If you think about your worst enemy, what is his or her worst flaw? Let’s face it; we all have them. Is she super obnoxious and always needing attention? Is he a little too cocky or possessive of his girlfriend? Sometimes we can even point out the flaws in our close friends because, well, we just know them that well. If you think of their good or their bad qualities, they can almost always connect to their zodiac sign.

Our zodiac signs tell us a lot about ourselves and the people around us. Sometimes it can be too literal or not exact enough, but virtually all the time you can find something that connects to the person you are thinking of or reading about.

Below we outline the one lie each zodiac sign always tells, for both men and women. The reason they tell these lies? Well, you’ll see that it directly correlates to their personalities, their shortcomings, or something they are afraid of admitting or letting people see within them. Others, however, just tell the lies because their personality begs for it; they really just can’t help it. Read on to find out more! Hopefully, you weren’t a fool to believe the following…

24An Aries Man: Their Aggression Isn’t Something To Mess With

Regardless of gender, an Aries is incredibly direct and bluntly spoken. They are always honest whether it hurts or not, sometimes even when it especially hurts. However, with that being said, the negative side of an Aries man is their aggression. An Aries man likes to pretend he does not have bad tendencies and is not capable of hurting those he cares about. But this would be his lie. His aggression and constant need to be self-sufficient will eventually hurt a special woman close to him. When you upset him, he will say what he really feels, and believe that it will be the truth from deep down, because it will. He has a bad side that you will need to certainly be careful of.

23An Aries Woman: Fake Independence

On the other hand, an Aries woman goes a different route when it comes to lie she tells and lives. She is just as blunt with her words. She is brutally honest, tends to be confrontational with her words and opinions, and can even be reckless. The problem with an Aries woman is that she wants to be so independent and self-sufficient that she doesn’t care to be truthful with anyone. What does this mean? This means that her lie is that she isn’t all that independent, yet she really wants everyone to think so. She doesn’t want you to think she needs you and she’ll say anything to make sure you don’t think that, especially during an argument. But the truth is she is terrified of loneliness.

22The Taurus Guy: Are You Happy Now?

A Taurus is very responsible. Not only are they almost always financially stable, they are also very intelligent, physically and mentally capable of anything or any conversation, clever, and protective of those that they love. Because of this, they are also incredibly loyal to those that are there for them. You get what you give, especially in a Taurus man’s mind. But you have to be there for him, too, or don’t expect much else. The biggest lie he tells, though, is that he is happy with every part of his life. A Taurus man definitely holds grudges and cannot let big or little things go, no matter how much they even may want to. They want everyone to know they are happy even when they are not. Look past their words; actions are key here.

21The Taurus Gal: Jealous Jan

A Taurus woman has many of the same qualities of a Taurus man. She is the pillar for all of her female friends because she is mentally strong and capable, she is always protective of those closest to her, and she always has an opinion that makes sense (although it can usually rile a few feathers). A Taurus girl is always very generous, too. However, she can be really stubborn with her opinions and be very inflexible with plans, her life, or her daily grind. The lie a Taurus woman tells, though, is that she has incredibly jealousy of those around her. She would never admit it, but many of her opinions will reflect that if you listen closely. Taurus’ hide their feelings, so this makes perfect sense.

20A Gemini Gent: Curiosity Killed The Cat

Gemini men are incredibly versatile, able to bend and be flexible in any situation. Planning to go out to the bar and your friends decide last minute they want to go to the movies instead? No problem with a Gemini man. He’ll even go out with your friends and won’t care where the night takes you, as long as you’re having fun. He is also very charismatic and social, so you won’t have any problem with him not getting along with your crowd. However, the biggest lie a Gemini man will tell? That’s that he is a little more curious about that ex-boyfriend that you still hang out with. He’ll act nonchalant about it and will even be optimistic about it for you, but he’ll always wish to know more…  if he feels threatened, he’ll get very devious and nasty really quick.

