Of course, how sensitive a person is is influenced by a huge number of factors, among which the zodiac sign is most likely not in the first place. But nevertheless it is interesting, the birth under which constellation determines the increased sensitivity and vulnerability of a person.

If you make a rating of the most touchy signs of the Zodiac, in the first place, of course, will be Cancer . He has such a tender impressionable soul that others need to show a remarkable sense of tact and sensitivity in order not to offend Cancer .

How to find out how touchy a person is? Everything is simple! Just find out his zodiac sign and look at this list!



It is not clear how you managed to offend this sweet creature, but if you offended him, they will immediately forgive you. Once – on the door, twice – on the rail. Aries are distinguished by a rather high degree of anger (with the exception of those who have learned to manage their emotions well), but they quickly and calm down. They are not evil. They can even pity you later. And bring oranges and flowers to the hospital. Or simply flowers, but to the grave.



Taurus would be better not to anger. No, right away they won’t lift you up. At first they will be offended by you. With the reading of long monologues on the topic “how bad it is – you offended the poor little and, of course, completely innocent Taurus.” And you just have to sit and listen to this nagging, good, I’ll speak it exclusively for you, for educational purposes. And so Taurus will reprimand you for a long time.

And to remember all your nasty things, and again, for the first thousand times to say that you are behaving badly. And then kaaaak give a hoof or a horn! Everything, hiding is useless, they will simply destroy you. For the patience of Taurus is impressive, but, alas, not infinite.



You can quarrel with them only completely unexpectedly for yourself. And for them too. Because they themselves do not know when Dr. Jekyll will turn into Mr. Hyde, who does not like the whole world. But quarrels with Gemini are characterized by a high speed of development and unlikely assault. Most likely, you just mix with the dirt in words. And then they’ll just forget about you.


Crayfish are touchy, and it’s easy to offend them, they too sharply perceive the world around them.Offended Cancer is insidious, vengeful and still sentimental. He can even forgive you. But you need to ask for forgiveness very sincerely, not forgetting to prove how you love the open person. True, if the Crayfish decided to take revenge, then here you will not envy. Sophisticated and malicious revenge will certainly overtake you.

a lion

If Leo is offended by you, then you must have underestimated and underestimated him. And Lions love to have the full attention of the audience. And they are offended very for show. They may ignore you as unworthy of communication, or they may roar like a lion, having arranged very serious troubles for the offender. Do not forget, these guys can be quite influential. Praise them. There is something to praise them for, and they sincerely flourish from the tumult. And, maybe, everything will work out. Maybe you are even asked and taken under the lion’s protection.


Have you offended Virgo? Write a will. It’s very difficult for a virgin to really offend, but if someone succeeded … The virgins, in fact, are not evil, not even vindictive. They can almost immediately forget what they are offended by. But here all offenders are usually recorded in all sorts of black and execution lists, so you will still be avenged.

Revenge will be sophisticated and cruel, and you are unlikely to be able to prove that this Virgo tried. Nothing personal will be there, but Virgo, like any enterprise, Virgo loves to carry out the highest quality.


Scales do not take revenge, they simply do not know how to do this. But they are offended, like children, and love to slander scandals. And they can press the offender for a long time on the nerves, showing with his whole appearance which offender is bad. By the way, the public can also inform about “bad people”. Gossip is Libra’s worst revenge. We must come to Libra and ask for forgiveness. And they will forgive you right away, because they can’t stand being in a quarrel with someone – this is why Libra’s inner world loses its harmony.


You won’t have time to write a will: convey condolences to your relatives. Not only will they not forgive you, but they will avenge you so recklessly and passionately that it would be better for you not to be born at all. Scorpios are extremely vindictive, and offending them is easy enough, because they are very sensitive and sensitive. By the way, Scorpios can often try to arrange physical harm to the offender. Even if they themselves do not get into a fight, then the killer will always be happy to order you. They can forgive only those closest to a person, but absolutely any crime will be forgiven him.


It’s difficult to offend Sagittarius, they are not vindictive. They are peaceful, but always act on a grand scale, characteristic of the signs of Fire. And if you are offended, expect a massive scandal. Yes, such that it would be better if you brought Scorpio, he would have just mercifully killed you. Sagittarius will take revenge mentally. They torture you so that you yourself want to go and hang yourself. However, you can earn forgiveness. Just do what Sagittarius expects of you. Or pretend to be a good broom, they are sorry for the wretched.


Capricorn can be offended, but difficult. Most likely, hostility will arise due to the criticized work of Capricorn or even because you managed to interfere with his affairs. Capricorn will eliminate any interference in a businesslike and thorough manner.

But, if you simply offended Capricorn by criticism, try to motivate to explain to him that you criticized solely out of a desire to help in hard work and are ready to give all your best so that he, beloved, will achieve Zen and Perfection. They will appreciate your care and forgive. Sooner or later, one way or another.


Aquarius can be offended by the rejection of their ideas. The offended Aquarius will simply leave you, it won’t even scandal. He immediately considers that you are a complete insignificance, doubts your mental abilities, reevaluates the situation taking into account the emerging factors and leaves. There, where there are people who can understand his brilliant ideas, from where there are not all sorts of snobs like offenders. Find Aquarius and apologize, the ideas from these guys can be strange, but often effective and profitable.


Did you offend Pisces? Look at them. See how they, the poor are suffering, and all because of you! Are you still not ashamed? Yes, you are a monster, my friend! Pisces are easy to offend, but they are so kind that they will most likely forgive you. In addition, they understand that wrinkles appear from anger, and they certainly do not want to prematurely age themselves.


At the same time, having forgiven you, they will expose you to be a scoundrel, and themselves – angels. And they, deep down, like this idea. By the way, very offended Pisces can take revenge on the monstrous gossip of tremendous destructive power.

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