People who tend to use their right brain are special personalities. Their heads are full of ideas and imaginations and mostly they are artistically talented in many areas.

You work as an actor, draftsman, painter or musician. You write beautiful poems or design the most modern collections. According to science, the right brain is extremely creative and responsible for a person’s feelings.

So if a person’s brain is primarily designed to work with the right brain, then he is a person who thinks with the heart and soul.

A sensual character that empathizes and acts on its inside. His instinct plays a big role in his life and he often makes decisions based on his gut feeling.

However, people who mainly use the left brain are completely the opposite. They are analytical logicians who think very carefully about everything and plan every possible decision.

Your projects are well prepared and you would never let a feeling control something important. So it’s not surprising that these people are mostly real math geniuses, right ?!

Today, however, we are concerned with the former people, who have been shown to use their right brain more. Their zodiac signs are particularly instinctive, emotional and creative.

Do you want to know if you belong to them? Then here are the six zodiac signs that apply.


People with the zodiac sign Aquarius are extremely imaginative people. They have a lot of ideas in their heads and if they implement them, they can create wonderful things. People with a left-sided brain can only dream of it and cannot understand this special talent.

Unfortunately, watermen are also extremely self-damaging. They quickly destroy their art again. Above all, they cannot handle numbers, which probably confirms that they mainly use their right brain. They clearly do not belong to the math geniuses among us who use their left brain side. 

2ND TWINS (MAY 21 – JUNE 21)

The fact that the twins use their right brain most often is shown by their intense connection to their emotions. They are very enthusiastic and love art, beautiful things and captivating people.

Their interest and curiosity are quickly aroused and they love everything that is extraordinary and imaginative.

They have a lot left for stimulating conversations and wonderful encounters. Their hearts show them the right way, so they rely heavily on their inner voice.

They instinctively act spontaneously and are attracted to beauty, like moths that seek the light. 


The lion also acts very much according to his feelings, ignoring logic. He therefore does not prefer the left-sided mathematical brain side, but rather the right emotional brain side. He does what he has in mind and does not let himself be deterred.

His feeling finally advises him to do so and he trusts his inner voice. He follows what she advises him strongly and confidently. He is also a great actor and no one can say that the stories he spreads about himself are not unique art. 


There are both rams who are creative and tend to use their right brain, as well as analytical rams who prefer their left brain. Usually the ram acts spontaneously and instinctively.

But Aries are also very careful to do what they do 100 percent correctly and well.

They put a lot of effort into their projects and therefore tend towards perfectionism. Thus the ram is a being that can stand on both sides, but his instinct-related passion makes him a little more often shaped on the right side. 


There are countless artists among the shooters. Most of them are particularly good at using words and it is not uncommon for them to work as authors and publish books.

In addition, their talent lies in the musical field, which is why they often work with their voices, are on the go as musicians or process their feelings in rousing lyrics.

You love to create beautiful things and who would have thought? They are absolute rivets in mathematics. 


Fish, too, clearly belong to the people with the active right brain, because as everyone knows, they are extremely emotional, sensitive and intense.

They perceive their feelings very pervasively and that makes them sensitive artists. Their art lies in the fact that they can see with their hearts and can sense the beautiful anytime and anywhere.

They are generous and compassionate and thus shape the lives of many people, like a canvas in which they bring color. Many fish describe themselves as extremely meaningful because they feel more than many other people. 

This is how much the imprint of our brain halves separates us from each other. Did you also discover yourself with these creative and emotional zodiac signs?

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