Do you want to know with whom you can quarrel without consequences, and with whom it is better never to argue? Then read our horoscope – the rating of the most scandalous signs of the zodiac!

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12 place – Libra

Seals and paws. Libra is sincerely upset when someone is being hurt, and even more upset when offenders are themselves. Therefore, to cause Libra to a scandal is an almost impossible task: they masterly avoid sharp corners. However, sometimes they can explode out of the blue. About once every five years. And then they will apologize for a long time.

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11th place – Capricorn

Capricorns are afraid of scandals, because they are not very good with empathy, and they are always confident that the brawler is going to break off all relations with them forever. It’s horrible! On the other hand, if Capricorn itself is a scandal, everything is clear: he intends to break off all relations with you. Excuse me.

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10 place – Aquarius

Aquarius do not like scandals for one simple reason: for some reason they often have to play the role of whipping boys. So snarl Aquarius able to masterly, but they themselves never start a scandal. In spite of the above, for some reason they still love people and do not want to upset them. Holy people, in essence.

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9th place – Cancer

Cancer likes not to make trouble, Cancer likes to teach. Listen and tremble unhappy! But if the unfortunate people do not want to listen, they don’t even fall down, the bastards are ungrateful, then there will be a scandal. Not terrible, but extremely boring: bu-bu-bu, bu-bu-bu … Therefore, Cancer’s relatives try not to annoy him: to pinpoint, nod, and look at their own socks with a penitential look. Then blow over.

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8th place – Pisces

Fishes do not like scandals, and even, perhaps, they are afraid of them: firstly, everyone around them becomes terribly ugly at once, and secondly, the scandal requires action here and now, and with this, Pisces is tight. Pisces are talented manipulators, but they lack a resource for an open fight. Therefore, Pisces scandal rarely. They simply bring their neighbors to hysterics, while they themselves Significantly Silent.

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7th place – Leo

Lions do not want to make trouble, because it is not royal business. Lions want to obey them, without asking unnecessary questions and not arguing. Which, of course, does not mean at all that the Lions are cute fluffy cats: they are ready to shout, but it’s impossible to concoct a fit scandal with them: they ignore logical arguments past their royal ears, and in principle do not read mockery and trolling. And in general, they hear only themselves. Yearning.

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6th place – Gemini

Central to the horoscope is Gemini, unable to decide whether they like scandals or not? And, let’s be fair, in general, rather not. But not because they are so beautiful and noble, but because life experience tells them: people are strange. This is how you scold anyone, trample his self-esteem, kick a couple of times at the most painful points, subtly insult and humiliate you in public – and then don’t want to talk to you. Why did it happen? Some fools.

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5th place – Taurus

The five lovers of scandals opens Taurus – a sign that the idea of ​​scandals, in principle, does not accept, because it is sinful. He doesn’t accept, but the scandal is excellent: with feeling, with a cry, with throwing plates at the heads of those who are undesirable.

But he does it, in essence, not from evil: Taurus simply boils and explodes instantly, and insensitive people around him never have time to notice it, because Taurus, to the last, retains a deadpan look. But in general, then he worries and conscience. But not out loud, no.

4th place – Virgo

A little bit did not reach the three leaders of the Virgin, whom we did not give out a medal, because they scandal without a soul. As a matter of fact, Virgos do almost everything without a soul, and it is not at all clear whether they have this rudimentary organ, but this is especially noticeable in scandals.

That is, if you look at the Virgin in a scandal, it becomes clear that she is enjoying: with feeling, sensibly, with the attitude, she tramples on her opponent and always wins, because Virgo is easier to kill than to argue. The following remains a mystery: why do the Virgos themselves almost never contrive a scandal? Weird people.

3rd place – Scorpio

Closes the top three Scorpios – virtuoso brawlers. A fit scandal is their favorite game. After sex and intrigue, of course. So look at the scandalous Scorpion can be infinite, like a fire or flowing water: it is very, very beautiful.

And, like any beautiful (and therefore – thoughtful and directed) action, this does not happen very often. That is, Scorpio will gladly throw a scandal to relatives and friends, but he will not spend his precious resource on a tramway or a line. Therefore – the third place.

2 place – Aries

Danger! Keep out. Aries are quick-tempered and impulsive, explode out of the blue, stick them with a wand – and shreds will fly along the back streets. But there is no malicious intent in this, because the scandal of Aries is not for the sake of pleasure, but to finally pull off steam and make it easier for itself to continue to exist.

And who suffered at the same time – he himself is a fool: Aries has a running line on his forehead with an immortal quote: “Run, fools!”

1st place – Sagittarius

A gold medal and a drum around the neck go to Sagittarius – the main zodiac scandalists and in general hamam bazaar. Sagittarius scandal not for the sake of achieving some great goal, but only for their own pleasure. The reason is unimportant, if it is not – Sagittarius will throw a scandal out of the blue. And, if you are not the object of his attacks, then do not run away anywhere: stand quietly and have fun.

You will never see such a powerful and truly inexhaustible duct of the areal battlefield. In the sense – you will not hear. Yes, and take your children away from our blue screens. Unless, of course, they are Sagittarius.

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