The most SPIRITUALLY STRONG Zodiac signs! Yes, it is true! I always felt that I was spiritually stronger than my husband. It is believed that each zodiac sign comes into the world with its own special mission. The stronger the spiritually zodiac sign, the harder his mission. You have probably noticed more than once that it is to strong people that life always brings a lot of tests. He who overcomes them is tempered like steel. 

The signs of the zodiac are greatly influenced by the elements of fire, water, air or earth. It is our elements that give us strength and energy. According to Vasilisa Volodina, in each element one can identify one strong sign. The most SPIRITUALLY STRONG signs of the zodiac:

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Air Release:

The most SPIRITUALLY STRONG zodiac signs!

1. Aquarius

In the element of Air, the most powerful sign of the Zodiac is Aquarius. Despite some dreaminess and striving for high ideals, this is a sign that may experience difficulties in life many times, but will never give up. Aquarians are able to quickly adapt to any changes in life, which makes them morally stronger.

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2. Scales

In second place in terms of fortitude in the air element are Libra. They are not so weak, but they have a bad habit of scattering their energy and not finish the job. They quickly lose their enthusiasm and desire, and with it the goal.

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3. Gemini 

The weakest sign in this element is Gemini. They cannot concentrate on one thing, they often lack external support. When difficulties come upon them, they panic and ask other people for help.

Fire Element:

The most SPIRITUALLY STRONG zodiac signs!

1. Sagittarius

In the element of Fire, the most powerful is Sagittarius. Representatives of this sign never lose heart and try to maintain humanity under any circumstances. They know how to control their emotions, do not succumb to provocations and always have their own opinion. Their strength lies in optimism and breadth of views.

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2. Lion

In second place is Leo. At first glance, representatives of this sign look strong and strong-willed people. But they largely depend on external circumstances and on the opinions of others. Lions constantly need support and praise. If not, they will quickly hang their nose.

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3. Aries

The weakest sign of the fire element is Aries. Despite the fact that this sign is very active and active, in its element it gives slack. Aries do not know how to control emotions, they are too subject to what is happening in their soul. Sometimes Aries act unreasonably, which leads them to a difficult situation.

Earth Release:

The most SPIRITUALLY STRONG zodiac signs!

1. Capricorn

In the elements of the Earth, the most powerful sign of the zodiac is Capricorn. He is persistent, decisive and consistent. It is difficult to offend and hurt the living. Even if everything is bad, he will still go to his goal, albeit with small and leisurely steps.

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2. Virgin 

Virgin in second place by fortitude in the elements of the earth. They often give the impression of a strong person, but sometimes they are not able to accept the world as it is, and simply begin to go with the flow.

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3. Taurus

Taurus is the weakest sign in the elements of the earth. Representatives of this sign do not like change. All their lives they want to live in peace and happiness, but if their plans fall apart, Taurus becomes defenseless.

Water Release:

The most SPIRITUALLY STRONG zodiac signs!

1. Fishes

In the element of Water, the most powerful sign is Pisces. Moreover, they are strong not only among the signs of their element, but among the constellations of the entire zodiac horoscope. This may seem a little strange, because Pisces often lacks a connection with the real world. This is their strength. Fish can endure, wait and hope for a long time. This strength of mind helps them to the end to fight for their happiness.

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2. Scorpio

Scorpio is not as strong as Pisces. His weakness is that he can accumulate emotions in himself for a long time. They will eat it from the inside, making it weaker and weaker.

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3. cancer

Cancer is the most sensitive sign of the zodiac in its element. Representatives of this sign are very sensitive and vulnerable. They constantly need moral support and help. If there is nobody near them, Crayfish will take this as a sign that you can’t change anything and become depressed.

But it is obvious that the birth during the period of patronage of the weak zodiac sign is not a prerequisite for a person to be pursued by failure and his life will be difficult.  Also, the protection of a strong sign does not mean that a person can achieve much without much effort.

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