There are people who fall in love for the first time and then they often cannot really forget it for a lifetime. These zodiac signs are by nature people who can never heal a broken heart forever, the scars that remain for these people are also memories that cannot simply be erased.

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When these people fall in love for the first time, it can happen that they never fall in love as much as they did the first time. They never actually forget their first relationship.

The first love in our life usually stands for youth. Even if the relationship ends badly, it still has a special place in the heart. But there are people who do not necessarily see their first love as a happy memory to which they look back now and then, but as an obstacle to getting to know someone new.

If this is your case, then unfortunately I have to tell you that you are still attached to your first love.

First love is special, it is the first time that we have intense feelings for someone. These are all new emotions for our young self and it is exciting and wonderful. Every kiss seems magical and the energy between the two of you feels different than anything else you have ever felt.

If you are a romantic at heart, you tend to give this first love a different status than everyone else who comes after it.

Instead of just looking at it as a phase in life, you see first love as the epitome of true love. Nothing will ever be as good for you again as the first love, the first kiss, the first touch.



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The bull is known as a romantic zodiac sign, but that’s not the only reason why the bull never really let go of his first love (at least in his mind). He is sensual, devoted and extremely faithful, which means that he combines these characteristics particularly with the first love, which makes it much harder for him to forget the whole thing.

He is also stubborn and uncompromising, especially when it comes to love. He also tends to judge everyone else by his first love. 


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As a very sensitive zodiac sign, you definitely have a romantic view of the world around you. The first love is something special for you, but it is not the feelings in the first love that inspire you, rather it is the idea of ​​a first love and everything that makes it so special that touches you. Even if the person you loved back then was not good to you, he has a special place in your heart.

You are also very attached to people around you, including those you loved, which makes it difficult for you to let go of someone. You are also not a person who constantly gets to know new people and you only get warm very slowly with strangers. That is why you are someone who in most cases keeps his first love in his heart forever. 


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Lions are passionate people and we all know that the first love in life is always passionate. You are young, in love and you cannot keep your hands apart. This is heaven for a lion and therefore the lion will always remember the first passionate love, because no one will achieve this passion afterwards.

The lion also has difficulties in confronting a reality in which you do not spend your days with your first love to the end. The lion also tends to measure his future partners by the first (perfect for him) love. 


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The scorpion is also considered a passionate zodiac sign that is a great romantic deep in the heart. He lives to express and experience feelings. He enjoys being in love. Even if the first love is not the only one in most cases, the scorpion is very suspicious of new people, which makes it very difficult for him to enter into a relationship.

If he cannot leave his comfort zone to meet new people, he will miss the love of his life. The first love was someone they really knew and trusted, and because the suspicious Scorpio doesn’t trust anyone, it is this familiar feeling that he will often miss for a lifetime and that will remind him of his first love. 


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The fish are very romantic and great artists and they have a special connection to music. You hear a certain song and immediately catapults this song back to your youth, to the side of your first love. It doesn’t even have to be a song that meant a lot to both of them. One melody alone is enough to carry the dreamy fish into another time.

The idea of ​​falling in love with someone new and the fear of losing them again makes the fish very afraid. For this reason, they tend to close themselves off and take no chances when it comes to new acquaintances.

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