The most jealous signs of the zodiac. Which partner can bring you to the frenzy of their suspicions? And who will you “strangle” with your own? Each of us at least once in our life experienced a feeling of jealousy towards another person and a whole range of accompanying emotions: from fear of loss and humiliation to pain and anger … Meanwhile, a sultry blonde secretary in her husband’s office or charming and helpful neighbor, but also a powerful influence of Venus and Pluto on your zodiac sign.

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It is the dialogue of these planets that often causes strong conflicting feelings associated with emotional attachment and fears. Add here the sinfulness of Saturn, the pride of Jupiter and the property of Mars and you will receive the constant zealous pressure of the Universe on our lives. Not the last role is played by the signs of the zodiac, because each of us is used to express this powerful feeling in different ways. And do not say later that we did not warn you.

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In public, Aries is always self-confident, but inside it often feels instability. Add to this the natural craving for large-scale life dramas and get one of the most jealous signs of the zodiac that only exist in nature. “Hams” light up literally from one spark – a completely innocent scene of jealousy can instantly flare up to a major scandal, about which they will later greatly regret.

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Moreover, the often all-consuming jealousy pushes these fiery and passionate representatives for treason, even when their partner is in fact “innocent.” If you enter into a relationship with this sign, be prepared for an emotional rollercoaster. And if you yourself are his representative, try to make decisions “on a cold head”, and if you are plagued by any doubts – talk to your soulmate before you prepare a plan for revenge.

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Since Taurus is very rational in life and is always firmly on the ground, the feeling of jealousy is mostly alien to them. They choose their partner very carefully and subsequently spend a lot of time with him and satisfy all desires – the second half will have no reason to doubt. They have a very strong sense of “common life” and hope for the future. The phrase: “And they lived happily ever after, and died one day …” must have come up with Taurus.

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If representatives of this sign are suspicious, then, most likely, their feeling is not unfounded. Obstinate Taurus do not like to show their emotions in public. Therefore, if ultimately their fears were justified, then they would break with undesirable relationships quietly and calmly, without loud scenes with slamming doors and broken dishes.

At the very beginning of the relationship, Gemini admits to a partner without any confusion that they are very jealous. They are convinced: to remain faithful to one person is hard work, therefore, on the one hand, they become very suspicious; on the other hand, they do not exclude the possibility of treason for themselves (and more often just for personal pleasure). In close relationships with the opposite sex, it is very important for them to see the perspective – in this case they will take a personal part in all the undertakings of their half.

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The surrounding people often take their natural sociability and openness for flirting, so they will have to worry about them. If the Twins do reveal someone else’s treason, they will act according to the principle: “Revenge is a dish that must be served cold.”

Cancers do not often feel jealous: when they choose someone, they completely dissolve in this unconditional love and sincerely expect the same from the “partner” of their lives. They do everything possible to ensure that their relationship is happy and durable.

Rather, next to them you can feel the other extreme – the stifling sense of affection. If they do, they will keep this oppressive feeling deep inside, until it turns into open indignation – the Cancers express their complaints quite aggressively. If you betray Cancer, he will never forgive you for this.

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Remember the comic expression: “Whatever happens, do not think about the pink elephant,” after which it is already difficult to get rid of the obsessive image of a fantasy animal? Representatives of the fire element – the very “pink elephants” that inexorably attract attention to themselves. And God forbid you “throw him out of my head”! You should think about Leo constantly, publicly admire him and permanently demonstrate your love.

“Kings” in life are not too jealous – for this “humiliating” feelings, they are too self-confident and independent. At the same time, the Lions are well-known proprietors, and, if someone encroaches on their treasure, they are merciless. In a fit of jealousy, they fall into a terrible rage. They do not restrain themselves simply because they do not consider it necessary to restrain themselves.

Balanced and calm Virgos, who are used to keeping their emotions in check, can nevertheless be extremely jealous. Look into their eyes and see their true feelings. A special feature: they often accumulate small “disappointments”, a critical mass of which can destroy even seemingly stable and successful relationships.

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It is important for virgins to feel a common future and have common interests with a partner, but at the same time they love it when both parties have their own lives. If the Virgo suspects you of something, she will not openly complain until she carefully examines the situation and is convinced that she is right. It is worth once to deceive a Maiden – and she will never trust you again.

Weights in life want two things: 1) to be loved; 2) avoid conflicts. Unfortunately, representatives of this sign often suffer from the fact that they do not feel safe. Internal insecurity can be a cause for jealousy. Scales will do everything to avoid confrontation, so it seems from the direction that they are just blowing at you.

The only way to find out what’s the matter is to openly ask them about it. This is one of the most understanding signs of the zodiac, which ultimately helps to avoid many fatal mistakes. Therefore, even if the partner “stumbled”, he will most likely have a chance to fix it.

Another contender for the title of the most jealous mark in the world. They have periods that not a single day passes without suspicious “pricks” to the partner. Another feature of fire messengers: they are often jealous of the past. Therefore, do not even think about telling Scorpio how a classmate took you home from school in fourth grade — even 20 years later, he would “powder him” at the first opportunity.

It affects a strong possessive feeling that can create unbearable tension in relationships. Representatives of this sign want to control every movement of the partner, both openly and secretly. If Scorpio is right in his guesses – it will be godless to sting!

Sagittarius rarely jealous of someone, but even if it is so – only at gunpoint admits you to this. Here lies a huge problem: they themselves can screw themselves so much that they will eventually leave their partner, even if he is completely innocent. Do not want problems with Sagittarius? It is better to immediately sit down and discuss with him all the doubtful moments of your life, rather than wait until it explodes from the inside out of jealousy.

At the same time, they provide the second half with enormous freedom in relations without any obligations, demanding, of course, the same in return.

Jealousy for Capricorns is a permanent state, although it is very difficult for them to admit even to themselves, not just to those around them. In general, they are very stingy with words regarding the expression of feelings – every time his partner has to guess what Capricorn really feels and thinks.

The good news is that active outbursts of jealousy usually do not last long. The winners are by their nature, they are most of all afraid to be the loser, to find out that they chose someone else. If Capricorn has deceived you, you will never know about it.

Aquarius – one of the most unpredictable signs, so guessing their true emotions can be very difficult. Although outwardly they are very friendly and open, they often hide the main thing from everyone. Do not try to provoke the jealousy of Aquarius to attract attention – because of the innocent flirting on the side, you will lose it forever.

Most of all, Aquarius is not so much worried about the physical betrayal of a partner, as a psychological factor. He is jealous when he sees that you have a wonderful friendship with another person. Platonic affinity drives him out of himself much more and makes him jealous.

One of the least jealous signs. The desire for harmony, a sincere desire to enter the position of a stranger extends to this manifestation of relationships. They are so sensitive that, as a rule, they accurately read the emotions of other people. They demand unconditional loyalty, devotion and attention from their partners, so make sure that you are able to give them to them.

At the same time, if Pisces found out about treason and saw the partner’s sincere regret, this does not mean that they turn away from their stumbled love forever. Perhaps they need some time to give the cheater a second chance.

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