THE MOST HARMFUL MEN BY THE SIGNS OF THE ZODIAC. Yes, yes, and men are far from Angels! Here is a rating of the most harmful men zodiacs. Find yourself if you’re a man. And girls, by the way, are also useful to know what to expect.


If you happen to meet Aries on your life path, you can run to the pharmacy in advance for antidepressants. This representative of the ram family with his obstinacy and selfishness, manifested with childlike spontaneity, can in two ways take you to the grave. Even if he knows that he is wrong, he will still argue, simply out of principle. He always has his own opinion on any subject, even one in which Aries is poorly versed. Sharp flashes of aggression and bouts of bad mood are the decoration of this sign. True, he departs as quickly as flashes.


Taurus believes that he can do whatever he wants, and if so, then why twitch? He is always pleased with himself. Even in the case when, in general, there is nothing to be proud of. Taurus considers his exorbitant stubbornness to be the firmness of the character of a real man, tight-nosedness takes for reasonable frugality, and a penchant for pessimism – for a realistic perception of the world.


Not one Zodiac sign has such a gift to turn everything upside down, like Gemini. You won’t get bored with them, but already in the second week of intensive communication you will feel like a sprinter among the stayers, hopelessly behind the rest and tortured to death.

They hang out here and there, they love to powder their brains and mock. The future with them is more than unreliable, but the present is funny. Do not wait for loyalty from the Twins, it is worth turning away – they are already flirting with might and main with your girlfriend.


This bore and whiner in every girl is looking for a continuation of her mother, and if she finds her ideal, she will certainly try to get married.

a lion

Locked on his own person, Leo does not notice around anyone except himself. Well, except for those who admire him. He is arrogant and considers himself too generous to remember insults and promises.

The royal lady loves to spend money, lead an idle life and surround herself with beautiful girls. Madly jealous, quick-tempered and touchy. He himself cannot stand it if he is jealous, since he cannot even admit the idea that someone can consider him his property.

You should always have it in the first place, and if you suddenly postpone your date to another day because of the need to visit a sick aunt, you can be mortally offended. What, nafig, aunt?


This is a creepy pedant. He (or rather it would be to say “she”) will exorcise you with little things and notations. Virgo will grumble that there is a lot of cholesterol in the oil, and fried is very harmful to the stomach.

Lazy to disgrace, but considers himself hardworking, because sometimes he sways to make some trifle. He has intense emotions with emotions; he is very wary of love.


Scales are doubtful, secretive and petty. They are irritable and can wreak anger on the first one that comes to hand, if things are not going as he would like. They come up with various non-existent problems, and then solve them for a long time. They have many friends, but they really trust almost no one.


The nasty, corrosive and vindictive scorpion is always annoyed if something is done wrongly as he considers it right. Constant nit-picking and a gloomy look that can almost drive one waist into the ground with its weight will drive anyone crazy.

And when this insect begins to be jealous, it will not seem a little to you. He doesn’t consider money, but he remembers very well how many times they forgot to rejoice at his gift.


He is not lying. But only because its essence can not stand a lie. He doesn’t lie even when it’s impractical to tell the truth. If he convicts you of a lie – expect trouble.

Sagittarius is furiously jealous, but he does not miss a single skirt. Even his inherent sense of humor is not able to compensate for his shortcomings.


Capricornis – stubborn for all two hundred and absolutely cannot be convinced. Even if he agrees with you, either your opinions coincided accidentally, or he just doesn’t want to “throw beads in front of pigs”. In the latter case, be sure – deep down, he does not doubt at all that he is right.

Capricorn is still a bore, he can hardly endure noisy fun parties and in general can be lost to society if you do not carry out educational work with him. However, to convince, as was said earlier, it is almost impossible, therefore it is better to put pressure on his interest and bring him to some idea very carefully so that Capricorn decides that this is his own thought.

Capricorn is ambitious, believes that he knows life, and therefore can spend hours giving you lectures on how to live, and especially how to spend money. Therefore, it is better to keep the little joys of your shopping with you.


Aquarius loves to dream and conceive something grandiose, but his energy and patience are rarely enough to at least start. He will promise you a bunch of everything – and at the moment of promise Aquarius himself believes that he will fulfill his plan – but you do not believe his sweet words. In serious matters, it is better not to count on Aquarius, all the more, you should not dream to put responsibility for something on his courageous shoulders, rely primarily on yourself.


Do you need a normal guy, confident and firmly standing on the ground, and not hanging around in the clouds? Then you turned to the wrong address. Fish live in their worlds, according to their own laws and, as a result, are absolutely not adapted to real life. Pisces are children at heart, they are indecisive, unusually sensitive, and they need to be constantly taken care of, otherwise they may disappear due to their lack of independence.

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