There are moments in our life when it is time to leave people, relationships or circumstances behind and to take a new path. Change is often hard and sometimes it is difficult and difficult to adjust to new things.

But the whole life follows a constant change and from time to time each one of us finds himself at this point where he can decide how to deal with the situation: he accepts it, deals with it and then looks forward or attached to his old life, does not want to let go and gets stuck in fear, grief and pain.

Letting go of known and sometimes even loved ones or overcoming pain is always a challenge. But for some of us it is bigger than for others.

There are people who like to change quickly and who see change as an opportunity and make the best of it. And then there are others who struggle to look ahead, get up and start again.

Six of the twelve signs of the zodiac have problems with this change. They are stuck with their hearts in the past and want nothing more than that everything will be as it used to be. It is difficult for them to let go and go ahead. You too? Here are the six zodiac signs that are particularly difficult to move forward.


Sensitive cancer is one of the zodiac signs that find it extremely difficult to let go of the past and take your eyes off it. Especially when it comes to stressful things, he always deals with them and can’t get them out of his head.

If something went wrong and it’s his fault, he’ll carry it around forever. Old injuries also gnaw at him for a long time.

His difficulty in letting go is mainly due to the fact that he has a very delicate soul. Situations stress and occupy him more than other people who have thick fur.

Even if it is difficult if you belong to the sign of the zodiac of cancer, try not to think too much into these things, but to focus on the future. Stupid things happen every time and are human after all. Follow us here on Instagram.


We all perceive a lion as extremely self-loving and strong. In reality, however, he is a being that is quickly unsettled and weak.

He needs a lot of attention and affirmation. If he doesn’t get it, his self-esteem is totally shaken and he wonders what he did wrong. Great self-doubts come up and he falls into a deep hole. He cannot simply chop this situation down as irrelevant.

Even though there are a thousand other moments in which he was seen, his memory focuses on the one in which he has been rejected.

If you are a lion and you feel the same way, try to hold on to the fact that it may have nothing to do with you, that the other one is not fixated on you. Sometimes you just have other thoughts in your head and are concerned with yourself. Follow us here on Instagram.


The fish are also stuck with their worries in past situations. They question everything they do and constantly check for faulty behavior. They are extremely self-critical and are more concerned with their weaknesses than with their strengths. That’s a shame because they are wonderful people and could live a lot happier if they weren’t so critical.

If you are one of them, let yourself be told that you are a great person who has a lot more to it than you previously suspected. Push your self-doubt away and leave the past behind.

If you always deal with your pain from the past, then you mess up the present and your future. So let old wounds heal and look forward optimistically. Follow us here on Instagram.

4TH BULL (APRIL 21 – MAY 20)

You are very confident of your own opinion if you are a bull. That can also have good sides, but when it comes to letting go, it often blocks your way. Because with this stubborn attitude you make life difficult for yourself and obstruct an open and relaxed view of new things.

Your thoughts are stuck in the past and you have difficulty accepting things that have happened.

You constantly re-analyze them and stay with them. Of course, you shouldn’t just go ahead and make the same mistakes over and over again.

But not being able to let them go will not help you either. Draw your conclusions, assume that it will go better next time, and then turn away and look into the future. Everything will be fine. Follow us here on Instagram.


Aquarius is a completely different type of person than any other person listed on this list. He deals with the issue of letting go in exactly the opposite way.

If something happens to him that is not exactly pleasant, such as a mistake or an injury that has been caused to him, it is very stressful. But he doesn’t want to admit it and therefore pushes it far away from himself.

He pretends nothing has happened and lives on. Aquarius only looks ahead and not back. He forbids that. His fear of what he could see is too great.

Carry it around with him anyway and he feels his suppressed pain at all times. But believe me, Aquarius, you will feel better if you tackle the problem and process it so that you can let go of it. Follow us here on Instagram.


The scorpion is also in the list of the zodiac signs that cling to the past. He is under enormous pressure that he puts on himself and others. He has overlooked the fear of being forgotten, so he pays close attention to those who are close to him.

He is extremely suspicious and quickly blames himself, especially towards his partner. But there is only fear behind everything. This makes him a person who always clings to old injuries and his mistrust further promotes this attitude.

If you are a scorpion, try to learn new trust and give yourself and others more freedom. Follow us here on Instagram.

One of the hardest tasks we have to overcome in our lives is to finish the past, to cope with the fact that we can no longer change, to forgive ourselves and finally give ourselves a new chance.

Look ahead and allow yourself to free yourself from the old burden. It will lighten your soul and heal your heart. You can find all my books here. 

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