You don’t have time for lazy people to slow you down. You live your life to the fullest and therefore need a man who can keep up with you. A boring and empty relationship is the last thing you need in your life. You need a man who is not intimidated by your energetic nature and who is by your side in everything you do and not in the way. 


Your style is difficult to handle. In one minute you are ready for every action and in the next you have no desire and are exhausted. Your husband must be very patient with you and must learn to understand you, to accept your mistakes and your stubborn stubbornness.


You are naturally loving and caring. You like to spend time taking care of others and often let your emotions tempt you to make wrong decisions. Therefore, a man who cares about you, like you for him, who invests as much in the relationship as you, would be the right one for you.

You deserve a man who admires your qualities and does not try to use them in his favor. Because people tend to take advantage of you because of your loving and caring spirit.


You are a strong and independent person and therefore a man suits you who loves your wildness and is proud that you can master everything. You will always speak your mind and never remain silent when you have something important to say. Your husband needs to know how to deal with you and why you are the way you are, then everything is fine. 


You are known to take on more than you can carry. You live your life quickly and want to do millions of things at once. You are a very social person and you are always surrounded by people because you literally attract them. You bring life to every party and it’s just not the same when you’re not there. That’s why you just need a man who can keep up with you and your energy level.


You are a very helpful and loving person. You would like to help everyone who is sad. You want to help everyone you think he needs them right now. That’s why you always attracted the wrong men. You need a man who doesn’t need help because you finally deserve to be spoiled by a man who truly loves you.


People always say that you have to change, that you have to calm down and that you should screw down your quick temper a little. This causes you to hold back instead of stepping forward. That’s why you need a man who encourages you to be yourself and helps you to focus and not hold back. Because in the center there is the fulfillment of your goals.


You are a born leader. You know exactly what to do and when to do it. People love that about you and look up to you. But sometimes it goes to your head. And if you’re wrong, it’s incredibly difficult to admit.

Because you’re too used to being right. Therefore you need a man by your side who will ground you when you are about to take off. You need a man who is honest and tells you the truth even if you don’t want to hear it.


You have an insatiable hunger for knowledge and personal development. You just want to keep going and learn new things in life. You are also very passionate but you cannot show feelings in public. That’s why you need a man who can take your vulnerable side forward and manage to open up.


People like you are often an “open book”. You open your heart too quickly because you believe everyone deserves a chance to be loved. You are nice and generous. And even though you have all these beautiful qualities, you will always get hurt somehow.

It always ends up in relationships where you are manipulated because you trust far too quickly. That’s why you need a man who always sees you first and never takes you for granted. You want to have the feeling that there is someone who always fights for you like on the first day. 


Let’s be honest. You’re really not for everyone! Therefore you need someone by your side who will understand you and your complicated way of thinking. You are a special and profound soul and not everyone gets to see it. But if you have someone to show your inner being, then you stay until the end. You will be a couple that will not fall apart so easily.


You are an extremely funny person. Your personality is exciting and you need someone who can handle it. Someone who doesn’t always say “Now be serious” or who wants to calm you down all the time. So the ideal guy is for you, a man who has fun with you and does your pranks. Someone who loves the beautiful side of life and lives like you do. 

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