Why do so many of us suffer from insomnia? Why can’t we just go to bed and fall asleep normally? We don’t sleep because we’re stressed. Whatever causes the stress, there is something different for everyone and based on the zodiac sign we can judge what someone is more stressed about.

Some can fall asleep relatively quickly, while others are occupied with their thoughts until late at night. One thing we probably all seem to have in common is the number one stress factor and therefore the cause of sleep disorders and these are existential worries (money, bills, rent, food, etc.)

But what exactly keeps the zodiac signs awake until late at night? Why can’t they just turn their heads off and fall asleep? Here is the explanation of each individual zodiac sign:


The ram is sleepless because it worries about how it is perceived by others. Was he misunderstood? Didn’t he take him seriously?

The ram doesn’t sleep because it thinks about someone’s opinion and comes up with an answer for tomorrow while lying awake late into the night. Follow us here on Instagram.


The bull tends to worry a lot up to the point where he drives himself crazy about a subject. Chew the same thing over and over again, yes that’s typical bull.

Until every scene has been analyzed a hundred times in the head. The bull does this most of the time when he is awake in bed. So many questions and too few answers. Follow us here on Instagram.


The twin usually falls asleep relatively well, but if the twin gets sleep disorders, it’s only because it’s about an important decision that needs to be made. Because the twin is not exactly good at making decisions.

As soon as the twin realizes that it is difficult to make a decision, they are literally paralyzed by the idea of ​​having to make a decision and that takes their sleep. Follow us here on Instagram.


The cancer has “big plans” and thinks a lot about its future, which lead to insomnia and an inner restlessness. Sometimes the stress increases and they are prescribed bed rest, which does not calm them down because they can never really sleep.

The cancer simply tends to stress, which is also due to the fact that it is very sensitive and therefore has a lot of thought about everything until late in the morning. Follow us here on Instagram.


The lion is a night man, they probably slept so much in childhood that they simply don’t need it anymore as adults. The lion has no time for anything like sleep.

He has other things on his mind, like how he could rule the world, for example, or how to get the attention of a certain person. Pay no attention to a lion and you will get a sleepless person lying in bed wondering why he is ignored. Follow us here on Instagram.


Basically, there is nothing that would allow the virgin to sleep well, as there is no other zodiac sign that worries and worries so much. The virgin is so used to sleeping little that it has become something completely normal for her insomnia.

The virgin can go to work with only 1 hour of sleep in her luggage and you would not notice anything. That is why virgins are also good entrepreneurs because they can deal with stress. You sleep less than any other zodiac sign. Follow us here on Instagram.


When the Libra is stressed, plagued with guilt, or even scared, it cannot sleep. The Libra has a strong sense of justice by nature and therefore cannot deal with feelings of guilt, so if it did something wrong, then sleep is in the bucket for now.

You punish yourself for it with sleep deprivation, so to speak. Follow us here on Instagram.


If the scorpion cannot sleep, it may be because he is planning something big. It could be revenge or finding out something important. It could be that he cannot sleep because he was injured by someone the day before and is therefore considering how he can repay this person.

Whatever keeps the scorpion awake at night, we can assume that it will solve the problem in the near future because the scorpion will not sleep until it is resolved. Follow us here on Instagram.


Money, money and money, the Sagittarius attaches great importance to his finances, more than most other zodiac signs and they take it to heart that everything is in order.

Money problems can make the shooter really sick and this leads to insomnia and anorexia. Follow us here on Instagram.


What makes Capricorn happy is order. What makes Capricorn lose his mind is disorder. When everything is mixed up and sinks into chaos, the ibex becomes restless.

When his home (that is always his retreat) is confused, it is over with sleeping and when his work has to suffer, there is a strong sleeplessness. Then the ibex is busy clearing up the chaos until the morning, because it simply cannot do otherwise. Follow us here on Instagram.


Aquarius does not sleep because he knows that he has done something that will eventually catch up with him. In theory, Aquarius lies awake in bed, waiting for his karma. They know that it will happen sooner or later and they have to stand up for the mistake.

Insomnia is only a symptom, as it is difficult for them to live with themselves and the mistakes they have made. Follow us here on Instagram.


The fish does not sleep because there are things more important to it than sleep. They then worry about a certain person, a person who was not good to them. Then they think all night about why this person is like this and why he acted like this.

You will chew through the topic all night and come up with the most impossible scenarios, because the fish loves to imagine things, and so a movie runs in your head every night. Follow us here on Instagram.

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