The most emotionally intelligent zodiac signs. Sorted by rank 1-12.


In terms of emotional intelligence, Aquarius comes in last and this is not because he doesn’t have one, but because he is generally afraid of emotions.

An Aquarius would rather jump off the bridge than tell someone what he really feels. From an emotional point of view, it is often awkward and extremely closed. Instead of letting emotions speak, he prefers to answer with his intellect.

Aquarius is said to be the most intelligent of all zodiac signs, which is why emotions are often neglected. That logic and emotions are often only in the way.

Feelings will be with Aquarius, never above reason. He remains rational even in the most emotional situations, which has its advantages but also many disadvantages. 


The ram never avoids confrontation. And this usually leads to them hurting other people. People who have taken the ram to heart particularly suffer from it, which proves that it often has no sensitivity and no sensitivity.

That speaks volumes as far as his emotional intelligence is concerned. He constantly plunges into conflict and discussion without realizing that it could harm others. So you quickly get the impression that the ram just doesn’t care about the others.

He often acts without thinking beforehand. His lifestyle and how he deals with others is not exactly inviting to have an emotional relationship with someone.

In addition, they are very dominant and insist on leading, even if that means imposing their will on others.

As for emotional intelligence, Aries is more like the elephant in the china shop. 


The lion is more the selfish and less emotionally intelligent. But not that we misunderstand each other, he is sensitive and emotional, but only in situations in which someone is really important to him.

The man whom the lion takes in his heart will do everything for him. But it’s about strangers, the lion doesn’t care much for them and he shows that clearly.

Emotional intelligence requires self-reflection and the recognition of one’s own weaknesses, which is incredibly difficult for the lion.

He is optimistic and confident and he is used to being the center of attention. He thinks he’s the best at whatever, and they’re actually always right. These are all characteristics that cannot be combined with a strong emotional intelligence. 


The bull is someone who can offer solutions to everything. He also has a sensitive side, but he doesn’t show it to everyone.

If someone comes to the bull with a problem, he will do his best to solve it. But often when you ask the bull for advice, this advice is kept from his point of view.

He tells you how he would handle it because he can’t really put himself in someone else’s place.

If someone does not listen to the bull because they have a different opinion, the bull will withdraw and want to be left alone.

As already mentioned, he does not have the ability to put himself in someone’s position and this is evidence of the lack of emotional intelligence. 


Sagittarius people are less emotionally intelligent, which is because they are loners by nature.

They prefer to do almost everything on their own and usually avoid places where there are many people.

Because of these qualities, it is incredibly difficult for them to develop understanding and empathy for others, they are just not with the same person long enough to really get to know them.

Emotional intelligence is about being there for others and empathy and all of this is not easy for the shooter.

He acts spontaneously and he usually suppresses his own feelings very quickly and rigorously, so that you cannot be expected to let other people’s feelings get to you.

The shooter loves his freedom and does everything when, where and how he wants, as long as he feels comfortable. He’s not stupid or heartless, but when it comes to feelings, he evades, maybe out of fear. 


The ibex, as strange as it reads, has no time for great emotions. He is not the person you go to when you feel bad.

It’s not that he doesn’t care, but he’s a person of facts and figures and they always have a plan.

And all these things tend not to occur in emotions, which is why he is also the worst contact person when it comes to advice on emotional matters.

Your emotional intelligence is not completely gone. They think before they act and they try to look at it from the other person’s point of view, which is a sign of emotional intelligence.

He could give you some advice and will tell you in detail what to do, but if he notices you’re not listening, he will lose patience and will go.

Capricorn is somewhere in the middle on the emotional intelligence scale.


The watermarks are said to be the ones with the highest emotional intelligence, but the Scorpio is doing something out of line because of the matter of revenge.

The ability to let go of the past is one of the most important aspects of emotional intelligence. And the scorpion does not have this ability.

The scorpion has its heart on its tongue, that’s right. But he will only say so much that you will be curious but never much so that you are bored.

It is nothing special for him to show the vulnerable side of himself and yet he is very afraid that someone will use this “weakness” against him.

And if someone does actually hurt, disappoint or betray the scorpion, they will not stop until they have received adequate revenge.

Nobody really wants a scorpion as an enemy because their perseverance and patience are legendary. Even after years, it can happen that a scorpion pays a bill, because otherwise it cannot make peace.

Except for revenge, the scorpion is emotionally very intelligent. 


The virgin is characterized by logic and analysis and less emotional.

Usually she relies on her mind rather than her heart, but at the same time she is her greatest critic. Which is a sign of emotional intelligence as it is evidence of self-reflection and self-knowledge.

In the end, nobody knows, least of all, whether she is really emotional. The virgin knows her priorities very well and she doesn’t waste energy on things, emotions or people when she considers them unimportant. Which also speaks for her emotional intelligence.

She’s not high on the list because if she fails in one thing, she punishes herself instead of learning from it to get better.


The twin can rarely control their emotions. If he is upset or happy about something, everyone around him will notice it.

Even if he tries to hide his feelings, his anger, joy, disappointment or worries will find a way to the surface.

He also tends to overreact by taking other people’s mistakes on himself. For example, if he organizes an event and it doesn’t go well, he’ll blame himself, which is a sign of emotional intelligence and maturity.

Especially in his communication with others, he shows how pronounced his emotional intelligence is.

If someone needs a good listener, the twin is perfect and if you need someone to talk to, the twin is the right choice.

He knows how to read a person’s body language and he feels what is going on in others and can react accordingly. 


The scales are emotionally intelligent but only in situations where they can make a decision, which is rarely the case. Their emotional intelligence is particularly noticeable because they find it difficult to make a decision.

Before she can make a final decision, she has to go through every possible scenario and weigh up every outcome and evaluate every result. Only then can she make a decision.

If she makes a wrong decision for any reason, it will keep her busy for a long time and will also bother her.

This is often the reason why a Libra often lives in the past because it still carries wrong decisions with it.

But she’s emotionally intelligent, because if she wasn’t, she could just let go and live on and she wouldn’t care about the wrong decisions. 


The cancer is profound and thinks a lot. Each of her thoughts is carefully broken down into pieces by cancer and then thought about.

Through her emotional intelligence, cancer makes it easier for herself and others to access herself, so that others immediately feel what cancer thinks and what he wants.

On the surface, the cancer looks like a strong fighter, although they are actually a gentle and peaceful person. They are very sensitive and take a lot of things personally.

These people feel the pain of others and it hits them hard when someone is hurt. They have incredible compassion and are usually the animal’s loved ones. Her heart is the only thing that is bigger than her emotional intelligence. 


The zodiac sign Pisces has the greatest emotional intelligence. Their emotional intelligence is second to none and their emotional intuition is also particularly pronounced.

People in the sign of the zodiac Pisces can process and understand everything around them on a very deep level.

Fish are people who care about the wellbeing of all living things and their goodness is known to everyone.

If someone is going through a difficult time, they will take care of you and while they are with you they will feel everything with you, including the pain.

Pisces are generally good souls who don’t want anything bad for anyone.¬†That is why they are in first place in our ranking.¬†

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