Do you also have a girlfriend who can be really exhausting? A drama queen like the one in the book? Or a friend who needs your help all the time and immediately? We all know people like them. People who have everything to do with their problems and who can never be satisfied and happy because they always have some chaos in their life.

They are extremely exhausting and draining for their friends, because they suck them out and leave them exhausted and tired. To be friends with these six zodiac signs, you need nerves like wire ropes, because they are extremely emotionally stressful.


Pisces are faithful souls and actually really good friends. They are very selfless and although that’s a good quality in itself, that’s what makes it so incredibly exhausting. Because they totally overdo it with their devotion.

Their compassionate nature goes so far that they take other people’s worries and needs so much to heart that they themselves suffer incredibly badly. That’s why they are always busy with something that pulls them down and that’s really nerve-wracking for everyone who spends time with them.

Anyone who wants to help him eventually realizes that the suffering of a fish never seems to stop. F


Cancer is also emotionally stressful for his friends. Because he is so full of feelings that he usually cannot even classify them properly. Thoughts go crazy in his head and his heart overflows with emotions.

And honestly, if not even he looks through it, how is a helpful friend supposed to do that ?! His fellow human beings are often simply speechless when it comes to cancer and his emotional world, because his outbursts and mood swings completely overwhelm them. 


The problem with the scorpion is completely different: he is also emotional, but will not drown you in his worries or complain about his suffering for hours. No, his drama is more that he feels very intensely and expresses what he feels extremely.

If he is happy, he could jump and dance through the air all day. However, if he is in a bad mood, he continuously scolds them and grumbles at you. No friend goes along with this for a long time, because his outbursts of emotion are really annoying. 


We all know one thing for sure about the Jungfrau: she is the absolute perfectionist. She constantly complains about herself and others, always finds a hair in the soup and can never say anything positive. Who wants to fill his time with so much negativity ?!

In addition, the constant evaluation on the part of the virgin scratches your ego quite nicely. You do nothing good enough for her and at some point you feel like a complete failure. She is a really exhausting friend!


A relationship with a shooter is a real gauntlet run. No matter if you are best friends or share the bed, a shooter has high expectations of you. The problem is that he is very suspicious and quickly thinks he would be let down.

That’s why you have to show him at all times that you want him – and only him. You don’t write back immediately? He is mortally insulted! You are not there for him 24 hours a day, when he needs you? He never wants to see you again!

If you want to please him, you have to shower him with compliments and take him to heaven. Leaching out! 


An Aquarius is unpredictable and that makes him difficult as a friend. He doesn’t care about your feelings because he’s too busy with himself.

You never know what to expect from him next: Does he make nasty jokes about you and laughs at yourself? Or does it flatter you? At no time can you be sure that it will not change completely again and show a completely different face. That makes your friendship unstable and unreliable. 

These six zodiac signs are like vampires that take what they need from you and leave you emotionally drained and ready. If you share their friendship, then you cannot relax because they are very demanding and never really satisfied. A relationship with them is exhausting and tiring.

And often we forget about ourselves while we take care of all their many drama and problems. If you have such a friend at your side, make sure that you do not lose yourself and set limits for him!

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