1. Aries – The No Filter

Aries loves to take shots and will take part in any drinking game. They’re so much fun to be around and can make anyone laugh when they’re drunk, but be prepared for the honest truth. Their careless and unruly drunk personality means well, but their tongue can get sharp.

2. Gemini – The Won’t Shut The Fuck Up

Not like they ever shut up anyways, but Gemini’s love to talk when they’re drunk. They’re the masters of flirting and they will have a heart to heart with anyone who will listen. They become very sentimental while drinking which can get annoying for those who are sober, but great for people who are sick of them hiding their feelings all the time.

3. Pisces – The Daring Drunk

Unless they’re built up a tolerance to drinking, Pisces are messy and daring when they drink. They’re always looking for a reason to grab another beer and will be the last ones up unless they pass out from drinking. They end up being the DD most times because people don’t want to put up with their shit.

4. Cancer – The Igniter

Cancers have a hard time saying no, and an even harder time with other people saying no. They are heavy drinkers, and never want the party to stop. Their personalities while drinking are all over the place, so you never know what you’re going to get–which a lot of people don’t necessarily like. But they always get back on everyone’s good side with their flirty ways.

5. Leo – The Dancer

When Leo’s drink, they don’t want to get off of the dance floor. Mixing alcohol with music for them is like therapy, and they’ll dance the night away. They will never admit that they’re drunk, but they handle it very well. They love to try daring games while drunk but they know not to cross the line.

6. Sagittarius – The Spontaneous One

Sagittarius’ are always down for fun and for anything spontaneous. They’re always willing to try out a new bar, or go to someones house they don’t know. They get very carefree when they’re drinking, which makes it easy for them to get into an altercation with another drunk. They don’t give a f*ck what people think when they drink, and they love embarrassing their friends.

7. Virgo – The Lame

Virgo’s don’t necessarily like getting drunk, they just enjoy being buzzed and feeling good. They like house parties more than they do clubs or bars, but that’s just because they love to chill out and drink a few beers here and there. You can expect a lot of cursing and vulgarity when a virgo is drunk, though.

8. Libra – The Lack Of Control

Libra’s drink and don’t know when to stop. They find themselves in the most random and awkward situations because of this, but they never regret anything they do while drunk. Everyone is just used to them being the life of the party, but that’s only before they pass out early from drinking way too much.

9. Capricorn – The Classy One

Capricorns know their limit and want to keep it below that, but when they do drink a lot, they want to drink copious amounts. They wouldn’t do anything to harm their reputation, but don’t ever tell them they can’t do anything. A 10th shot is a game to them and they’ll always win.

10. Aquarius – The Exaggerator

Aquarius’ love to be goofy and silly when they’re drunk and they don’t take life seriously at all. They love storytelling and over exaggerating things to make their stories sound more entertaining, even though they already have everyone’s attention anyways. They’re always the ones who have their camera out and love to capture all the moments during the night.

11. Scorpio – The Smart Ass

Scorpios are witty and sarcastic when they drink, however a lot of people would describe them as a smart ass. They love to show off when they’re drunk and either leave super early or stay till last call. They don’t care who they offend while drunk, but will probably think about it all day the next day instead of apologizing.

12. Taurus – The Happy Smiley One

Tauruses love to laugh and will make everyone laugh with them while drinking. They become so giddy, especially when their loved ones are there with them. Don’t expect them to be prim and proper though, because Tauruses are extremely clumsy when they’re drunk. But don’t worry, they’ll just laugh it off the rest of the night.

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