc.) loves you, then she also believes that you are a “good person” because she believes in the intuition of an animal. 


The scale is extremely caring and loves to care for and care for others. A pet never allows the Libra to feel alone (you hate being alone). They are also gentle and patient by nature, which makes the relationship with a pet easier. As much as the Libra enjoys the company of friends and family, it is sometimes the love of a pet for them to let them rest. 


Like the Libra, the fish are naturally caring and compassionate. They love to help others and they regularly take part in charitable events and like to donate to the poor. However, your best friends are the animals in your life.

There is no better feeling for the fish than to help an animal in need or to give or convey a home to a puppy or small cat. Almost every animal blooms in the hands of the fish.

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