It is normal that in each season of the year people have different customs. After all, it is impossible to stay in the pool on colder days, or to have a warm soup by the sea at 40 ° C, is not it? So, it is common to adapt to each season.

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In winter, as temperatures are lower, it is very good to eat hot dishes, to warm the body a little. So, how about preparing a winter lunch for your friends and family?

Remember that not knowing what each one likes to eat is not a reason to stop gathering the people you love. We put down a winter plate for each sign. That way, you’ll know exactly what to prepare for each of them. See the options and choose your menu!

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Aries – Beef Soup with Dry Meat

Aries are people of strong personality, so they like flavors that match their way of being. A leftover soup does not match the natives of this sign. What they’re really going to like is a nice little beef soup with dried beef, pepper and grated cheese, so they can warm up on a colder day and remember the summer they like. 

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Taurus – Macaroni in white sauce with spinach

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Whether winter, summer, spring, or fall, it does not matter. Taurus do not have a favorite season, after all, how will they notice the temperature if they are too busy thinking about the next meal? They like to eat everything, as long as it looks good and has an incredible aroma. A good choice is pasta in white sauce with spinach, served very warm, accompanied by a glass of red wine. There is no chance the bullfighter does not like it!

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Gemini – Vegetable Soup

Gemini like dishes that catch their attention with their different colors and different references. So they need a meal that is a source of protein, carbohydrate and vitamins. Choose a vegetable soup, with plenty of carrot, pod and potato, plus others, to stay colorful and be a full meal.

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Cancer – Bean Stew

Cancer is the sign of the Zodiac most attached to family roots. So on a cold winter night, nothing like the bean stew family recipe to warm the body and warm the hearts of cancerians.

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Leo – Shrimp in the moranga 

Leo have a palate difficult to please. They like elaborate and spicy dishes. In addition, Lion is of the element fire, which makes him like the hot seasons of the year. That is, the leo will not be very happy because it is winter, so you have to be careful to convince them to change their moods. Shrimp on the moraine is a great choice – add spices like curry and mustard seeds to make it even tastier.

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Virgo – Rice from oven and vegetables 

Virginians like spring more, but that does not mean they do not like the other seasons as well. So you can be carefree, to please a Virgo, you just have to … Be perfect. Prepare what you want as long as it is healthy, yummy, beautiful looking, with a delicious aroma, in the right amount and with some special touch. Oh, until it’s not so hard, it goes! Anyway, we’ll help you: our suggestion is gratin rice, made with lots of vegetables.

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Libra – Parmesan Risotto with Pinion

Winter is the season of pinion and it gets delicious when mixed in a Parmesan risotto. The dish is beautiful, typical of winter and manages to be simple and elegant at the same time, which blends perfectly with the Libra natives. 

Scorpio – Tomato soup with peppers

Scorpios are sensual and mysterious, and have a very warm personality. So they like dishes that are hot and sexy like them. Any preparation that involves red pepper can be chosen, but a good choice is a tomato soup with a mix of peppers. 

Sagittarius – Polenta with ragu 

Like Leo and Aries, Sagittarius is also a sign of the fire element, which makes it enjoy hotter seasons like summer and spring. But unlike the Leonese and the Arians, Sagittarius natives have good humor almost always, so not even a harsh winter will be able to take the smile off their faces. Choose a simple but warm dish, and they will be happy. Polenta with ragu is a delicious choice! 

Capricorn – Potato Soup 

Cold or hot, Capricorns are always more serious and traditional. So do not try to dare too much on your creations. Maybe a potato soup with parsley and grated Parmesan cheese is not ideal? They’ll sure like it. You can still serve with Italian bread. It will be a success!

Aquarius – Beef with coffee sauce  

The Aquarius enjoys all the seasons of the year, after all, he likes changes, and living forever in a single season would be very annoying. In relation to food, the Aquarian mind works the same way. They always want to taste ingredients and know new flavors. So dare! How about a roast beef with coffee sauce, or a tutu of mushrooms and vegetables? Make a very different dish. Even if it does not become your friend’s favorite dish, he will enjoy trying something new. 

Pisces – Soup four cheeses 

Pisces want to warm themselves of love, so, prepare a recipe with all your heart. The suggestion is soup of four cheeses, which can be prepared with the favorite cheeses of those who will savor it!

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