Oh the good old friend zone. People are parked there because you are told “You are a nice person, we will never go to bed together because our friendship is so much more valuable.”

And yes, there are zodiac signs that end up in this friend zone more often than others. It doesn’t matter what you look like or about chemistry, it’s something you can’t really describe. The Friendzone is there, so to speak, for one of the two to draw an invisible border that tells one of the two where he belongs.

Here are the zodiac signs that often end up in this friend zone because they let themselves be convinced that a friendship is so much more valuable than a (possibly) happy relationship could ever be.


If the law of attraction actually exists, the fish write their own destiny, so to speak, because they assume that they will be rejected and then this will happen in most cases. They expect to land in the friend zone, so to speak, and give themselves up defenseless because they are also too nice.

Fish tend to stay in such a friend zone for a long time because they are polite, nice and full of hope that it might change at some point. But what will happen only in the rarest of cases. 


The twins are very friendly, charming but also patient, so that they often put someone with whom they can imagine more in the position in which they think the twin is “too good for a relationship” and is therefore pushed into the friend zone ,

The twin is also someone who never really says what he wants and rarely takes the first step. He is a funny entertainer and that is also the way the people with whom he could imagine more, but he mostly hesitates with an announcement that he misses his chance for a relationship and remains the “good buddy”. 


The Libra, which is known to be good at flirting, is often not taken seriously when it really flirts with someone because it just does it too often. They are also intrusive when they really want to conquer someone, which can scare them off and secure them a place in the friend zone. 


The ibex is extremely mature, disciplined and always maintains its stance, which always makes it seem “detached” to outsiders, while the ibex is anything but detached. But this superiority, which they demonstrate externally, discourages potential partners and makes them good friends with whom you can talk about interesting topics. Since the ibex has an excellent general education, it is also a great conversation partner and therefore a sure candidate for the friend zone. 


Under all the zodiac signs that land in the friend zone, nobody deserves to be in the friend zone more than Aquarius. He lives on another planet in his thoughts, thinks a lot about himself and is very convinced of himself, so it is a shock for him if someone rejects him.

Aquarius must learn to be able to put themselves in others and to respect the wishes and thoughts of others, otherwise he will only ever end up in the friend zone. 


The scorpion is a demanding person who tends to control others and also has possessive behavior. So that many potential partners see this as a kind of warning and do not want to enter into a relationship with the Scorpio, on the other hand he is a good friend, listener and always helpful, which is why he only ends up in the friend zone.

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