What makes a person mysterious? First of all, you cannot be artificially mysterious, because being mysterious is not something that you put on like a jacket. Mysterious people tend to be calm and reserved and they look to us as if they somehow don’t fit into this society.

Being mysterious doesn’t always mean being dressed in black and always being the “outsider”. It’s about people not being able to read you and not really knowing what’s going on inside of you, that’s mysterious.

So which 6 zodiac signs are mysterious?


Aquarius is someone who watches everything and says nothing about it. They make “notes” in their head. They understand the situation and plan their actions, but you will never really get their plan. Aquarius has the perfect poker face.

Aquarians are dodgy, sneaky but also mysterious and sometimes they seem like they don’t know what they’re doing, but believe me, they know exactly what they’re doing. 


They don’t talk much, the fish dreams quietly and calmly in its fantasy world. While everyone else is writing their next steps into the world, the fish is secretly planning its next move. They rarely need to tell others what they are up to.

While this secrecy can drive others crazy, it is enough for the fish to be seen as “strange fellows”. They live in their own little world anyway, which rarely anyone understands.


The cancer works closely with its intuition and has little patience to justify everything. He knows what’s going on and what’s going on in his life and he doesn’t have to and doesn’t necessarily want to share that with others.

He doesn’t have to prove himself to anyone and if he has a brilliant idea, it is saved in his head. And one thing is safe with no one else than with cancer. 


The scales are calm at the beginning of a conversation, so everyone will listen to them when they do. They speak wisely and have a good choice of words, but often they talk a lot but say little, especially when it comes to their lives. They don’t like curious people and they usually keep private things private.

The scales are considered mysterious because they keep their lives under lock and key and put a stop to curious people.


To be mysterious is the nature of the scorpion and they also like to play with it. It is the mysterious that makes the scorpion so fascinating. You never really know what they think, what they feel or plan to do, and they live their lives in such a serene way that people get hungry for information because they want to know what makes Scorpio live so calmly.

The scorpion is so difficult to reach and it rarely opens, so it causes people around him to want more from him because the mysterious has always had an appeal to people.


The ibex is full of secrets because it is often the strong but silent type of person. He is reliable and hardworking, he does not speak much of his success, which arouses the curiosity of others who want to know what the secret of his success is.

With Capricorn you ask yourself, how can someone be so strong, so resilient and reliable and still successful? And that’s where the mysterious lies and that remains the secret of the ibex.

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