19A Gemini Girl: Little White Lies

A Gemini woman, on the other hand, is very interesting. She gets along with everyone, even though she does have a preference on those she hangs out with on a regular basis. She is intelligent and can easily carry a conversation with her best friends or a group of strangers. A Gemini girl is always balanced, too, in her professional and personal life, never taking on too much or overwhelming herself. It is hard to find something negative about a Gemini woman, in most cases. Her biggest problem, however, is telling little white lies to get people to like her in a social setting. She doesn’t always see that people like her for her, so she tends to overdramatize and over-exaggerate things. In some cases, she’ll even pretend to be flighty or gullible to make people laugh. Be yourself, Gemini!

18A Cancer Dude: Clingy Little Secret

Cancer men are many things. They are charismatic and social with many people around them really loving it. It is not only easy to be around a Cancer guy, but usually, most people will attract to him; he’s like a magnet of interesting fun and adventure. He can be a little emotional, usually with his emotion resulting in anger instead of tears or depression. He wouldn’t want to look too bad, as he can be pretty insecure, too. The biggest lie a Cancer man will tell, though, is that he isn’t clingy in a relationship. In fact, it is nothing but a downright lie because he wants everyone to think he is chill and fun to be around, but in a relationship, he can’t seem to simply trust who he is with and let things go.

17A Cancer Chick: Confidence Lacking

Cancer girls are a rare form of a woman. They are so adventurous, incredibly fun to be around, and always up for a good time. In other instances, they are totally chill with watching reruns of your favorite television show with you, too. They have incredibly vast imaginations that impress even those people that don’t get impressed by that (like an Aries or a Capricorn). They are also intelligent. However, where they really fall short is the personality department is with confidence. They’re so insecure and have such a hard time to trust people that their confidence is almost always fake. They’re the type that will have thousands of Instagram followers and likes but will be calling their best friend crying because a guy brushed them off at the bar last night. So pay attention closely and you’ll see that insecurity shine through in due time.

16That Leo Lad: Power Hungry

Leos are incredibly fierce (which makes sense, considering their icon is a lion). A Leo man is even more so than a Leo lady– or maybe they just show it differently. Leo men love to take control and have the power. They are natural leaders that have the confidence to lead a group of ten or one hundred people in any and everything. The one lie they tell directly correlates to this, too. In a relationship, a Leo man will make his woman think that he’s okay with her taking control occasionally, that he is okay with her having some power. But that, my friends, is the lie. A Leo man despises letting anyone else have the power in any part of his world. He’ll do anything he has to in order to obtain it and maintain it.

15That Leo Lady: Inability To Be Understanding

A Leo lady is a lot of great things: she is fierce, outgoing, forward, smart, confident, and professional. She knows what she wants and she is not afraid to go get it. In a professional setting, she has no problem fighting for what she wants, making her needs clear, and making herself known. Personally, however, a Leo woman’s outspoken qualities can often get her into trouble. She has a complete inability to hear another person’s perspective or opinion, especially if it is different from her own, and the biggest lie she tells is one to herself: she thinks she can be empathetic, understanding, and fair. She convinces herself (thanks to her confidence) that she is very capable of this when in fact she simply is not capable.

14A Virgo Man: Lack of Passion

A Virgo man is very analytical. He knows exactly what he wants and how to properly obtain it without ruffling feathers. He is practical in his choices, decisions, and only focuses on things that he knows will have a decent chance of a good outcome. However, because of this, a Virgo man is completely out of tune with his emotions, and the one lie that he tells himself is that he is capable of deep emotion. Although he knows how to love and is capable of falling in love, his rationality is too strong to let his emotions overcome it, so he will never be able to fully love and let go the way a Scorpio or a Pisces can. He just cannot get in tune with his passionate side.

13A Virgo Woman: Who’s The Fairest Of Them All?

