If bad and traumatic things have happened to you in your past, then you will know it from yourself, that you have learned to close yourself and not let people approach you as quickly as you may have done before.

You have developed to be suspicious and to protect your inner self from the world. Too often you have been disappointed and therefore prefer to stay for yourself once more than to show someone too hastily who you really are and what makes you vulnerable.

But there are also people who are completely the opposite: they quickly establish a connection with others, quickly get to know people and openly disclose their hearts.

They are very receptive to the stories, concerns and needs of others. These people tend to open up a bit too hastily and turn their innermost outward. They trust other people quickly and are usually a bit naive.

Perhaps you are also one of those people who quickly surrender to other people and thus one of the five zodiac signs that reveal their heart and soul too soon. Find out now.

1ST TWINS (MAY 21 – JUNE 21)

Everyone longs to be seen and valued. But the twins are addicted to it. They are extremely receptive to positive attentiveness and then open very quickly.

If someone pays them interest and attention, spends time with them and maybe compliments them, they are like wax in their hands.

They like the connection to people and put everything they have into it. No secret remains unspoken and her heart is wide open.

Unfortunately, this makes them the perfect victim for the psychological games of narcissists and sneaky people. 


The very dear soul of cancer is known to everyone. He is devoted and faithful. He would never be able to walk past someone if he knew they were someone in need.

He sees it as his deepest concern to help others and to be there for them. If he notices that a person is doing badly, is worried or is helpless, then he is immediately there.

He is at the mercy of people who do not have it easy in life, because he cannot help but feel drawn to them. If someone needs it, it opens quickly because his heart is full of pity. But that also makes him dependent on this person. 


The virgin is also a loyal and devoted soul. Reliability and loyalty are very important to her and she has extremely high values.

She does everything to live up to her own view of a good relationship and surrenders herself to it. She expects the other person to be loyal to her too.

If he does so, she opens her entire heart and reveals everything she feels. If he changes afterwards and falls behind her, she will be deeply affected. That would be a blow she won’t recover from soon. 


Aquarius is a person who is very maintenance-intensive. He needs people to take care of him, show him that they are there for him and give him the attention he needs.

And he needs a lot of that! That’s why he clings to everyone who gives him that. If a person is ready to give him all the attention, Aquarius quickly loses his heart to him and won’t let go of him that quickly.

This can go a long way and maybe the donor on the other hand quickly becomes too much. But Aquarius already gave him his love.


Fish are people who have had to endure and endure a lot of pain in their lives. They have a trait that makes them very vulnerable to other people’s attacks.

Pisces yearn for contact with others and when they find a person who suits them, they build trust and open themselves up to that person.

Unfortunately, they often get the wrong thing and experience the next setback. Nevertheless, they cannot help but open up again at some point, because they do not give up hope for a deep connection.

We all need relationships with other people to live happy and healthy lives. Our heart and soul long for it. 

Unfortunately there are some manipulative and wrong people in this world. If you are one of the five zodiac signs that open up too quickly in a relationship, take great care to ensure that your heart is not damaged!

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