They like to control, so don’t be surprised if they go “master-slave” with you. They love to be in charge, especially in the bedroom. Their biggest turn on is to have someone underneath them whom they can tell what to do (as long as sex is at stake). In everyday life, they won’t take over everything, just when you’re in the bedroom which can be a lot of fun.



Sex toys! They are known as materialists and their love can be bought so easily with new shiny things and all kinds of different gifts. In the bedroom, this means you have to bring a sex toy or don’t even bother going in any deeper.


The most important thing to them is, of course, foreplay. They like little moves that can turn them on and lead them to an orgasm. Try tickling them and slowly stroking their backs. You won’t be needing anything else to get them to orgasm.


They are suckers for romance and if you really want to turn them on, light a dozen candles and invite them over. Create a romantic surrounding and give them a sensual massage which they won’t be able to resist. An orgasm is definite if you follow these rules.



Leos are a bit hardcore and they like things done rough in the bedroom. Try spanking and borderline aggressive behavior and they will come off immediately. Don’t hold back—unleash your anger on them. They love it.



Try making a sex tape of the two of you, so the next time you get together, sit down and watch it. It will turn him on like crazy and he will praise you for your performance. While you are watching, he will definitely jump on top of you to do it once again.


The real action comes right after everything is over. Since they are extremely sensitive and highly emotional, the best part of their sexual experience is spooning and cuddling right after everything is over. This is the sexiest move you can pull to sweep them off their feet.



They find sex a very private and intimate thing and they want to connect with their partner. But, what turns them on the most is masturbating side by side. It makes them feel like they’ve shared all their intimacy with you and there are absolutely no secrets between you two.


Sags are usually very kinky, but surprisingly, this is their signature sex move that turns them on the most: phone sex and sexting. When their lovers are away, they will engage in phone sex and blow their minds and bodies with their skills.


If you think they seem prudish and they look like they can never think out of the box because tradition means everything to them, you’re in for a surprise. In the bedroom, Capricorns are super crazy. They like bondage and handcuffs more than anything. Kinky, right?


They are extremely intelligent and their biggest sex move is exactly that: their intelligence. While in the bedroom, they will use it and rock your world. They know exactly how the body works and where they should press to stimulate.


The most surprising piece of information about Pisces is that their biggest sex move is having a threesome. Actually, maybe it’s not that surprising since they have all this love to give, and if there is something left, why not engage in a threesome. They sure can take it!

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