An analytical and rational Virgo woman, because she is in fact a woman, has an easier time connecting with her deep, emotional, and passionate side. Similar to a Virgo man, she is very rational and realistic, rarely allowing her head to get lost in the clouds. She is not idealistic like a Pisces or a Cancer and can make completely rational decisions when it comes to her love life. However, the lie she tells herself and others is an interesting one. Being such a rational and patient person, a Virgo woman is convinced that she is fair to all around her. but the funny thing is she is one of the most judgmental and critical people in her inner circle– and she doesn’t even realize it.

12The Libra Guy: Approval Is Key

A carefree and peace-loving Libra man is pretty easygoing in every aspect of his life. He is easygoing in a social setting, showing his carefree, charismatic, and outgoing side. He can get along with virtually anyone and can have an easy conversation with a best friend, a co-worker, or simply an acquaintance. He usually enjoys this, too, because he loves being friendly and peaceful; he certainly does not like to have confrontation with anyone about anything. The lie a Libra tells, however, is that he doesn’t need other people to approve of him because he really does. His carefree and casual disposition is genuine, but when it comes down to it, he has a hard time knowing and accepting that people simply just do not like him.

11The Libra Girl: Confrontation Queen

Libra girls are similar to their manly counterparts because they love to be carefree and charismatic in every situation they are put into. They love making a good connection with someone, whether it is over wine at dinner or water at work and whether the conversation is about their favorite food or their favorite television show. A Libra woman convinces herself she is right in almost every situation due to her lack of consideration for other people. The lie she tells is that she is connected deeply to her emotions and listens to her heart, when in reality she is usually blinded by anger or in defense mode, quite literally not being able to empathize or understand anyone else’s opinions or viewpoints. Also, even though she doesn’t like confrontation, it’s difficult for her not to cause it or involve herself in it.

10Steamy Scorpio Dude: Jealous Jason

Similar to their water sign counterparts, Pisces and Cancer, a Scorpio absolutely leads with their heart and their emotions. They never go with any rational decision, unless it 100{33a457c6865cc334f55c5749a1dfc96f7e4e401181b8d729f7e15dc6e74d29cf} agrees with the emotional one. Scorpios are also passionate, sympathetic, sensitive, and very in tune with their sultry, physical side. A Scorpio man is all of these things and the lie he tells you in a romantic relationship is that he is not possessive or jealous at all. He can get away with faking the possessiveness most of the time, but the reality of the situation is that a Scorpio can’t be anything but jealous if he feels threatened– because he really just loves you that much! Take it as a compliment, but just be careful girl…

9Sultry Scorpio Chick: Insecure About Who She Is

As if you haven’t read this or learned this yet, a Scorpio is very in tune with their intimate side. A Scorpio woman knows how to use her body to her advantage. Emotionally, she is so incredibly loving, complimentary, and kind to her partner. However, similar to a Scorpio man, if she feels threatened, she will turn into a different person completely. She will be negative, insecure, and very combative. She will want you to reassure her and prove to her again and again that she is important to you and that she can trust you. So the lie a Scorpio woman tells? Yeah, that is that she is completely confident in her relationship with you, because none of them really ever are fully capable of that.

8The Sagittarius Man: Commitment-Phobe

A super casual and social Sagittarius man is many things, but one word that comes to mind to describe him: fun! That’s right, a Sagittarius man is so adventurous it will be contagious to be around him, do what he wants, and somehow enjoy doing it (even if you’re secretly terrified). He knows how to make a woman, or anyone, feel comfortable in going out of their comfort zone. The lie a Sag man will tell is that he is committed to you, at least in a full and complete way. He may even convince himself that he is, but it takes him awhile to settle down, and there is little chance that you will be the one to change his carefree and charismatic (sometimes careless) disposition.

7The Sagittarius Woman: Professional Commitment Problem

A carefree and fun Sagittarius woman doesn’t have a problem with commitment like her male counterpart (at least not in the relationship realm). She is a great and kind friend to all that she knows and all of those that she cares about. Her curiosity is endless which makes her equally fun to be around. She can make everything an outgoing and incredibly brave adventure, whether it is watching a movie or be traveling the world. The commitment problem she faces is not in the relationship department but in the professional department. She has a hard time not getting bored with the 9 to 5 job she has but really doesn’t always want. This will be really difficult for her in the long run as she grows older.

