Many people dream of getting married and building a life together with who they love, but what about the request for marriage? It is the moment that begins a new phase and is as important as the great ceremony. For those who make the request, it’s time to put creativity into action and make it beautiful to show how much you love the person you are with. And for those who receive the proposal, it is a moment that will be forever remembered as a show of unparalleled affection. The natives of each sign have different personalities and preferences that make a difference even at this time!


Aries women are confident and have a strong personality, so you have to think “out of the box” to impress them. She’s impatient, so do not do too much suspense or she’ll end up getting annoying. Surprise her when she least expects and invest in a practical yet romantic speech.


Taurus is classic and romantic, so love to follow the traditions of marriage – and that includes a beautiful alliance. The request itself may be in a simple place that has meaning for you, since the union symbol must be unique, so invest in different alliances!


Regardless of traditions or luxury, the Gemini is very sociable and highly valued her friends, because of this, you can count on their help to ask for her in marriage. Make a great production where you show your love for her and for the world in which she lives.


Cancer values ​​the family very much and will want them to be part of this moment. Aside from asking permission from her father, as the ritual says, you will need to do this in front of the whole family. She will never forget that moment and will love to have the presence of everyone she loves in this memory.


She is confident and loves being the center of attention, so when you ask for a Leo in marriage, make sure you make it a very public act. Show up at her work and make a handsome and meaningful gesture. This will show that you are not afraid to show everyone how much you love them.


Virgo is practical and organized, so it will be difficult to conceal a grand plan from her. Invest in an intimate and simple dinner for just the two of you, indulge in every detail of the environment and make everything a special touch. A song that has marked your story can make all the difference!


Lover of the traditions and very sociable, the Libra also will not dispense the presence of the friends and the family in this remarkable moment. Create a simple yet sophisticated environment for the occasion and do not worry about grand gestures, just with your words.


The Scorpio is discreet and prefers to keep this moment between you. Make a candlelit dinner in a secluded, romantic spot, try to show her how much you have bothered to show only and exclusively to her how much you love her through this simple gesture.


Enchanted by new horizons and customs, the Sagittarius escapes from traditions and standards. How about asking her to marry me during a couple trip? There is no better situation! Surprise her during a walk and make the occasion even more special.


The Capricorn is traditional and you will also appreciate a very ring that represents the request. Take her to a romantic and simple picnic, since she cherishes these simple moments in the relationship. Invest in feminine alliances that represent the delicacy and elegance you see in her.


Owner of a free and creative spirit, the Aquarian will put her creativity into action. She values ​​originality and does not have many frills, so do not be afraid to dare. Surprises in unusual places or even a prank can make the moment unique to her.


The Pisces woman dreams of a request for marriage that comes straight out of romantic Hollywood movies. Channel all your romanticism and consider everything you know about it. Maybe re-creating the scene from a movie or book she likes is a great way to surprise her!

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