The most true and false signs of the zodiac. Let’s start with men. Real connoisseurs of female beauty are Libra. Libra can have many beautiful girlfriends, but you should not be afraid of this. Male Libra is faithful in nature, they are unlikely to risk serious relationships for the sake of affair.

The Scorpio man is passionate, bright, impulsive and likes to be in the spotlight, but this is not a reason to worry. When a man – Scorpio is happy with everything in a relationship, he will not cheat on his beloved woman. Another thing is lack of intimacy or revenge.

The Sagittarius man is easily tempted. A beautiful, interesting woman can easily lure such a man, and for Sagittarius “sex for one night” is quite common and meaningless.

The Capricorn man is a very faithful man by nature. They constantly think about work or how to improve their financial condition and they do it even in the arms of a beloved woman, what changes can be there.

Aquarius man – their excessive love of communication and curiosity leads to frequent temptations. But they are more attracted by communication than the need to commit treason. If such a chance unites the interests of both, then, of course, he will not refuse to use it.

Man Pisces can sincerely and deeply love a woman, but also cheat on her. Men – Pisces are ready to “swim” to any female fisherman of their choice. But fish almost never leave families.


Aries man is also a rather volatile nature. A deep neckline, a high neckline or a short skirt and an Aries man in your bed. These men are very gambling and even a strong feeling does not prevent them from looking for and starting new affairs.

The Gemini man is very communicative and communicative, which often ends with a fleeting affair, but for Gemini sex has never been in the first place, so fatigue or monotony in relationships can encourage them to cheat.

Man-Cancer – for them, one of the main factors is the emotional closeness with the woman they love, they rarely change. Cancer Men love praise and compliments. If they start to change, then most likely they are disappointed in their beloved and are already looking for a new woman.

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Male Lion – narcissistic men who love to be surrounded by both beautiful and expensive things, and beautiful, vibrant women. A lion always chooses “the best,” so if he has already chosen a “lioness,” he will not change it.

Virgo man is one of the most faithful and faithful signs of the zodiac. It was the Virgo men who did not succumb to the charms of the first beauty they met, and if the Virgo decided to change, then there probably were reasons for this. Regular sex, love and homeliness – and your man will always be faithful to you.Test: Why don’t you like money?Find out what thoughts prevent you from earning 2p more!To learn moreyurkovskaya.comYandex.Direct18+

And now let’s talk about women and analyze their loyalty and a tendency to betray on the basis of the zodiac signs.

Libra Woman is an attractive woman who combines gentleness and femininity. Libra woman is under the auspices of the planet Venus – such a woman always attracts men with her sophistication and femininity, men always revolve around her. It can be entered into marriage repeatedly, but cheating for Libra women is a rare occurrence.

Scorpio woman – sensual, emotional, mysterious, attractive. Such women are endowed with a special flair and intuition and instinctively know who her chosen one is. Contrary to popular belief about their impulsive temperament, a woman in love – Scorpio is faithful, sensual, caring. Having chosen your partner, I am ready to go hand in hand with your beloved man.

Sagittarius woman loves men’s entertainment, feasts, dances, sports, and freedom is a very important component for her. Not every man can be with such a freedom-loving woman. She chooses a man herself, and depending on the depth of feelings and affection, she can be both a faithful and a wrong companion.

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Capricorn woman – can choose a perfect man for a very long time. She has an innate talent for acting on a man and getting everything she wants. In marriage, she is a faithful, hardworking and caring hostess.

Aquarius Woman is a mystery woman. She herself sometimes does not understand her actions. Men of her, too, are often extraordinary personalities. She is sociable, independent, witty, which cannot but arouse interest in men. A woman – Aquarius is an idealist who can marry more than once, but she is faithful in marriage.

Woman Pisces is very attractive to the opposite sex, regardless of external data. If he does not take in appearance, then he takes in the inner world. Such women trust heart rather than reason. Being the most sensual sign of the Zodiac, they can go into the world of illusions and temptations. Wives – Pisces are not the most faithful.

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Aries Woman – can start novels out of simple curiosity or for the sake of diversity. Even marriage does not stop women – Aries from affair. She will not hide her sympathy and may be the first to confess her feelings.

Taurus Woman is beautiful, but conservative. She is jealous, treats her man as her property, does not forgive betrayal because she idealizes marriage and tries to live by all the rules. The Taurus woman herself, as a rule, also does not change.

Gemini women – endowed with a feminine heart and masculine mind, they are very easy to make contact with men. In the family, they are not just faithful wives, they are excellent mistresses and mistresses.

Cancer Woman – born for family life and knows a lot about it. He carefully chooses a man for himself. Woman – Cancer faithful wife and caring mother.

Woman Lion – loves social life, money and always strives for a high position. She perfectly understands the difference between marriage, love and just sex. With a man, she usually establishes partnerships and is faithful.

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Woman Virgo is a very calm, hardworking, excellent hostess and wife. Ready to sacrifice herself for the sake of the family. She can easily be called a role model.

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