6A Capricorn Fella: Procrastinator Pete

A Capricorn man is sensible and practical. He loves to be in his routine, stable and unpredictable, and stick to it. So, things like surprise birthday parties or last-minute travel trips will no doubt stress him out. But that is okay, he is also patient and down-to-earth so he will probably roll with it (especially if he knows you need control). As he grows to be an adult, he will convince himself and those around him (parents, co-workers, bosses, girlfriends) that he is not a procrastinator and that he is a great planner. This will be a lie. He can’t help but put things off, no matter how important or unimportant it is. Also, he has a hard time picking up after himself, but will not admit to that, either.

5A Capricorn Lady: Coming Undone

A Capricorn lady is a little different than her male counterpart. She is also down-to-earth and incredibly loving to those around her. She is more patient with those that she is close with than the typical stranger that doesn’t put their blinker on or doesn’t kindly hold the door open for a stranger behind them. She is responsible and practical, loves her plans and routines, and will rarely go off-track with that shiny little planner she carries with her. She will seem like she has it all together, however, inside she is having a hard time keeping it together. Her lie that she tells is that she is fine, even when she absolutely isn’t. Emotions are not her thing, so she simply has a hard time expressing those, good or bad ones.

4The Aquarius Guy: Unreliable But Persuasive

An Aquarius man is sociable, unpredictable, and willful. He loves being in a social setting because he loves convincing others that his opinion is right. That’s right– he is one of the most determined zodiacs of all. He loves to argue (albeit not confrontationally, usually) and loves to challenge those around him. He can also be unpredictable and suddenly agree with you because he is also a great listener. The lie an Aquarius man tells, though, is that he is always reliable in his information. He is very persuasive and determined but can be wrong in his information and the side of the argument he is fighting. That willfulness can be stubborn and often incorrect, so be careful and be just as good of a listener.

3The Aquarius Girl: Superficial Sweetie

An Aquarius girl is equally unreliable, persuasive, and willful. She knows what she likes and rarely questions herself. Sometimes this is stubborn and sometimes it is ignorant, however, there are times she is right in that, too. If nothing else, an Aquarius woman is incredibly loyal and a great friend to those she cares about. She can tend to be jealous and insecure, like most women, but the lie she tells herself– and others– when it comes to this is that she is too in tune with her emotions to feel this way. She is actually pretty superficial, often comparing her looks to other women. That is where the envy and jealousy comes from, folks. It is a hard pill for her to swallow, so she simply will not even acknowledge it.

2That Pisces Pal: Lack of Emotional Control

A Pisces man is very in tune with his emotions, similar to his Scorpio and Cancer counterparts. He is very idealistic and is heartbroken when something he had high hopes for does not meet his expectations. He is compassionate and sensitive in a relationship and has a hard time coming to terms with a woman when she breaks his heart. He feels everything completely and fully with his heart. The lie he tells, though, is that he can control his emotions. He thinks he can and he wants to be capable, but he simply cannot control his anger or his sadness or his depression. It comes in waves and there is nothing he can do about it. This sensitivity can be a positive sign but can also affect him terribly if he lets it.

1That Pisces Princess: Lets Everything Affect Her

A kind and emotional Pisces woman has similar tendencies that a Pisces man does. She feels fully and completely with her heart. She loves fully and hurts fully, too, no matter what. Her sensitivity can be her pillar of strength but can also bring her down in other ways. Her imagination knows no bounds and she will be very creative yet also organized professionally and personally. She also thinks she has control of her emotions, when in fact there are times she clearly shows that she doesn’t. The lie a Pisces woman tells is that she trusts herself to not let things affect her, but really everything does affect her heart, whether she wants to admit it or not. See through it or be fooled, friends.

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