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“What I value most in my friends is loyalty.” – David Mamet

If you were to ask someone to sit down and define what they believe is required for a genuine connection or relationship, you are going to get a number of different answers. Some will discuss the importance of a good sense of humor, shared interests, common life goals or personality traits like compassion. One answer that will likely come up time and time again is that of loyalty. Seen as a virtue to possess, those who are loyal uphold their principles, ideals, and morals when it comes to the people in their life. They demonstrate how important these people are to them by choosing to make them a priority in life.

The concept is a simple one. Collins English Dictionary defines loyalty as “the quality of staying firm in your friendship or support for someone or something.” However, as simple as it may sound, it is far more complicated in practice.

When you are meeting potential friends and lovers, loyalty isn’t something that is easily defined at that first meeting – or even the second, or tenth for that matter. This is a trait that is revealed over time, through the challenges and struggles that we face in life. You may not even know who your most loyal friends are until such time that you’re struggling, and you see who is standing by your side.

There are, however, some signs and personality traits that may help you to identify these individuals much sooner in your life. By studying the personality traits associated with each of the zodiac signs, astrologists reveal 4 zodiac signs that excel in the area of loyalty. These are the true blue, in good times and bad type of friends, always there when you need them. Are you lucky enough to have one of these people in your life?

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

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Viewing the world in a highly logical and fact driven manner, if a Capricorn has made the decision to pursue a relationship with you in any form then you can rest assured that they have already weighed the pros and cons, deciding that this is worth the effort for the long haul. They don’t waste their time on anything less. When times get tough, Capricorn isn’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty, putting their skills as a hard worker to the test. They are highly destination focused, so ensure that you are on the same page. If not, the second they find out everything will quickly spiral out of control..

Libra (September 23 – October 22)

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Libra is known as the sign of harmony and balance, dedicating their lives to bringing peace, love, and justice into the world. In order to live this life, they possess an incredibly high moral standard, one that they aren’t willing to compromise for anyone. These morals are the reason why they are so incredibly loyal, valuing honesty, integrity, and commitment in their relationships. They will go out of their way to ensure that your relationship is in harmony at all times, which can be a little annoying when you believe you have just cause to be upset but know that their heart is in the right place.

Taurus (April 20 – May 21)

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Grounded and stable, when a Taurus makes a commitment, there is no convincing them otherwise. They are known for being the most stubborn zodiac sign and this is for good reason. If they set their mind to something, there is not changing it. If a Taurus gives you their word that they will always be there for you, know that they will move heaven and earth to make this a reality when you need them most. They aren’t always going to be easy to deal with, that stubbornness will both work for and against your relationship, but if you can make them feel secure enough in your connection that they will let go, even just a little, then you have a friend for life.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

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Those born under the sign of Scorpio are intensely passionate in everything that they do, throwing themselves in 110% without holding back. The challenge is getting them to the point that they are willing to let you in and make that commitment. Skeptical and reluctant to trust others, it will take time and effort for you to show that you are worthy of their friendship. If you are willing to stick it out, however, when that time comes you will have one of the most dedicated and loving friends that you can image. Then will sacrifice everything just to keep their loved ones happy, and sometimes need someone to remind them that they, too, are worthy of t

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heir own love.

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