The zodiac can tell us many things about dating, from what zodiac signs we are most compatible with, to how the signs act when falling in love. But before you can get to all that serious stuff, someone has to plan a first date! Luckily, astrology can help with that too; you can absolutely increase your chances of success by knowing the perfect first date for each zodiac sign.

Of course, there are tons of activities that are good for dates, but basing first date plans off your unique personality and preferences can increases the chances that you’ll have a memorable time (and hopefully end your first date with a first kiss to match!) So whether you want to know what kind of date you’ll personally thrive on, or want to know what your zodiac sign prefers on a first date so you can make it comfortable for the person you are taking out, listening to the stars is a wise idea.

Aries: Goof Off At An Arcade

As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries are trailblazers. They are passionate, independent, and value being different – so their idea of a perfect date isn’t just sitting and having dinner. Aries are also extremely competitive, so incorporating some silly games into the date is a winning idea. Check out an arcade for the night and get some friendly competition going; playing games will alleviate any awkward tension and is a great opportunity to learn more about how a person approaches life.

Taurus: A Sensual Picnic

People born with their Sun in Taurus are sensual and tactile, considering touch and taste the most important of all senses. Therefore, a picnic with good food, a good view, and a soft blanket is a simple but lovely first date for you. As a Taurus, you are also more stable and conservative, so you don’t need a flashy date with a crazy itinerary. Yes, you do love nice things, but you’re also grounded, so you don’t need to be taken to a fancy restaurant to be impressed. Pack a picnic with good cheese, fruit, and wine, and find a nice spot at the park or beach. You’ll have plenty of time for good conversation, without all the distractions of being in town.

Gemini: Drink Beer At The Roller Derby

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Drink Beer At The Roller Derby

Geminis have unlimited imaginations, and pride themselves on never being boring. You need a first date that is equally unique and exciting. You fear repetition and need to be with someone who makes you feel like every day is a brand new adventure. Your curious personality makes you want to experience everything the world has to offer – especially the odd and unexpected! Going to a random event together, like a Roller Derby Race, is a great way to push your limits and see if your date is a match for your spontaneous personality. Drinking beer while watching bad ass athletes fight their way around a track on skates is the kind of random date you crave. Are they up for it?

Cancer: Stay Home And Make Sushi

As a Cancer, you are deeply intuitive and sentimental. Of the zodiac signs, Cancer’s can be the hardest to get to know. This means your perfect first date shouldn’t have a lot of distractions. Staying at home to cook with your date, in an environment that you feel in control of, is an appealing option for you. But just because you are sensitive doesn’t mean you are boring. By pushing yourself outside the norm to learn something new, like how to make sushi, you and your date can enter a different territory and explore new boundaries. You can chat while you cook, eat some delicious food together, and laugh when you mess up a roll.

Leo: Gallery Hopping

As a Leo, you’re flashy, gregarious, and always up on the latest cool things to do. So you will definitely want to do something fun and culturally on your first date. You love trendy adventures with photo opportunities, so taking in a museum or a day of gallery hopping is the perfect choice; not only do you get to experience some first rate culture but you’re also bound to come across a few perfect photo opportunities. Just don’t drive your date away by asking for one too many retakes.

Virgo: Run Around A Carnival

Virgos are always paying attention to detail. Your deep sense of humanity makes you one of the most careful signs of the zodiac. While you should certainly be careful on a first date in some ways, it’s also important to push yourself out of your comfort zone. Going to a carnival on a first date is a great way to let go of your worries and have a fun time. Your normal, methodical approach to life will be disrupted when you play games of chance and ride silly rides. You’ll want to resist it, but if you can open up and be spontaneous with your date, it’s a sign that they can truly balance your usual practical tendencies. Remember, opposites attract!

Libra: Take An Afternoon Drive

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Libras make for a great first date – the person taking you out is lucky to have you! As a Libra, you exhibit your brightest, best personality when in the company of others, so you thrive in a date setting. You also are easy going and have a deep understanding of other people’s needs, so your perfect date is one that your date will truly enjoy. Libras are all about going with the flow so you’d be content going to a dinner, checking out an art gallery, or just finding a look out point to watch the sunset. Take a drive around town together for without a plan and see what stops catch both of your interests. It’s all about balance! You’re sure to find a series of adventures that is fun for both of you, without the pressure of an itinerary.

Scorpio: A Mysterious Mixology Bar

If you’re a Scorpio, there is no denying that you are passionate. In fact, Scorpio is the most passionate, sexually charged sign in the entire zodiac. While you may not be ready to explore that energy on a first date, it is important to you to be in a place where you can feel each other’s energy. You’ll want to be in a quiet enough place that you can talk intimately, so a new, undiscovered mixology bar is the perfect place. A cocktail bar with unique drink recipes is right up your alley. Scorpios are all about creating new things, so trying a one-of-a-kind cocktail created just for you, with a new romantic interest, will scratch your itch for the fresh and new!

Sagittarius: Be A Tourist In Your Own Town

Sagittarius loves to travel, but going on vacation for a first date could be a bit much in many ways, but you can do something new and exciting without leaving town. This zodiac sign enjoys embracing culture and new information, but you don’t need to go to another country to experience a culture. There are likely cool things right under your nose in your own city! Your perfect first date would be to spend the day acting like a tourist in your own town. Find the things that only people visiting from other places do – check out a weird museum, go to a restaurant with your area’s most famous cuisine, take photos in front of buildings, maybe even visit a gift shop. If your date embraces your sense of travel and adventure, you two might just be a perfect match!

Capricorn: Dinner With A View

Capricorns like tradition and a plan, so an unusual or super spontaneous date isn’t really in your comfort zone. For a first date, a good conversation over dinner is perfect for you. Choosing a restaurant with a nice view will set a romantic tone, and having something to look at other than each other will help calm any nerves you may have! Capricorns are willful and determined, which means you are likely focused on achieving lofty goals. Dinner comes with lots of opportunities to discuss your hopes and dreams – and see if your date is on your level!

Aquarius: Get Out Of This World

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Get Out Of This World

Aquarius is the sign of science fiction and inventions. No topic is too out there for an Aquarius – extraterrestrials, stem cells, cloning, robots taking over the earth… you’ll go there, just so long as you don’t have to open up emotionally right away. As an Aquarius you are more analytical, and aren’t comfortable talking about the gushy stuff too soon. So a perfect first date for you is something that will stimulate intellectual conversation. Take a telescope out or visit an observatory, and see what constellations you can find. Space is a great launching point for deep, theoretical conversations. Yes, you will have to open up about emotionally stuff eventually… but for date one, you’re allowed to take a pass.

Pisces: Go To The Theater

Pisces are artistic, intuitive and kind. As a Pisces, you enjoy putting yourself in situations where you will be emotionally moved. Because of this, going to see a play would be your perfect first date. You have a big imagination and love expressive art, so going to the theater is a great way to see if your date can handle your emotional side. Having dinner or drinks after the play sets you up for great conversation. You’ll move from discussing the arc of the play to discussing your own personal stories effortlessly, and can easily see how much you have in common.

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