Astrologers are telling us a new secret of the zodiac today. Five of them will be particularly pleased because they are chosen to be rich. The stars are good for these five beings of happiness and give them a large payout of Fortuna over their lives.

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This is not least due to the element that is connected to them. Each of the four elements has a different character and strengths. Earth, water, fire and air give our five lucky zodiac signs and enable them their success.

Find out here which zodiac signs are the blessed and which element they owe this to.


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The meticulous and precise nature of the virgin gives her a lot of success. If you belong to the Virgo zodiac sign, you are a person who does his things accurately and does them with excellent precision. This is your ticket to the world of the great and powerful. With these promising attributes, it is almost impossible not to make a career.

Your ambitious way of working makes you stand out among your fellow human beings and you have a lot of admirers in your private life as well as in your professional life. You have already noticed your superior and you are entitled to a promotion. But you wouldn’t do badly to use your talent for yourself and your goals and to found an independent company.

You are entitled to ascent and you should under no circumstances live within your means. The sooner you understand this, the sooner the money blessing will overtake you.

The element you are connected to is the earth. It describes your reasonable and disciplined nature and gives you a stable strength. Role models of your zodiac sign are Beyoncé, Charlie Sheen, Karl Lagerfeld and Amy Winehouse.


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As a scorpion, your greatest strength is that you have a charisma that does not let go of others. You tie people up and they are at your feet. You almost always get what you want with it and everyone is happy to give it to you. People hang on your lips, so to speak, to find out how they can serve you, because you are high in class and very popular. Everyone wants to connect with you and be seen by you.

With this gift, the world can be yours and you can become incredibly rich. If you do not yet feel the submission of your fellow human beings, then you may not have discovered your talent at all. There is more in you than you think and you should go on an exciting journey to get to know yourself so that nothing stands in the way of your success and wealth.

Your element is water. It describes your deep connection to your emotions and thus explains your social streak. Celebrities like Katy Perry Wolfgang Joop, Leonardo DiCaprio and Emma Stone also share your zodiac sign with you.


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Lions have an unspeakable charisma. So many people look at you with sparkling eyes and would like to be like you. But you are aware of that, after all you have an irrefutable self-confidence. You know exactly what you have and what you want. This makes you an absolute go-getter, because you set the tone for everything you hang into.

You say where to go and you decide. You’re a born leader and you’re doing very well. After all, you know very well how to guide others and keep them going. You make a good boss who is liked by his employees. The people around you like it that they always know what they’re up to with you.

You can rely on your word and also on your positivity. You manage to motivate everyone, even if it’s Monday you sag a bit yourself. Your energy simply knows no boundaries and drives you and everyone else forward. Keep it up!

Your element, how could it be otherwise, is fire. It gives you your strength and strength, makes you brave and gives you energy. You share these traits with Jennifer Lawrence, Jason Momoa, Mila Kunis and Arnold Schwarzenegger, among others .

BULL (APRIL 21 – MAY 20)

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Your being was created to amass wealth. One of the reasons for this is that you are an extremely conscientious person who is very concerned about the things he does. And so you don’t throw your money out the window, but consider three times what you spend it for.

Most of your monets will ultimately remain in your bank account and a lot will accumulate with you. But that’s not all. Your analytical mindset brings with it a conscious life. Your decisions are always carefully calculated and you act very conscientiously and reliably. The people around you trust you and so you are the ideal candidate to take great responsibility.

In professional life, your characteristics bring the best possible conditions for running a powerful business. Trust yourself, everyone else is already doing it. Trust yourself more and you will earn a fortune!

The virgin and you connect the element of the earth. Both of you are conscientious and down-to-earth zodiac signs who always carry out their tasks conscientiously. Your allies Dwayne Johnson, Palina Rojinski, Adele and Channing Tatum also share these qualities .


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You, too, as a cancer, have the ideal zodiac sign to achieve great wealth. The skills that you carry within you make this possible. You are a very caring being and the people around you like to trust you. Your selflessness and dedication make you a person who has many friendships and acquaintances.

You are a person that others like to come to and tell about their innermost secrets and desires. With this popularity and your connection to many people who rely on you, you are the perfect employee. Companies are fighting for staff like you. In addition, you are a person who thinks ahead.

Your ideas are innovative and new, your ideas refreshingly different. With the combination of your properties, nothing stands in the way of a responsible position in a leading company. Seize your opportunities and strive for success that is meant for you!

With the element of water, just like the scorpion, you are a human being. Your sensitive nature and your social side give you enormous popularity. It is the same with Selena Gomez, Vitali Klitschko, Lindsay Lohan and Mario Gómez.

Now the secret of the five star signs kissed by success has been revealed. Did you find yourself among them? If so, then I congratulate you on this gift! You have an exceptionally steep career ahead if you use your gifts for yourself and know how to use them. Always stand by you and your qualities, because it was the stars they gave you.

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