The day before which the men fear and love him at the same time is getting closer. Yes, Valentine’s Day makes some people nervous, especially men, because they don’t know what to give to their adored one.

Choosing the gift is very important because the wrong one would make them think you don’t know anything about them or that you didn’t take your time choosing the gift.

Fortunately, the zodiac signs help us a little bit further because they can show us a person’s likes and dislikes. For example, a Libra loves beautiful things for her home, while the virgin loves to be pondered by her gift.



This woman is brave and passionate.

There are essentially two types of Aries women and depending on who you are with, the choice of the gift decides. Type 1 is a very fashion-conscious and always well-dressed woman. The ideal gift for her would be as something that suits her type. For example, a nice handbag or it can go shopping with you for a whole day as a “gift”, of course on your account.

Type 2 needs the excitement and kick in life, otherwise it will be boring. A day full of various activities is the best gift for her. Take her on a road trip or a short trip to a city she has wanted to visit for a long time. She will love it. 


This woman loves to be pampered. So give her something that makes her feel special.

The ideal gifts for a bull woman are well-made clothes, a special perfume, spiritual jewelry or a chic dinner for two. Actually, breakfast in a cozy bed would make the day special for this woman. She appreciates the little things in life, so it’s just important to her that you just show her that day how important she is to you. 


The twins woman needs fun and the adrenaline rush in life.

It is also very socially inclined. Go on a short trip with her or organize a small Valentine’s party just for both of you.

If you want to do it right, go on a voyage of discovery with her to a distant country.

She also loves to read, so books are also a good gift for her. She also loves little things like scarves, personalized jewelry or leather bracelets. 


The cancer is sentimental and loves to feel cared for.

Give her something that makes her feel comfortable and loved inside.

A photo album with photos of just the two of you, a basket full of scented candles and essential oils or, if you want to make it special, a wellness day just for them.

Even “only” a candlelight dinner followed by a night of cuddling and conversation would make the Cancer woman happy. 


Giving and receiving gifts is the right language for the lion woman who likes to spoil herself and others and make them happy.

It’s just that the lioness is far too concerned about what she should give someone and what they will probably be given for Valentine’s Day.

Your love of jewelry is also the best choice for a gift. She also loves extravagant clothes and unusual colors. But don’t worry, the clever lioness ALWAYS gives her partner a hidden clue as to what she would like to have as a gift. After all, she leaves nothing to chance. 


This woman is really clear about who she is. She probably likes to meditate or do yoga.

And it is one of the zodiac signs that cares a lot about itself. Therefore, spiritual gifts or health books are the right choice for gifts.

She also loves to take care of something, so a plant or small pet is also an option for a gift. She will be really touched by it.

You can also gift them with small, unobtrusive jewelry. Inconspicuous but especially as it is. 


The Libra woman loves beautiful and harmonious gifts.

You can’t go wrong with a traditional gift. Flowers, a beautifully packaged box of chocolates and perhaps fine jewelry is an absolutely great gift for the Libra woman.

It is important to her HOW to give her the gift, so make sure when the time for the gift comes, she wants it to be a special moment.

She also loves to spend a whole day together with her partner. No appointments. No obligations. Both phones off. Only you two. That would also be a conceivable gift, she would enjoy the day and feel special. 


It is really hard to find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the Scorpio woman, as they are closed to things they would like to have.

They definitely love gifts that show them how special and unique they are. A gift that has something to do with the goals in their lives or something that gives them the affirmation they need to know that you are the right partner.

Scorpio women love puzzles and secrets. A crime novel would also be a great gift. 


Nothing makes the Sagittarius woman happier than new experiences and discoveries.

She loves learning new things, so give her a fancy cooking or painting course. Books are also another great option. But it has to be a book that she doesn’t have yet and from which she can take something for her life.

She also loves to do something with you. Go kayaking or ice skating with her. Defeat them at bowling or take them on a spontaneous city trip. 


The Capricorn woman is always grounded and practical. She loves gifts that go deeper and don’t just serve the superficial benefits of Valentine’s Day.

The gift should be of good quality no matter what it is. A great and high quality watch or a leather jacket for example.

She is also a career woman, so something for her desk would also be an option. Whatever you give to an Capricorn woman, it doesn’t have to be really expensive. It should only suit her, because then she shows that you are concerned with her personality. 


The Aquarius woman loves gifts that are unique. It would make her unhappy if someone gave her something that she looks like a “typical” Valentine’s Day gift.

Give her something unique that ONLY fits her.

Give her a t-shirt with a saying on it, because only she uses it or with an “inside joke” that only you both know. A piece of jewelry that you only had made for her or a painting on which she can be seen. No matter what you give her, it should only never give the impression that it comes from the assembly line. 


For this deeply emotional and creative woman, a personalized diary with quotes from you is a great gift.

Give her something where she can express her dreams, thoughts and emotions.

If you have the impression that she is exhausted from everyday stress, then take her on a trip to a quiet and peaceful place, preferably with a beautiful landscape.

Other nice gift options include face masks, scented candles, and essential oils. It is important for her that she can just relax and switch off on a day like this.

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