Some people just can’t give in. If something doesn’t suit you, say it loudly and directly. They do not shy away from confrontation and you really have the feeling that they will really flare up and show their true faces when they argue.

They are real stubborns who feel attacked often and quickly and do everything possible to defend their honor and reputation.

They cannot cope with defeat, but they don’t have to, because they really seem to win every conflict. The rival remains like a heap of misery.

Do you also know such people? Have you ever had a conflict with them yourself? Have you been crushed by them already? Or are you one of them yourself?

Find out, because now I’m going to tell you more about the four zodiac signs, with which you shouldn’t have a fight, because they are the most opinionated of all and win out of every conflict.

1ST BULL (APRIL 21 – MAY 20)

The argument with a bull is hopeless. Even if he realizes he’s wrong, he doesn’t give in. He is too stubborn for that.

He hates to give right to others, so it is a matter of honor for him to win in a conflict. If he has something in his head, then he stays with it.

And you can’t do anything about it. You have rarely seen an adamant stubborn like the bull, because he really does not shy away from arguing.

Sometimes it even seems like he’s looking for him. A fight with him is hopeless, unless you give in and therefore him right. 


Lions are strong animals and if a person is under the zodiac sign of this animal, then he is confident and unyielding.

He knows exactly what he wants and what he doesn’t and if something goes against his grain, then a tangible discussion is not far. He doesn’t shy away from anything when it comes to protecting himself or the people who are close to him.

If he feels threatened or even attacked by you, he pulls out all the stops to bring you down and show you who is in charge here. He owes his self-confidence to his huge ego.

And that is also the reason why it practically never gives way. So don’t even try to win in a fight with him. 


The scorpion is a zodiac sign that can be unstable when it meets others. He doesn’t feel solid enough in himself, which is why he has a very suspicious nature.

He quickly thinks he is marginalized and under attack. Even if nobody intended it, because his inner attitude drives him to make this assumption.

This often leads to disputes between the Scorpio and its fellow human beings. Because he feels so hurt, he tries to get the upper hand in a fight at all costs.

He watches you very carefully and notes every detail to let you down in a fight and get ready. He uses each of your weaknesses and mistakes against you. An unfair opponent! 


Anyone who knows a person with this zodiac sign knows that Aquarius is a confident and extremely intelligent person. This intelligence gives him the perfect qualities to win in a crash between you and him.

Believe me, you don’t want to fight with an Aquarius! He lets an opponent run really smoothly and takes no account of his feelings. Especially if you were dishonest towards him, he knows no mercy.

Aquarians are absolute stubborns and do not give in once they have set themselves in the head to get you ready.

But they also have the best skills: a lightning-fast mind that immediately detects every target, an impressive directness that exposes you before you can even say “but” and a nasty mouth against which you have no chance. You can’t help but lose out against him.

Well, is this selection surprising for you? Probably not, because these zodiac signs are known for not being easy. They are confident and don’t like to be told anything.

Their tongues are quick and cheeky and they know exactly how to meet their counterpart. These four types of people cannot be insulted and if there is a chance of being unfriendly, then they attack.

Some of them do it because they have a problem that goes deep and that makes them start up quickly. Others are simply not willing to compromise. No matter what it is that drives them to do so, better keep away from arguing with them because you cannot win!

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