With their intuitive minds and emotional souls, all of the water signs are natural empaths. These people are taken to carrying the feelings of others upon their shoulder, absorbing others’ shattering pain and exuberant joy. Their sensitive hearts are open banks through which the emotions of others flow. What marks the main differences between the water signs are for whom they feel this empathy.

Cancer’s emotions are related to the family. Whether Cancer had a happy upbringing or a tragic one, the emotions of their family have deeply affected them from a very young age. They are very reluctant to let their childhood go. Existing both to nurture and be nurtured, Cancer has always felt a deep empathy for their family and will have the entrenched desire to start a family when grown up. Cancers tend to make the perfect parents, as they will always be sensitive to their children’s needs. They remember what it was like to be a child, and they encourage fantasy and creativity, letting their children’s imaginations run wild. Cancer parents feel the emotions of their children for themselves in a way that surpasses even that of the average parent. Very understanding and compassionate, these parents will be more interested in comfort than discipline, as Cancer is the archetypal “mother” sign, and are always going to be ready with soothing words and hugs that allow their child to feel the full extent of their abundant love.

Scorpio’s empathy, on the other hand, is largely focused in romance. All their life, Scorpio is searching for an earth-shattering kind of love. If they are lucky enough to find it, this is when Scorpio awakes their full potential. Scorpios are romantic like no other sign, and the love they have for their partner is absolutely overwhelming. Being very private and possessive, Scorpios much prefer to have just one person to absolutely lose themselves in. They are the least likely of all zodiac signs to be interested in open or group relationships, unless the Scorpio sun is balanced by other placements (such as in Sagittarius or Aquarius). Being secretive their whole lives, Scorpios long for nothing more than to finally reveal all the dark curiosities of their hearts. Scorpio wants to completely fuse with their partner. They will totally dedicate their heart to their partner, and have such an obsession with their partner that they feel everything this person feels for themselves. Scorpio desires to completely know their partner, and adores the feeling of being privy to the emotions of their object of affection. Scorpio can truly be everything their partner needs – someone to celebrate the victories with, someone to drown in sadness with, someone to be their defender for life. Nobody could possibly feel more paid attention to than the person with a Scorpio partner.

Finally, Pisces feels a sort of universal empathy. Unlike Cancer and Scorpio, Pisces’ emotions extend beyond their personal relationships and probe instead into the state of the humanity. Pisceans are sensitive to the emotions of everyone they meet. Cautious and kind, Pisces will carefully consider how their actions will affect others in all parts of their life. Pisces feels the need to help everyone they meet, and is the kind of deep thinker that wanders down the sidewalk every day wondering about the backstory of every stranger they pass. In general, Pisces tends to be kind to everyone they meet, as they understand like nobody else that everyone is suffering, and everyone needs love. Pisces constantly soak up the emotions of whomever they encounter, and this can leave Pisces feeling overwhelmed. Pisceans possess a unique vision like no other, and nobody is more skilled than the Pisces native at understanding and loving each individual soul they encounter, as well as the collective soul that is the universe.

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