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The most greedy signs of the zodiac. The horoscope of greed, mercantile spirit and harshness, will point the finger at the most greedy, calculating and insatiable representatives of the zodiac circle.

Prodigality and extravagance are inherent in not every Zodiac sign. In the stellar kingdom there are representatives whose greed is overwhelming and generous for them, nothing more than impermissible luxury.

Greed is one of the negative factors that should not be discounted. Suppress innate qualities, fight with them, but still, over time, the quality given by nature will prevail over circumstances. The horoscope of greed, mercantile spirit and meagerness, will point the finger at the most greedy, calculating and insatiable representatives of the zodiacal circle.

12 place: wide soul

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There  are no complaints about Sagittarius  . After all, they are the most generous representatives of the zodiacal circle. It is even useless to fight with them, they will still find someone to help: they will feed the starving person, and provide for the beggar, and they will warm the greedy. Well, Sagittarius love to patronize and help, of course, not just like that, but for a smile and a sincere “thank you”. Actually, therefore, money loves Sagittarius and each time they themselves seek to get into their hands.

11th place: sincere spender

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Almost at the end of the list, which is actually very good, the representatives of Aquarius settled down  . These people are not just generous to others, they are the real fenders. The main priority for them is to do so as to please and delight their beloved relatives, close friends and colleagues. They are very caring, attentive and prudent, especially to the desires of others. Only a slight hint about his dream and Aquarius, naturally in secret from you, runs rather to fulfill it.

10th place: likes to appear effectively

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Who else, like  Leo,  knows all about showiness, luxury and grace. Representatives of this Sign will never be disregarded and give expensive gifts to their loved ones. Only unfamiliar people can see in the face of Lviv burned misers. However, if you can cheer and like the king of the astrological circle, he will certainly spend the money on you. Lions buy everything that shines, glitters and brings them satisfaction. Often they think that you can buy everything and everyone.

9th place: selfish and cunning

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Wasteful  Aries  located on the 9th place. Typical representatives of this Sign are generous but practical people. Aries know how to invest their money for the future. In other words, they invest in interpersonal relationships.

If you have an active Aries in your life and he does not stint on gifts, he always gives you a loan and financially helps – be sure, he sees in you a potential candidate with whom he has long concluded mutually beneficial business relationships. Aries will lower all the money per person if he is sure that sooner or later he will come in handy.

8th place: if only for someone else’s account

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Libra  can be called generous people, but there is one BUT: they like to lower other people’s money. Libra will gladly buy you a place on the Moon if they find a sponsor first. Scales will not be difficult to ask for money from parents, friends, a loved one or neighbors around the site, for their parties and entertainment. Most importantly, then did not have to give.

7th place: poser

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For  Scorpios,  generosity is a good opportunity to show yourself from the good side. The main thing is for friends to appreciate their budget, new renovation, luxurious interior, profitable work, and in general their viability. But as soon as the Scorpions catch up with the material problems. They are somehow blown away and disappear from sight. The fact is that Scorpios are sickened by the very idea that somewhere in society you can seem without money.

6 place: need spectators

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The twins  are still undecided whether they are mean or generous. All that is known about this Sign is that in order to be generous, its representatives need spectators, the public and preferably offscreen applause. Gemini can frankly hold for you a hundred rubles, if you asked for it in private. Ask them for help when a lot of people are looking at them. Then they will be ready to put the last money out of their wallet, sprinkle compliments and bills from head to toe and send you by taxi to the next house.

5th place: everything is difficult

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Fish  are clearly in the middle. Everything is so difficult with them. After all, they can be stingy to tears and generous to the same condition. At the head of the corner is not at all the financial position of Pisces, but their mood. At the same time, it is impossible to calculate when their mood will be from the category “today I will buy you everything, all the sky, stars and seas,” and when “I don’t ask anything of me.”

But astrologers of the site dailyhoro.ru know secret passages. Fish love specifics. Therefore, clearly, clearly, accessiblely and without any constraint, you need to tell them directly about your desires. Rest assured, if Pisces has money, they will surely make you an expensive and pleasant gift.

4th place: mercenary

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Taurus  just adore when money is spent solely on them. At what they absolutely do not hesitate. Women and men beware, among the representatives of this Sign there are many women and gigolos. They even have a certain tactic: several times they are ready to pull easy money on you, so that after using no limit credit card without shame and embarrassment.

However, in the case of serious material problems, Taurus will take your side, always come to the rescue, protect and pay, which equalizes all their shortcomings.

3rd place: all in the house

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Crayfish  live for themselves and spend money exclusively on necessary and really valuable things. With friends and close people, they are pretty stingy. The main landmark for Rakov is the purchase of things for home and own comfort.

Therefore, waiting for luxurious gifts and open gestures from them is not worth it. Offer Raku to buy perfume or TV, they will always choose the second. That is why their home is just a dream, there is always a comfort, new renovation, antiquarian items and the latest innovations of technological fashion.

2 place: material selfish

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Virgin  money is not thrown into the wind and do not strain your wallet in vain. But this does not mean that the representatives of this Sign cannot buy luxurious and expensive things. Can and buy, but only for themselves. However, Virgos are so greedy for manipulation that it is not difficult to extract several thousand from them. However, then they can demand them back as soon as their financial situation becomes precarious.

1st place: the real miser

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Here we come to the most greedy and mercantile Zodiac sign. In the first place Capricorns , who are frankly stingy, sit proudly  . Representatives of this Sign are ready to invest money exclusively in their social status. Friends, loved ones and relatives will do without wide gestures. That Capricorns can look for where and what to buy cheaper.

They will be long and hard shopping in order to find a benefit even if it is 20 rubles. But greed for them is not a disadvantage, but a dignity that must always be emphasized in the light, and then they will sit on the neck.

Although the stars gave each Zodiac sign a different attitude to money, you shouldn’t discount the human factor and real material wealth. Even the most generous and open person can become greedy and mercantile if there is not enough money.

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